Monday, February 19, 2018

Hangover Invitational - This Weekend!

This week is our once-per-season night out on the town. Bring your WAGs, and let's have a few beers and discuss asinine shit. This season we're heading back up north to a new bar: The Local in Northdale (3841 Northdale Boulevard).

It's owned by the Paddwagon people, so it should get the job done. If it sucks we can move to O'briens or something. Saturday at 8pm is the plan, so eat beforehand. I'm sure there will be some Uber sharing so make it known if you want to split a ride.

Sunday we're at Countyside Country Club (Lake/Pine). 9:20am tee time and they have free range balls. Be sure to check the tournament page to see the pairings list.

Scorecard is below, and everyone is on the WHITE tees unless you tell me otherwise. Moving back to the blues will get you at least 2 strokes... possibly 3 depending on your index.

Gold - 73.3 / 135
Blue - 71.9 / 132
White - 70.0 / 128
Green - 68.0 / 123


You all have about one more week to tell me which Rapture dates work for you. Next week I'll be gathering quotes and will pull the trigger as soon as I find something acceptable. Comment on the post below!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2018 Rapture Dates

We're going to have a pretty tight Summer schedule, due to various holidays and such. I'll post that soon. But first, tell me which weekends you're OUT for the Rapture.

I'm giving you three weekend options, so we're done before college football starts back up. With new coaches at UF and FSU... a lot of you people are going to be buying into the hype until about week 6 when you realize they both still suck.

Ultimately, the best weekend for the top 12 ranked players will be selected. I imagine we'll take 16, but some of us will fail to qualify. Just like last year, we'll be playing FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY:

Aug 10th-12th

Aug 17th-19th

Aug 24th-26th

Comment which of those you're OUT! Check those calendars!

Monday, February 12, 2018

DPT Open - Spring 2018 Recap

John has been on tilt for a few months now, after completely losing his swing and playing some really shit golf. On Friday he literally wanted to play the Red tees with Katie, because he had no confidence with any club off the tee. Two days later, he wins the first Major of the season with a really solid 86 (gross). Golf is a fickle game.

Darren did his best to hang on, but ultimately came up one stroke short. Reid ejected on the par-3 17th, failing to remember the #1 Rule of Bogey Golfers. Both tied for 2nd.

Gary's 3 double bogeys dropped him to 4th, Greg had his best finish in his rookie season, and Geoff imploded on the final hole because he hates points and money.

On the other side of the spectrum, MikeHo owes a pitcher and Katie recorded the season's first "Gorecki."


We're off this week to avoid playing 5 in a row. The Hangover is our next event, with the bar probably in the Carrollwood area. More on that next week. Update your availability if anything changes.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

DPT Open Scorecard

Recently Southern Hills took the blended "Platinum" tees off their scorecard and re-rated the course. So most are on the Magnolia (White) tees unless you tell me otherwise.

Katie is on Palm (Red) and I'm gonna roll the dice and assume Greg wants the Pine (Blue).

Moving back to Blue gets you a minimum of 3 strokes, and more than likely 4 (as is the case with Greg).

Let me know by end of day Friday if you want to move tees. Pairings are also up on the tournament page. Go check them out.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Spring 2018 Skins Game - Recap

Tough conditions yesterday. Winter fairways with some chilly rain on the back nine led to some big numbers. Only two guys were under par, and many of you imploded on the final holes.

Dave with his "too low" handicap destroyed the course shooting a 75 (gross). Tall Mike hung in there but ultimately lost by one thanks to a triple on the 10th hole. Darren was in the mix most of the day until he ejected hard on the final five holes.

Despite the carnage, only one pitcher was owed.

As for skins, there were 6 in both tiers, worth $12 each:

Tier 1 - Dave x3, Robbie, Buchert, Moostie

Tier 2 - Darren x2, JW x2, Faz, John

I'll pay you all out next week and/or take it out of your entry fee.

You can look at the skins board on our normal scorecard page: Click on the date link on the schedule ("Feb 4"), Click on the link that says "Tournament Scorecard," scroll down.


First Major of the year this Sunday. Southern Hills, 11:40am, $50 plus tax.

Get there early to warm up!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week 2 - Skins Game Pairings

Randomized pairings below, hot off the Excel sheet:

Group 1
Tall Mike

Group 2

Group 3
[JW's Guest]

Group 4

Group 5

Lexington Oaks... 9:15am. I'll parse out the two skins groups shortly based on handicaps.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

By-Laws and Board of Directors

Effective immediately, we now have Club By-Laws which establish precedent for all Club administration activities. You can read through those in the link on the "Leadership" tab.

I've established these By-Laws for a handful of reasons, not limited to:

1) To get more people involved and take ownership of Club decisions.
2) To create a smoke-screen allowing me to blame other people for said decisions.
3) To establish a way to pass off Chairman duties, if/when we ever develop a less-manual system of data entry.
4) Officially create a path for new membership approval, which we will use immediately moving forward.
5) An attempt to move us one step closer to elitism.

Very soon we'll hold the first ever election of Directors, who will serve through 2019. If you've played in at least 20 official league events, and you want to be part of my "blame team," then nominate yourself when asked.

All suggestions/issues with our By-Laws may be sent to:

Friday, January 26, 2018

Spring 2018 - Skins Game Preview

We're off THIS WEEK, but never too early to book next week. In fact, at our size it's almost late.

We're at Lexington Oaks at 9:15am.  $36ish after tax.  Make sure they don't charge you anything higher. You'll have plenty of time to get home before coverage of the Super Bowl Waste Management Phoenix Open.

We have 17 people in right now so if one more person bails I'm going to eliminate one of the tee times.

This scorecard should be accurate. Everyone is on the BLUE tees unless they tell me otherwise. Katie is on the GOLD tees. USGA Ratings:

Black - 72.5 / 136
Blue  - 69.6 / 126
White - 67.2 / 123

Gold - 69.8 / 114
Red - 66.1 / 104

Let me know if you need help calculating what your strokes would be on different tee boxes. Randomized pairings will happen next Wednesday or so.

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Classic - Spring 2018 Recap

Beautiful day out on the course to start the new season. All 18 "active" members attended, the most in league history. Tarpon Woods was a nice change of pace, and yielded a couple of good rounds while beating up the rest of us (as promised).

Short and straight hitters like Darren fared well early on, until a hiccup on 13 and 14 left an opening for Faz. Despite not always being the most accurate driver of the golf ball, Faz hit some amazing tee balls (with all sorts of clubs) and played the final seven holes at -1 (gross). It was a clinic that was fun to witness.

Katie did Katie things to finish 3rd, and Big John continues his golf-rehab with a decent 4th place showing.

For the most part, bombers struggled with the tighter fairways. I still contend the course looked more narrow than it actually was, and many people would drastically improve on their score the next time through. We'll probably wait until next Spring to return, as we shift more south near Bradenton in the Summer.


We're off this weekend for Gasparilla. See you in two weeks at a location TBD.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Spring 2018 - Week 1 Preview

We are back THIS WEEK! Sunday, January 21st.

Last minute change of plans, as we're heading to a "new" course for the league. Tarpon Woods, 10am, in Palm Harbor (near Lansbrook). $36

1100 Tarpon Woods Blvd, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

The course has a range, so get there early to sign in and warm-up.

Tarpon Woods has historically been one of the worst conditioned courses in the area, so bad I've avoided it all together. LPGA 3x Major winner Jan Stephenson took over last April, and it's now in very playable shape. The greens are awesome.

Everyone is on the Middle (White) tees unless you tell me otherwise. Greg is on Back unless he tells me otherwise. Be sure to comment your preference before the end of day on Friday!

Scorecard - Missing from the card is the old-man Gold Tees (68.8/122 - 5,638).


Pairings were randomized in Excel in front of two other league members:

Group 1
Tall Mike

Group 2
[Guest #2]

Group 3
[Guest #1]

Group 4

Group 5
Mike Ho

See you out there. Don't be late.

Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Season Reminders

A few of my usual pre-season Club reminders for everyone:

- In order to be eligible for a season, you must attend one of the first three weeks.

- Keep your RSVP form up-to-date. I reserve rounds based on only those who are IN. As of right now we have 17 for Week 1, so I'll reserve 5 tee times. But some of the nicer courses threaten to charge for any unused spots.

- Saying you're IN but not showing up will eventually result in a DQ for the remainder of the season. Same applies for bailing within 7 days of an event. Obviously life happens... so just don't make it a regular issue.

- In order to be eligible for points and money in the final event (DPT Masters), you must play 4 previous events. Also, the date of that tournament will be rescheduled if anyone mathematically eligible for The Cup has a conflict.

- The Rapture standings (based on World Rankings) lock after the 3rd week of the Summer Season. I'm going to need to start scheduling, and will soon ask for any major conflicts in August and September (Fridays through Sundays). We'll pick a date that works best for the top 12 players (above the blue line). The maximum number of players for the event will remain 16. Go ahead and check your calendars so you'll be ready to report when it's time.

- I'll post the course for Week 1, as well as the random (seriously) pairings, on Monday.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Countrway Collapse - Lost Footage

Longtime members (who actually read) know one of my favorite stories is what I'm tentatively calling The Countryway Collapse. I link to it on this blog at least 3 times per year, and it should be mandatory reading each time... if only as a reminder of what "stroke and distance" means.

Reid recently sent me "never before seen" footage, offering another perspective of the most egregious violation of the rules of golf... until Gorecki went to Scotland. Let's take a deep dive into the footage:

The video picks up during Mike's "do-over, do-over," after he hit a few warm-up balls into a lake, and chunked his first official attempt at scoring a 6 or better on the hole. Mike's 4th shot went into the trees, past the OB stakes, and almost into the road. We let him play it, mainly because we wanted to prove a point (ie: gather content), but he was clearly OB and has since struggled with the location of OB lines.

The Countway scorecard states: "Out of Bounds indicated by white stakes or inside edge of bordering sidewalks."

Oh, the places you'll go.

Anyway, Gorecki sets up for his shot... and what's this?!? Not even three seconds into the video and he's pressing down the grass behind the ball with his foot.

Rule 13-2: "A player must not improve or allow to be improved: the position or lie of his ball or the area of his intended stance or swing... by pressing a club on the ground; moving, bending or breaking anything growing or fixed; creating or eliminating irregularities of surface; removing or pressing down sand, loose soil, replaced divots or other cut turf placed in position..."

We probably break this rule all the time, and I'm sure I've snapped a few branches when crawling into a bush to punch out. Let's try not to make it so obvious.

Mike proceeds to borderline shank his "5th" shot to the front of the green, and putts on for "6" using the tried-and-true Tebow method of reading greens... from 10 yards off the green.

At the 1:51 mark, he sets up behind his putt and asks if it's left-edge, to which I tell him it's two balls outside. Mike seems surprised, but doesn't adjust his original line. Instead he pulls across the ball along his wide open foot alignment, missing the putt by about 8 inches.

Use the slider below. We fancy.

We should definitely take more video out on the course. Only two weeks left to get your game in order!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Golf Destination Trip - Scottsdale, AZ

Many of you know I plan a yearly trip, usually centered around a PGA Tour location. You can read my review of those excursions on the right side of the blog. For our 8th year, we're looking at Scottsdale, AZ.

As with most things in life, coordination becomes increasingly difficult as the group size increases. Against better judgement, I'm going to give everyone a brief window to join the trip. Obviously some of you have newborns and new jobs and whatnot, so consider joining a future outing.

Dates: May 18th - 22nd.

Fly out early on Friday the 18th, golf 4 days in a row (including arrival date), return the morning of Tuesday the 22nd. You'd need 3 days off from work.

Cost: $1,200ish

The cost is going to depend on how many go, and where we stay. Where we stay depends on how many go. And assuming we have less than 16 people, I can't book rounds on TPC Scottsdale until February 20th anyway. My pricing guesstimate is based on our San Antonio trip in 2016.

Deadline: February 1st

The first round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. On this date I'm booking housing based on the committed headcount. There's a very good chance I lock everything down before February, as you pretty much already know today if you're in or out.

Courses: Playing 3 or 4 different courses, based on availability and cost. Here's a list of options I'm considering:

TPC Scottsdale (Stadium) - Home of the WMPO. We usually try to play the PGA courses twice.

We-Ko-Pa (Seguaro) - Bill Coore/Ben Crenshaw design, built on a reservation in 2006. One of the top rated courses in the area, and there's another highly respected course on site so 36 is possible (depending on how hot it is outside).

Troon North - Considered one of the top resorts in the country since opening in 1996. Two courses here, so there are options. Looks difficult.

Talking Stick - Another Coore/Crenshaw design. In a recent podcast, Coore said this was the course he was most proud of, because the land was completely flat with no features to work around. Reviews are good, but allegedly plays "easy." Two courses so this might be a good place to play when we land if the price is right.

Grayhawk - Hosted the Safeway Open from 2007-2010 when the Reach-Around Season was established. The pros apparently love the place and the driving range plays... classic rock? They look tough, but one of the two courses is a Fazio design so that's to be expected.

The Boulders - Two courses surrounded by large boulders. Target golf, looks difficult. Also a private course but we should be able to get on in May.

Anyway... send me a message if you want to be included.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Fantasy Golf Pool

Our yearly Fantasy Golf Pool went out today. Many of you are in it... some of you are not. If you're interested, post a comment and I'll forward you the entry form.

Basic Gist: Pick 19 golfers based on a grid. No changing line-ups. No effort needed. Just sit back and root for those guys. $50 buy in.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Suggested Reading / Listening

JW played Streamsong Black the other day and re-addicted himself with the game of golf. He was telling me about the layout, which was wide and all about angles to the crazy undulated greens. What he saw with the Gil Hanse design (same guy who did the Rio Olympic Course), is the emerging renaissance in course architecture. The game of golf changed significantly when it moved to the US, and not for the better.

I'll write more about this later, but I told Dub there are a few podcasts & sites he should subscribe to for his long work commute. You should too:

The Fried Egg - A scratch amateur player (Andy) who runs a blog/newsletter, and is passionate about the previously referenced shift in golf course architecture, and the degradation of classic designs. You can sign up on his main page to his weekly newsletter which discusses all things golf. He also runs a podcast which lately had some great guests. Highlights include:

Tom Doak - Two hours with the guy who designed Streamsong Blue, as well as many different world renown layouts.

Bill Coore - Designed Streamsong Red with Ben Crenshaw, and other top rated courses. I'm looking at a few of their sites for a Scottsdale trip in 2018.

Mark Broadie - The professor who developed the "Strokes Gained" metrics.


No Laying Up - Fairly well known in the golf world, these guys began trolling players on Twitter during tournaments. It's now a legit media outlet, and while they've become more serious, they've befriended many players who appear on their podcast. Rory (3 times), Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Kevin Kisner, Jim Furyk, etc etc. They're also doing extensive course reviews, mainly because they're now paid to go play nice courses. Bastards.