Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Spring 2018 Season

The schedule is posted, and standings reset for the new season. Greg, Ho and Robbie received unanimous approval by The Board... and are ready to make a run at The Cup.

Everyone can now use the registration link to load in your availability for the season. Remember, once you fill out the form, and I load you into the system, you can (and should) keep your RSVPs up to date.

Due to holidays and whatnot, we have more Bye Weeks than usual. Use those to your advantage when planning your WAG duties!

World Rankings:
A reminder of how the World Rankings work...

The rankings look back at the previous 18 rolling league events. You make the list if you've played in at least 10 of those events. Rankings are based on the average points of your BEST 10 performances in that rolling 18. The more events you play, the better chance you have of increasing that score.

Rankings are used to qualify for The Rapture, which locks after Week 3 of the Summer season. This means the rookies need to play in at least 10 of the next 12 events to possibly outright qualify.

This will be the first year people fail to qualify for the event. So play often... and play well.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

2-Man Roaming Scramble Recap

Nice day out on the course. Weather was solid, and conditions were enjoyable. Party Bear and myself "dominated" the field, shooting a very surprising -6. Robbie's driver was amazing and I basically made every putt longer than 15 feet. It was just one of those days where the flat stick won the tournament.

Faz and Casey probably deserved to win, making their birdies from much closer range. A couple of dumb bogeys caused them to fall one shot short.

The rest of the field played more of how I expected, with only 6 shots separating 3rd and 8th place. The format is really designed to keep the scores close to even par.

It sounds like the event and course received good reviews, so we'll do it again next winter.

In a week or so I'll roll over the schedule and standings for next season. First event is January 21st!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

2-Man Roaming Scramble - Dec 3rd

December 3rd, 2017. 9:50am. $20 entry! Give yourself plenty of time to get down to Sun City Center. Remember you must use 6 tee shots from each player. You move based on your NET score! When in doubt, don't ask Gary what to do.

Pairings (Strokes):
John/Katie (4)
Gary/Buchert (0)

Chandler/Robbie (0)
Faz/Casey (2)

Crum/Tall Mike (4)
Geoff/Gorecki (8)

Reid/Darren (2)
Greg/MikeHo (1)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2-Man Scramble Exhibition & Bar Night

This Friday we're heading to Soho Saloon around 8:30pm for drinks and to randomly draft teams. If you own an old "letter jacket" from high school, wear it out. The weather might actually be chilly enough to be comfortable in them (low 60s).

I'll be grabbing some food at Margarita's on Davis Islands (7pm) if anyone in the area wants to meet up and Uber over together.

Teams will be randomly drawn, with the first team playing with (not against) Team 2, and so on. Entry fee is $20 with the winners making $120 each, and the 2nd place team $40 each.


We have a 9:50am tee time for 16 people at Scepter in Sun City Center. This is a private course in the retirement community of Kings Point that I'd never even heard of until last week. It's in great shape, a really nice design, and a fun layout. There is no driving range on the property.

The format is a handicapped scramble with a few modified rules:

- USGA recommended handicaps of 35% allowance of the better player (A) added to 15% allowance of the worse player (B). The lowest team handicap will reset to zero and everyone else will stroke off them.

- You must use at least six (6) tee shots of each player. Obviously, tee shots on par 3s count. Be sure to track the team you're playing with to make sure they adhere to this requirement.

- We're playing a "moving scramble" on the Blue-White-Green tees for the guys, and Green-Red-Yellow tees for Katie. On the first hole the guys start on white and Katie on red. Every time your team makes a NET birdie (or better) you move back one set of tees. Every time your team makes a NET bogey (or worse) you move up one set. You only ever move one set at a time. Katie will always be two sets in front of her partner. Guys don't move up past green, Katie doesn't move up past yellow or behind green. Since it's based on NET score, make sure your opponents are moving correctly.
         *Before anyone asks, if you're on the blue tees and make a double bogey, you still only move up one to the whites.*


Below are the FULL, A and B handicaps. Remember, your team handicap uses the above stated allowance, so it depends on who you're paired with and who the "best" team is:

Buchert - 11 / 3.85 / 1.65
Chan - 12 / 4.2 / 1.8
MikeHo - 12 / 4.2 / 1.8
Robbie - 14 / 4.9 / 2.1
Faz - 15 / 5.25 / 2.25
Gary - 16 / 5.6 / 2.4
Greg - 16 / 5.6 / 2.4
Reid - 16 / 5.6 / 2.4
John - 17 / 5.95 / 2.55
Darren - 18 / 6.3 / 2.7
Tall Mike - 18 / 6.3 / 2.7
Casey - 18 / 6.3 / 2.7
Crum - 22 / 7.7 / 3.3
Geoff - 26 / 9.1 / 3.9
Katie - 26 / 9.1 / 3.9
Gorecki - 30 / 10.5 / 4.5

For an example, if Buchert and Chandler are paired together, their handicap would be (3.85 + 1.8) = 5.65 rounded to 6. Since by default they'd have the lowest handicap of the tournament, this is reset to zero. If Gary and Darren are also paired together, they'd have (5.6 + 2.7) = 8.3 rounded to 8. This number is played off the Buchert/Chandler 6 so would translate to 2 strokes. Looking at the math, the most any team could possibly have is 8 strokes, and that assumes Buchert is randomly paired with Chandler or MikeHo.


We'll be using the GolfGameBook leader board, so make sure your app is up to date.  See you at the bar and let me know if you want to meet up for dinner before.

Monday, November 20, 2017

2-Man Scramble Mock Draft

December 3rd - Next Exhibition - 2 Man-Scramble             Location: TBD

December 1st - Teams to be drafted at the bar

Now if you're like me, you're really busy at work with plenty of actually important things to work on, but you figure you'd just much rather make inefficient use of your time to create your own mock draft for our next exhibition event.

The allure of creating a mock draft, while fully knowing there is no real point in doing so, given the draft is completely random and likely won't even be close to what I come up with, just proved too much for me.

So in the spirit of giving you all some high quality blog content during this outrageously long break between off-season exhibition events, I took Chandler's list of the 16 fine golfers participating in this event and generated random numbers between 0 and 1 in Excel (i.e., "0.23731", "0.062417") for each person.  I then sorted everyone by their ranomly generated number in ascending order (low to high) and deemed the person with the lowest number the 1st draft pick and the person with the highest number the last pick.  

Draft picks 1&2 face off against 3&4, 5&6 vs. 7&8, etc. That's at least the easiest way I could think of to make the parings truly random.

See the results below.  

I've included everyone's current handicap index so you can roughly figure how many strokes your team will be giving/getting, but after Chandler picks the course he'll surely provide a thorough breakdown of the actual handicapping for the event.

Also since Anthony bailed and I don't know Crum's handicap, Crum inherits Anthony's index for now.  Nice save Chandler.

2-Man Scramble Mock Draft Results

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Winter Update

The off-season is long, slow, but needed. Hopefully you've been putting in some quality family time. It'll be the new season before you know it.

Remember to put our next exhibition event on your calendar: December 3rd. I'll hopefully have a course booked soon. As previously mentioned, we'll draft teams out at the bar on December 1st.

My plan was to update and formalize our by-laws, as well as create the Board of Directors this winter. There was also talk of the much anticipated "Anonymous Player Survey," which would definitely inject some life into the group. But all those plans have been tabled for now as I work on other club related projects.

We are all set to continue offering USGA licensed handicaps through 2018, but I've had zero luck discussing with them a connection to their centralized platform beyond that.

They basically want Type 2 clubs like ours to join a local association (FSGA or GAF are the two in our area). We'd pay them whatever yearly fee and receive handicaps through their services.

I've also had talks with a couple of developers, Barney Adams (founder of Adams Golf), and a few other entities about the viability of creating our own platform which would also function as a handicap provider. It's been an interesting idea to explore.

Anyway... short term nothing is changing. We have 3 new members for next season, so the competition should be tougher. Don't be afraid to post some outing requests in the meantime. Gorecki played a good round last week with the crickets.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Golf This Sunday (Nov 12th)

 I  Chandler already have has other plans  a 4some at Lexington Oaks at 9:22am with Gary, Darren and John.   on Sunday,

But Geoff  Gorecki wants to get some rounds in as well. Comment if you want to join Geoff, and if enough people are in I'll try to add a spot near ours. book a tee time. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Golf This Sunday (Nov 5th)

I already have a 4some booked at Lexington Oaks at 9:22am with Gary, Darren and John.

But Geoff wants to get some rounds in as well. Comment if you want to join Geoff, and if enough people are in I'll try to add a spot near ours.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Exhibition Update

Just to clarify, our next event is Sunday, December 3rd. We're headed to the bar somewhere on Friday, December 1st to pick teams... and rock some awesome letter jackets. The course is TBD but will be down south somewhere.

Teams are randomly selected... and below is the official registration list:
1) Chandler
2) Darren
3) Tall Mike
4) Gary
5) Faz
6) Buchert
7) Geoff
8) MikeHo
9) John
10) Casey
11) Katie
12) Greg
13) Gorecki
14) Reid
15) Robbie
16) Crum

Crum is now in...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Off-Season Exhibition #2 - Herd Those Cats!

OK... I'm one of those cats since I erroneously confirmed a date to some of you at Wentworth. But let's attempt to pick a date for the next off-season event.

Format: 2-man scramble. Movable tees (sometimes called a Red, White and Blue Tournament). Random pairings. Handicapped (to be explained later). Entry cost... $20 winning team take all. Same team restrictions as the last event (first come, first served... must have an even number of teams).

Bar Night: Not mandatory, but a bunch of us had joked about going out to a bar this off-season with our old high school Letter Jackets. Literally has nothing to do with golf, but if we go out on a Friday we can draft the teams, giving me enough time to set up a leader board for Sunday.

So we need a Sunday date where the "bar people" are also free Friday. This is NEVER going to happen. But here we go:

A. November 3rd/5th
B. November 10th/12th (Veterans Day weekend)
C. November 17th/19th
D. December 1st/3rd
E. December 15th/17th

Only tell me which one of those you are IN. I'll pick the date with the most respondents by the end of the week... and then use the order you replied for your registration. Hopefully there is a clear winning date.

A (10) - Chan, Gary, Geoff, Ho, John, Casey, Katie, Greg, Gorecki, Reid
B (13) - Chan, JW, Moostie, Gary, Faz, Buchert, Geoff, Ho, Robbie, John, Casey, Gorecki, Reid
C (15) - Chan, JW, Darren, Gary, Faz, Geoff, Ho, Robbie, John, Casey, Greg, Gorecki, Reid, Anthony, Brendan
D (16) - Chan, Darren, Moostie, Gary, Faz, Buchert, Geoff, Ho, John, Casey, Katie, Greg, Gorecki, Reid, Anthony, Brendan
E (12) - Chan, Moostie (?), Gary, Faz, Buchert (?), Geoff, Ho, John, Casey, Greg, Gorecki, Reid, Anthony

OUT - Dave (injured)

"D" has exactly 16 people. If anyone bails then the last 3 in will need to hope JW or Dan can make it.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Low Ball / Low Total Exhibition Results

Wentworth is hard. Heard a few "I'm never playing here again" comments out there. The greens were in great shape, but why are they so tiny? So many ways you could make that course better. Anyway:

Big money (up to $60) on the line yesterday. Robbie and Katie stomped the JW's... winning the full total. I expected Katie to have some rust since she hasn't played much lately. Instead she fired a 93, lowering her handicap index by another 1.1 points. Speaking of, we currently only have three members with an index in the 20s. Keep it up!

Chandler and Faz had to win two points on the final hole to avoid paying $60 to Gary and Tall Mike. The Moose was playing out of his mind, and carried Gary to the money (only $20, unfortunately). But a win is a win.

Scottish Dave took an early Brexit, refusing the play on a broken leg like Tiger did in the 2008 US Open. The last time Tiger won a Major. Nine years ago. Anyway... I hope he's OK. Get your shit fixed in the off-season!


Our next exhibition is tentatively scheduled for December 10th, with a bar outing on the 8th. Put it on your calendars, and be ready to RSVP when I make the post. It will once again be a first come, first served event... with a requirement of even teams. Also, if you own a High School "letter jacket," go find it and get ready.

I just lost some relationship power and the wife is making me go out of town the weekend of December 10th. I'll make a post soon about possible other dates and choose the one the most people can play.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sunday Pairings & Handicaps

UPDATE: The off-season is not only a time to forget how to swing a club... but also to forget how to calculate handicaps. Dave pointed out I didn't account for the "different tees" adjustment. Updated handicaps are below:

Buchert (2) & Ho (2) vs. Dave (0) & Darren (7)

Chandler (0) & Faz (6) vs. Gary (7) & Tall Mike (7)

JW (3) & John (1) vs. Robbie (0) & Katie (11)

Remember to bring $60 in cash, which is the max you can lose. Darren plays this game all the time, so I know the first group is good to go. I'm in the 2nd group so we're cool. The final group... John just played it last weekend so do whatever he says.

See you all at Wentworth. 9:30 tee time so get there early.

And just so when you all yell at me tomorrow, below is the math for peer review:

Monday, October 9, 2017

This Sunday

Wentworth is booked for the 6 registered teams... 9:40am.... $35 plus tax.

You have until Friday to tell me what tees you'd like to play (both players don't need to be on the same set). Everyone is on the BLUE unless I hear otherwise (Katie on Red).

On Friday I'll calculate handicaps and we'll figure out who your opponent is. The game is a $20 Nassau of Low-Ball/Low-Total (LGBT!). If anyone needs help transitioning, let me know.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

DPT LB-LT Event - October 15th

Let's attempt our first off-season event on October 15th:
  • Teams consisting of two people.
  • 80% handicap allowance
  • Low Ball / Low Total format: lowest individual net score is worth a team point, and lowest combined team net score is worth a point. Maximum of two points a hole with no rollovers. If you've never played this I'll explain in detail later.
  • We should make it worth something so like $15 Nassau ($45 max loss)... or just straight up $50 for all 18 holes. Discuss in the comments!
  • The 3 new guys are allowed but no guests!
  • Form your own two man teams. Reach out to who you want to play with and if they agree, make a comment!
  • Mixed tees allowed. Course will be announced soon.
  • Once I have all the teams registered, we will sort the list by total handicap. 1 will play 2, 3 will play 4, etc...
Much more to come. But start posting who you're playing with and choose wisely! We will need an even number of teams, so this is also first come, first served. If we have an odd number, then the last team to register gets booted. Sorry. But not really sorry.


1 - Chandler & Faz
2 - Buchert & MikeHo
3 - JW & John
4 - Dave & Darren
5 - Robbie & Katie
6 - Gary & Tall Mike

Can't Play:
Geoff, Gorecki, Brendan, Greg

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spring 2018 - Season Schedule Preview

Hey kids! The off-season is dragging and we're only a few weeks in! We'll be doing some team events soon... starting in October after I do the marriage thing and have more time. But I'll go ahead and post the Spring schedule below. We're going to start up the week after MLK weekend.

Week 1 - Jan 21st - The Classic
Bye Week - Jan 28th - Gasparilla
Week 2 - Feb 4th - Skins Game (Super Bowl Sunday... party at Geoff's?)
Week 3 - Feb 11th - DPT Open (Major)
Bye Week - Feb 18th
Week 4 - Feb 25th - Hangover
Week 5 - Mar 4th - Match Play
Bye Week - Mar 11th
Week 6 - Mar 18th - DPT Champ (Major)
Week 7 -Mar 25th - Jamaican
Bye Week - Apr 1 - Easter
Week 8 - Apr 8th - Memorial (Countryway then Masters party at Gary's)
Week 9 - Apr 15th - DPT Masters (Major)
Makeup Week - Apr 22nd
Makeup Week - Apr 29th
Makeup Week - May 6th

Lots of breaks so plan your WAG trips accordingly!

The Summer schedule is 90% completed, but waiting to finalize based on a group trip that might affect a bunch of members.