Monday, January 30, 2012


It's getting close to the start of the new season! I haven't heard any conflicts with the latest schedule, so I'm thinking it's good to go.

I'm also thinking we should start the season at Northdale because 1) it's cheap and 2) it's a central location for most of us. We can probably tee off closer to noon since Robb has a bye...

Rates are going to be higher this year since we're starting in the "winter", so keep your eyes posted for deals. We'll be trying the "group discount" angle... but that's hard to get considering only 8 people are playing most weeks.


Did anyone watch the Tour Championship last season? In the final FedEx Cup event, Bill Haas took on Hunter Mahan in a playoff. On the 2nd playoff hole, Bill's ball rolled into the water just off the green. About half the ball was sticking out of the water, but getting up-and-down to extend the playoff would be seemingly impossible.

Still the best shot I've seen in awhile. Bill eventually won the playoff on the next hole, earning $11,440,000 in the process. Not bad for four days of golf.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Season Calendar

You people are out of town too often. Which makes me think we need a better way to handle absences. However, since handicaps are based off two person TEAMS (and not a sum of the individuals), you can't just throw someone in and say it's a valid substitute.

Anyway, if the date above is green, expect to be playing golf. We're going to have to do a few Saturday/Sunday weekends.

Flex Schedule:
I'm thinking of making a flex schedule, where some days half the league plays, and other days the other half plays. I can probably (with enough effort) build the perfect schedule to suit everyone. So this opens up all dates that are NOT red. I'll need someone to collect scorecards on dates that I'm not there.

This also means that if we're expanding to 8 teams... some people better step up and say they're playing (and with whom).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Season Update / The Dan Plan

Season 2 Rosters:
1) Geoff / Reid
2) Chandler / Justin
3) Cong / E-Flo
4) Steve / Frank
5) Bito / Gomez
6) Robb / Ryan

There WILL be some tweaks to the standings format in regards to using subs. I need to crunch some numbers (subs were used 9 times last season with a 4-5 record) before I'm comfortable making a change. In fact, we only had two weeks in the regular season where everyone showed up. That needs to improve, considering our flexibility and the "short" 8 week season.


Justin pointed out an article in the St. Pete Times (now Tampa Bay Times?) last year about "The Dan Plan." Long story short... this dude who had never played a full 18 holes of golf in his life decided to quit his job to become a professional golfer. He's out to prove a published theory which claims you need roughly 10,000 hours of "deliberate practice" in order to excel at a particular field.

He began only putting... then added two wedges... only played holes from about 50 yards in for awhile, slowly working further and further from the hole... it took over 1.5 years of practice before the kid even hit a driver...

Anyway, he's only about 2,300 hours into the experiment and is already an 11.4 handicap. Mine is currently a 12.5, and I've been playing golf since I was like thirteen years old.

Guess I should practice more...