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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Boozer's Review Vol. 2 - Ritz-Carlton Members Club

Welcome to second edition of our Boozer's Golf Review! We found out this week that Buchert also wants to poach credit for this idea, which would maybe make him a part owner of it. If it does, then congrats on getting whatever percent of zero dollars because this thing is still worth as much as a claim that a pool pump proves a ball is in bounds.

Ritz-Carlton Members Club

Will they serve me beer before 11 AM, or do I need to bring my own?

This place was fully ready to sell when we arrived in the morning, which makes sense because each drink brings in a lot of revenue. John got a double screwdriver before the round with ease which made his practice facility experience even more enjoyable. He was even able to start a tab in the clubhouse that would work for him on the course and after the round. The second part of the question will be answered a little later.

Is there a cart girl?

More like a cart lady, and she was great at her job. Drink service was quick and friendly. She even called in some hot dogs for the Reases to pick up at the turn. She helped us out getting some post-round beers in the clubhouse, too. Cart coolers were glorious so we didn't have to deal with plastic bags dripping water everywhere as the ice melts. These are the amenities the Boozer really appreciates on the golf course.

How expensive is it?

It sure wasn't cheap. If you went out there particularly thirsty, you'd leave particularly broke. Liquor was around $13/drink and domestic beers were $5 each. That said cart coolers were full of ice, so if you did happen to find a couple Budweisers in your bag when you got out there you'd be able to cool them down and enjoy them during the round. You might also make use of your bag bourbon and get a Sierra Mist to mix to your precise taste. Yes, I said Sierra Mist. They only have Pepsi products out there, so be careful if you order mixed drinks with sodas. So back to the first question, you might want to bring your own to supplement the booze orders you'll make. Food in the clubhouse was pretty typically priced if you needed a post-round snack to reestablish a base.

So what's the verdict?

This place was awesome, but also on the expensive side. That said, you expect higher prices at nicer places, and this was way up there for our league standards. Bar seemed to have a decent scotch and bourbon selection, too. Overall, excellent experience if you came prepared (foreshadowing an off-season post on some Boozer hacks for course preparation) and a good buzz was had by those who sought it. I didn't drive home. 4 cold beers out of 5, and one of them was out of Faz's +10 pitcher.

I'd also like to note that there was a Wawa down the road for roadies, but they didn't have the staple roadie/morning drink of the Boozer's Review in stock. Wawa gets one cold roadie with no ice out of 5 for only having the booze Arnold Palmer drink and raspberry Twisted Teas. Really weak effort, Wawa.

Next week is the official Boozer event of the season, so get your bag bourbon and beer pockets filled up for the Hangover. No booze sold until an hour after the first group tees off. Check back for the review of Temple Terrace next week, too.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hangover Invitational - Summer 2018

The Retreat on Saturday is located at: 123 South Hyde Park Ave, Tampa FL 33606. Be there around 8pm. Eat beforehand. Use Uber or Lyft. Bring your WAGs.

Temple Terrace Country Club is loated at: 200 Inverness Ave, Temple Terrace, FL 33617. They do NOT have a proper driving range. You can view their scorecard here. Everyone is on the WHITE tees unless you tell me otherwise. Moving back will get you 1 stroke, possibly 2.

We currently have one spot open for any guests who want to play.

The course is lined with residential roads. ANY ball that ends up in these roads or in the adjacent houses is OUT OF BOUNDS. Meaning you'll have to take a penalty and re-hit from your previous location. If you get to your ball and realize it's OB, you can hit from there for TWO strokes (or make the drive of shame back to your previous spot).

I'm stressing this, because the streets are very much in play on almost every hole. Balls that run toward the oak trees will tend to roll past them and into the street. If you hit it too far over greens, you'll find the roads. Take provisionals to save time, and do not let your playing partners tell you OB is a one stroke penalty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 Rapture - Final Qualifications

The dates are August 17th through August 19th. You need to take off Friday, August 17th. We're playing all three days. Come over on Thursday night, August 16th.

I want to take 16 people (which we did for the first time last year), but I'm afraid we're not going to have the numbers. So we're going to open up registration to everyone. Cost owed to me is $115, and can be paid on PayPal, Venmo or cash this weekend. This cost covers all three nights of the rental houses. Golf will be paid individually at the courses, and there's still a small gambling charge collected later.

As people pay me, I'll check them off the list. Hopefully nobody else bails. If so, we'll try to find someone, or refund payment to those we leave behind.

Official Qualification:
1 - Casey (Captain #1)
2 - Katie (Captain #2)
3 - Darren (might be out)
4 - Gorecki
5 - Reid
6 - Gary
7 - Dave
8 - Chandler
9 - Tall Mike
10 - Faz
11 - MikeHo
12 - JW
13 - Brendan
14 - Geoff
15 - Ben (might be out)
16 - Danny

Confirmed to be Out:
1 - John
2 - Buchert
3 - Robbie

Get your payments to me ASAP, so we can figure out what we're working with. Rapture draft will be held at a date and time TBD based on the captain's availability.

Monday, June 18, 2018

DPT Father's Day Celebration

Last year Gorecki bought golf balls (MOJOs) with a picture of him and his son printed on them. These are apparently called Daddy's Caddy balls. To pay tribute to his son, he would drop them in bodies of water at various golf courses (after which they were probably scooped up by someone else as these burns were usually pretty stagnant while we were there). Well, some other league members liked the tradition so much we decided to keep it going this year. Here are the results.

The artwork is phenomenal. Thanks to my wife for the accurate renderings.
I was obviously very excited to drop a ball with pictures of me and my kids in the water. Isn't dropping your kids off at a lake and leaving them forever every dad's dream? Great work by Crum taking the photo to get the splash there.

Chandler is Rocco's dad. He's a cat guy, as you can probably tell by his cold, dead heart.
Chandler decided to drop his Daddy's Catty (see what I did there?) ball in a bush because cats don't like water. How thoughtful! This is a man who really cares that he leaves his cat forever in a place it wouldn't absolutely hate. Glad we aren't unpackaging the undertones of this act too much.

Frequent league guest Crum happily drops his two lovely daughters in an algae ridden pond.
Josh and I were in the same group, hence the unburdening being documented more uniformly. He said that his oldest has been getting better and better at swimming, so that's a good thing.
John is the only one sad to see his ball go away forever. His dog Goose must be really great,
even though he hadn't seen him in two weeks.
That's odd. Someone looks disappointed to be symbolically dropping off their "child" and never seeing it again? Different strokes for different folks, I guess. And Big John knows a thing or two about different strokes, hence his wild swings in scoring.

As you can see, we all had a great time thinking about our "kids" out there and love being dads! Let me know if anyone wants to join in next year!

This wasn't in any way orchestrated to point out the absurdity of this act and its worrisome symbolism on a day when several of us spent 7+ hours playing golf with friends instead of celebrating the holiday with quality time with our families.

DPT Open - Summer 2018 Recap

The only thing hotter than the stagnant air yesterday was Ben's golf game, as the future Rookie of the Year made seven pars en route to a three stroke victory. It was Ben's first ever victory and Major, in only his third official event.

Gary had a few too many double bogeys, finishing second place thanks to an impressive six-par streak. Reid continued his good play with a solo-third effort, while Dub and Casey tied for 4th, earning a few dollars.

The Ritz Member Club was a phenomenal facility. Practice range and course conditions were mint. If you played poorly, it's because you are a poor player. I found the course layout itself to be just a shade below "great." As a whole, it was really well done and nothing was tricked up. But I can't say there were any individually stand-out holes (maybe the 18th?). Still, much better than most courses we play.

Few other notes from the round:

- Below average number of birdies for our members, but also a below average number of double-pars. This probably plays into my analysis of the course being a collection of 18 "solid" holes.

- Of the seven double-pars, the two in my group were natural. Not sure about the other five.

- The season leaderboard is getting crowded again, just like last year. Three different winners... three different second place finishers.

- Speaking of our leader... if you want to experience all 104 of his shots, check out the #GoreckiTracker on Twitter @DPT_golf. It won't change your life. but it is a little bit of #content (you don't need Twitter to view the account).

- We had 22 people playing yesterday, which includes guests. Only one person beat Lauren (Katie's friend) in gross score... Dave with an 81 beat her by a stroke.


Hangover Invitational and bar night is this weekend. More info on that tomorrow. Later today I'll post up the final information for The Rapture, including payment which is now due. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Boozer's Golf Review - Tarpon Woods

Big John brought up a great idea on the course last Sunday, and I've decided to commandeer it.

Welcome to our inaugural Boozer's Golf Review! In the BGR (name pending) we will rate each course's unique abilities to service the golfer who likes to enjoy a more relaxed round in which he or she may not remember all of the holes and potentially falls down for seemingly no real reason. Basically, we will answer a few questions the inquisitive and refined golfer would want to know about each course's booze situation and apply a rating based on the answers and general experience.

Tarpon Woods

Will they serve me beer before 11 AM, or do I need to bring my own?

While they legally could have served beer starting at 8 AM, Beef's decided not to open until 11 AM. This is definitely a BYOB course based on the lack of morning service alone. Our lack of booze cost Beardface around six strokes on the front nine, and the course some easy booze revenue. Not even a fountain soda available for bag bourbon.

Is there a cart girl?

Nope, so bring enough for at least the first nine holes. The one saving grace for on-course booze is that when you make the turn you go right by the clubhouse where access to the restaurant was easy with quick service. Ben preemptively purchased his pitcher at the turn and we were able to finish while the guy filled our buckets with back nine beers.

How expensive is it?

Typical course pricing for league events. The special is five of the 16 oz aluminum Budweiser (or Bud Light if you're a sissy like Darren) bottles for $15. Bonus points for pitcher and wing specials afterwards. It was a far cry from resort pricing, so no need to overly fill your bag before the round. That said, if you wanted to you could have brought a cooler that would fit in the back basket and easily brought it with you.

So what's the verdict?

We didn't get any liquor out there, so we don't have any input on pours or pricing. All in all an it was a decent boozing experience that went from bad to good once we made the turn with bonus points at the end for the clubhouse deals. 3 cold beers out of 5, and one of them was out of Chandler's +10 pitcher.

Stay tuned next week for our review of the Ritz-Carlton Members Club. Rating system and format may change moving forward, so if you have any other questions or comments, please let me know.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer 2018 - Hangover Invitational Information

We're heading back to the original Hangover location, The Retreat at UT. 8pm on Saturday, June 23rd. While attendance isn't mandatory, this will more than likely be the last season there isn't some reward/penalty for attending/missing the bar. It'll also be a great opportunity to voice your opinion on the matter to the Board members.

As always, bring your WAGs, and leave your kids. The Retreat doesn't have food (if they do you don't want it) so eat beforehand.


On Sunday, June 24th, we're heading to Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club for the first time in league history. Many reasons why I've never taken us to TT... but the Hangover seems like a good excuse to play something different.

Tee time is 10am (earliest allowed). Maximum players is 16 (next two members to say they're IN get the final spots). Rate is $35+. Greens will be just over a week from being "punched with small holes."

**Gorecki and Brendan took the final spots. Ben is an alternate if he wants in. Which is probably for the best after he bailed the morning of the previous Hangover...

More on this next week.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 3 - DPT Open

It's US Open week. It's also DPT Open week. We're playing the Ritz Carlton Members Golf Club for the first time, and we have our largest field ever (6 groups). Tee times start at 10am, and allegedly the practice facility is awesome so get down there with enough time to warm up.

Be sure to go to the correct location: 14605 70th Terrace E, Bradenton, FL 34202

The actual hotel is at the beach in Sarasota, about 20 minutes further away. If you go there, you might as well just stay there and skip golf.

Everyone is on the WHITE tees unless they tell me otherwise. If you're thinking of moving back, I'd recommend the MEMBER which is a blend of BLUE and WHITE.

This is also the last we we will not be paired by standings. One of the many reasons we are capping our membership at 24 people is due to the full hour between the first and last groups. Longer if certain players don't speed up their pre-shot routine. Keep up with the group in front of you.

Week 4 - Registration

We have 14 people IN with a few ???s. If that doesn't change, I'm only booking 16 spots, and potentially one person could miss out. Update your RSVP as soon as you know if you're in for Week 4.


Also, we have 13 people IN for Week 5 (Match Play) which is a terrible number. That week has a maximum of 16 spots allowed, so we might need to bring a guest or two.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer 2018 - Skins Game Recap

The only thing more oppressive than the heat today, was the course conditions. Really sad to see a decent course completely lose everything over a two week span. Florida is one of the more difficult places to grow grass. And 14+ straight days of rain can be catastrophic when coupled with bad agronomy decisions. But Tarpon Woods is going to need at least a year to recover from what I saw today.

I'm also going to need a year to recover from how I played golf.

Gorecki, on the other hand, appears to be improving again. And 30 strokes will get you some top finishes if you're trending up. I'm not sure if he's ever led in the standings, but we're officially at DEFCON 3. He's paired with me at the Ritz so the gimmies will be normal, as MikeHo can attest. I can't promise anything about the pace of play (Darryl will probably slow us to Jerky Speed), but at least we'll know after next Sunday if Gorecki is for real, and ready to win his first ever league championship.

Tall Mike played well all day until a couple of hiccups on the back nine. Reid couldn't put the driver down and finished +10 on the final four holes for 3rd. Robbie was also solid until the end to tie Reid.


For the skins, we we're divided up into two groups based on handicap. You can see those results on the tournament scorecard. Don't know where that is? You got some learning to do!

Nothing crazy to report, but MikeHo did win a skin in Tier A on the final hole with a bogey. We are terrible.

Just about everyone has been paid out already through PayPal or Venmo. 


Rapture rankings LOCK after the Ritz. Ben might be OUT, which is going to complicate things, and might force us to bring 12 people. Not the end of the world, but the "bubble" guys are JW, Brendan, Geoff and Danny. Would hate to lose any of them, assuming they're all still going.

Did you put the Rapture days on your calendar? Have you requested off work on Friday, August 17th? Did you tell your WAG? If not, you're already behind and might miss out.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Tarpon Woods - Teebox Changes

Gorecki reports Tarpon Woods changed their tee boxes around, and have new gas powered golf carts! Jan Stephenson has been busy!

So whenever a course makes significant changes, they're required to have the USGA re-rate the course from each box. These new ratings immediately go into effect, and are listed on the USGA's database. Usually courses don't have new scorecards printed, since those cost money and they have excess inventory of old cards.

Tarpon Woods went with the rare: "print up new cards with the old outdated ratings" method. A bold move.

Anyway, per our policy I've updated the slopes and ratings to whatever the USGA says they are. Everyone is still on the WHITE tees unless they tell me otherwise.

All the rain has also apparently taken its toll on the course, so conditions will be "challenging." Don't be like Sergio complaining about Chambers Bay. It's the same for everyone.

Rule this week: If your ball is on the green, you can move it away from any sanded dead spots. Just ask your playing partners and make the best of it.

The course was in good shape when we played it in January. Faz was just there on 3/30 and didn't report any issues. Growing grass is difficult sometimes.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Monday, June 4, 2018

2018 Rapture Update

Rankings for Rapture qualification lock in two weeks. If you don't have the Rapture on your calendar... then PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. This goes for the new guys too. August 17th, 18th and 19th. I'll be collecting money soon.

Here are the current rankings (top two would be captains):

1 - Casey
2 - Katie
3 - Darren
4 - Gary
5 - Faz
6 - Dave
7 - Chandler
8 - Reid
9 - Tall Mike
10 - Gorecki
11 - MikeHo
12 - JW
13 - Brendan
14 - Geoff
15 - Danny
16 - Ben

People who are OUT:
Big John
Greg (I'm assuming)

If anyone else is OUT, let me know. If we lose more people, then we'll only take 12 and it'll increase the cost of housing, perhaps golf. I'm not really open to pulling in outsiders again this year to fill spots. So... update your calendars and let me know.

Summer 2018 - Classic Recap

The most dominant player in our generation won again this week, strategically missing the Good Pitcher Zone by one stroke. The amount Katie has been able to improve her game, without lessons, and without playing during the off-seasons, is beyond comprehension. Her 88 (gross) was a new personal best, despite playing from a longer distance than usual, and straight-up beat two-thirds of the field. And her handicap Index is getting really close to 19.

A lot of players started off hot, only to fade late in the round. Big John played great, with just one hiccup on the final hole. Gorecki got another birdie, which Gary (his playing partner) couldn't seem to remember happening when asked about it after the round. And Dave shot a 77 to lose by 7 strokes... causing his handicap Trend to go up! Golf is a weird sport.


Other notes from yesterday:

- Gary continued his unofficial streak of turning in an incorrect scorecard. As in... players scores didn't match their other card or the leader board app.

- Danny looked good on his promise to be the Golden Knight of our league, until 4 double-pars and various triples (plus another quad) derailed his dreams.

- MikeHo missed a bunch of two foot putts... giving him the Chris Guest award of the week. He also debuted on the World Rankings with his 10th league event.

- Darren put 5, maybe 6, balls OB on a course that isn't really tight. Three were on the long drive #8, which is one of the widest fairways we play.

- From the teebox on #7 to about the teebox on #15, Brendan went from first to last on the leader board. Faz was able to film a clip of Brendan entering the Pitcher Zone:


Next week we're at Tarpon Woods at 9:30am. Depending on rain and maintenance, it could be in rough shape. Just remember, it's the same for everyone and we're only paying $25. We have a few open spots if anyone who is OUT wants to get back IN. See you up there.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Schedule Updates

Got some good courses in the queue this season:

I was worried about the recent rain/flooding, and I didn't want to drag everyone "down south" three weeks in a row. So next week will be up at Tarpon Woods (the course with the Beef O' Brady's), for $25 plus tax (range balls NOT included at that rate). First tee time is 9:30am.

We have 3 spots open at the moment.

A couple of "new to us" courses wanted us, but were either closed for renovations or punching greens next weekend. Whatever... we have some pricier weeks coming up so let's just go enjoy whatever Tarpon Woods has to offer at $25.


Gorecki volunteered to book some courses for us and has done a great job. He's got us on the Ritz Carlton Members Club down in Bradenton/Sarasota for our first Major. Gary has been saying for years this is one of the best tracks in the area... and its been on my list for awhile. We'll probably have room for a few guests, so let me know if you have anyone interested in checking it out. Darren's buddy Art will be joining us, for those of you who went on our last two destination vacations.

Rate is $70 after tax, balls included, teeing off at 10am.


For the Match Play on July 8th (week 5), I finally got us on Hunter's Green. $50 after tax with range balls included. However, we are only allowed to bring a maximum of 16 players, teeing off at 10:48am. As of this writing, only 12 have registered. So it's a first come, first served situation with the final four spots.


Finally, Gorecki is working on Lakewood National for our last event of the season on August 12th. Rate should be somewhere in the high $30s, which is awesome. Stay tuned for that.