Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exhibition Game Preview

Here's a sneak peak at what's going down in this week's exhibition game...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Season 2 - Week 2 Recap

This morning was cold and blustery. Forecasts had the rain as high as 50%. But DPT Golf must go on rain or shine (just not lightning). And as a reward... the day was actually pretty nice.

Chandler/Justin vs. Ryan/Robb
Ginger Brown came into the season with a ton of confidence after a busy off-season practice regimen. But all that has been thrown out the window as Chandler is in a horrible slump, and at times can't even seem to hit a ball. Justin's shoulders were strong, but two double bogeys (on #5 and #14) ruined any chance of an easy victory. And don't let Ryan/Robb fool you. They play a perfectly complimented game, with Robb's monster drives and Buchanan's stellar short game. In fact, their median DPT gross average is a 77, the same as Chandler/Justin. Which only means that they're more inconsistent, but will bury you if you don't play well. Final score: Ryan/Robb win 76-80 (net).

Bito/Gomez vs. E-Flo/Cong
After starting an impressive +1 through five holes, the Asians went on a bogey-fest... carding +5 on their next four holes. Bito/Gomez didn't fare much better, finding themselves two down after 13. But on the difficult par-5 14th hole, the Lin-sanity stopped when Eric and Cong recorded a triple-bogey 8. It wasn't quite cold enough for a snowman, and Bito/Gomez's birdie really iced the Yellow Mambas. On the final two holes with a huge gallery following, Bito wowed the crowd with some clutch shots and a solo par on #18. Final score: Bito/Gomez win 78-82 (net).

Next week Bito/Gomez take on Robb/Ryan in the only official game. We're playing Heritage Harbor ($32), and the first group tees off at 11:15am.  The exhibition game tees off at 11:22am.

Exhibition Match: Chandler, Geoff, Reid, TBD

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 2 Musings

As of right now (so this will probably change) it looks like we'll get some rain during the league on Sunday. The way golf is meant to be played.

Justin and I are going to destroy Buchanan and Robb, even though this is Robb's home course. We only have to give them one stroke, and I'm pretty sure Ginger Brown is vastly improved over last season.

Bito/Gomez will beat down a rusty Asian team. Bito will then post about how they used 15 of his shots. Eleven of them will be tap-in putts.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Season 2 - Opening Day

So we had a little bit of a shake-up with the loss of a team, but I imagine the Asians wanted the day off anyway (word on the street is they got pretty drunk last night).

Bito/GoMex vs. Geoff/Reid
The defending champs opened the season getting 5 strokes from the lowest handicaps. Gomez was a bit concerned about the new "Bito Rule" which requires each team to use TWO drives from every player, on every nine. But the champs came out of the gate slow, shooting a horrendous 8-over on the front side, which included six straight bogeys. Bito/Gomez had an impressive 14 pars and one birdie, to card a three-over 75. Maybe Gomez shouldn't be so hard on his partner. Final score: Bito/Gomez win 75-78 (net).

Exhibition Game
Chandler/Gorecki took on Buchannan/Nate in an exhibition match. We kinda just guessed on the handicap, thinking two strokes at first... but re-adjusting to five at the turn. Chandler/Gorecki played solid, never getting into much trouble during a round in which they rattled off 11 pars and zero birdies. Buchanan/Nate were slightly more sloppy with back-to-back double bogeys on #7 and #8, but still came up with a few clutch chips. Buchanan thought he sealed the deal with a spectacular chip on #18 giving them a tap-in par. But Chandler drained a seven foot putt in the rain to tie 79-79 (net).

Thankfully the weather held out just long enough for us to finish our rounds. I'll book something either tonight or tomorrow for the next week.

Only Reid and Geoff have a bye next week, so they need to find a couple more to play an exhibition match. Everyone else has an official game. If anyone out there not in the league wants to play, leave a comment.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I think the only way to "expand" in future seasons is to have two different leagues.

This year I heard of a lot of people who were interested in playing... and when drinking they'd say they're 100% "in"... but once we got the ball rolling there was silence.

So what we'd need is 1) a second league manager, and 2) four to six brand new teams.

I could help the new league manager create the schedule... and obviously I can help post all the stats and records. But the manager would have to figure out availability, and book the rounds. If both leagues played the same day at the same course, we could probably get better discounts.  But one league would be going out early while the other would be going out during Robb's nap time.

There would be no inter-league play...  but the playoffs would have the two league champions battling for the cheese.

Just a thought.