Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Conjecture Cup

Conjecture says that Bito is the worst golfer in the league.

Bito says "Horseshit!"

Bito believes we should settle this on the course, and he is willing to back it up with money.

Bito bets $25 to all comers in the league and OMG, that if a Full DPT league - individual tourney(The Conjecture Cup) were to take place on the Friday of the DPT Golf tourney, that he would finish no worse than 8th straight up.

Also this could also be used for crowning a DPT Singles Champion. This would be done by utilizing some crazy ass math that Chandler has devised and dividing by 2.357(Repeating of course)

Using Chandlers dates for the tourney, we are talking about Friday June 22nd or Friday June 29th 

Communicate with Chandler if you want to take Bito's money

Monday, April 9, 2012

DPT Masters Challenge - Final Results

Crazy final round yesterday. It seemed like nobody wanted to win. But it was great to see Bubba take home the Green Jacket!

As for our pool...

Jess had the victory firmly in hand. All she had to do was not shit the bed with the worst round of the day. Of course, that's exactly what she did (-7) thanks to Hunter and Bae getting ONE birdie each, and Mickelson only contributing ONE birdie to her scorecard.

So that left the door open for a few of us charging up the leader board. Not-so-coincidentally, those of us who went low had Bubba, who's birdies on #13 through #16 definitely helped. But Faz and his Albatross/Eagle combination leaped ahead of everyone (-13) to win by two strokes (-42).

Faz takes home $120, while Jess gets $20.  Gorecki, who finished tied for 6th, gets two bits and a clump of steel wool.

Thanks to those who participated. We'll be doing it again for all the Majors (US Open is up next in June).

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Only two guys retained cut players on their roster. Litman (who's pretty much out of it) and Robb (who is definitely still able to win). So they'll only be playing with three guys today.

Not that it matters. Jess is kicking our ass. In just one weekend she'll have earned an entire years worth of kickball.

I'm going golfing today so the updates will be light.

Friday, April 6, 2012

DPTMC - Day 2

So only 4 strokes separate the leader from last place. Anything can happen over the next few days.

Remember... you NEED to review your roster tonight!! It'll lock at 7am tomorrow, and if you don't swap out players who missed the cut, they'll accumulate zero points!

Despite Gorecki's constant bitching, I'm already convinced this pool is a success... because it got Litman to watch about 7 hours of golf yesterday. Granted, that might be because of the $10 he invested. Yay for gambling.

I'll post some updates today too, since I don't feel like working.

The first thing I noticed is everyone but Alabama Rob dropped Stricker. So watch that blow up in our faces.

**Update 1**
Gorecki has suggested that positions 1-14 get $10 winnings.

**Update 2**
Jess is starting to run away from the pack. She basically has -7 on the front nine in the bag, with birdies on #2-#8. Excellent move swapping Byrd for Duffner.

**Update 3**
Dufner and Mahan just made another birdie... as our ass beating continues. Jess has now matched her -11 score of yesterday, and still has a ton of holes left!

**Update 4**
After a great start yesterday, Alabama Rob did not swap any players and totally shit the bed on the front nine with a -2. His worst player today... Stricker. Good thing the rest of us gave up on him!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DPT 2012 Masters Challenge

Alright... the pool is set! Here is who's playing:

Matt R.
Rob A. (lives in Alabama)
Chris F.
Jess (the feisty one)
Gorecki (actually figured out how to set a roster before it locked)
Steve F.

We lost Josh due to technical difficulties, causing him to not set his roster in time. He gets the Gorecki Award!

Winner will get $120.  Second place will get $20.  Everyone else is a loser.

Be sure to follow the real-time scoring on the group page. will have live coverage starting at 10:45am if you don't want to get any work done today.  I'll post updates from time to time.

**Update 1**
Alabama Rob is turkey slapping us around on the front nine, posting -5.  Granted, many golfers have yet to tee off... his team is working well together (with the exception of Stricker). Rob's eagles on #2 AND #8 are going to be hard to beat. If you don't really know whats going on, view his roster for a great look at how the scoring works.

**Update 2**
Bito fires a -5 on the front nine to tie Alabama Rob. He also has Stricker who hasn't done much (yet).

**Update 3**
As Rory gets double-bogey on #1... Matt R. becomes the first person to record a bogey on a hole.

**Update 4**
Alabama Rob has posted the first score of the day, an impressive -9! He didn't get ANY help from Stricker (many of us are in that boat). Bito still leads but a lot of people are in position to finish strong.

**Update 5**
Bito posts an impressive -10. I had a phone call at work and missed Tiger and Stenson blowing up to finish their rounds. Dammit!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Apparently Bito was at the Masters Champions dinner last night:

Zach Johnson needs to go on a diet...