Thursday, October 27, 2011

2012 Rule Changes

The R&A have released their rule amendments for 2012-2015. There are only a couple of note:
  • Definition of "Addressing the Ball." Before you were considered to have addressed the ball if you took a stance and grounded your club. Now, it's all about grounding the club regardless of where you're standing. So once your club touches the ground behind or in front of the ball, game on. Interestingly, this now means you NEVER address a ball in a bunker or a hazard (since you can't ground your club there).
  • Concerning a ball moving after address, I talked about the potential change in this post. They went through with the proposal, and you are no longer penalized if the ball moves on its own after address... provided it is "known and virtually certain that the player did not cause the ball to move." So I guess it's a judgement call now.