Monday, August 20, 2012

DPT Masters - Season Results

Seven us of headed down to Sebring this past weekend for the prestigious DPT Masters. I assumed the trip was going to be a disaster... but the price was right so we couldn't pass it up. Turns out Justin booked us an awesome trip that we'll definitely do again.

DPT Masters

Round one was one of the best "days" of golf I've ever seen. As in: the weather, course and atmosphere was excellent. Chandler shot a lights-out 80 (with one double-bogey) and still managed to finished 3rd. Justin "Hollywood" Miller finally put together a round worth a damn, shooting 86 with two birdies and a 2nd place finish. But it was Mr Sandbags... "handicap system favors better players"... Gorecki who shot a 94 and took a first-day lead (and our money). The 31 strokes he received netted a criminal score of 63. He should be ashamed.

Round two was also played on a very nice course, albeit a more difficult one in my opinion. All of us were tied, and the scores showed it. Gorecki took only 30 strokes this time to secure a 2nd place finish for the tournament. But it was Hollywood who again played his best golf in months, shooting 85 en-route to a 4-stroke total victory.

Congrats Justin. The first ever Ginger to win a DPT Major tournament.

Summer 2012 Season

Long before we headed to Sebring, Chandler had the season just about locked up. Geoff needed to win the Masters to have a chance... and all hopes of that disappeared on hole 4 of the first day. We'll get pictures of the new trophy up as soon as it's finished.

Next season will probably start at the end of September. We'll review the point system, but I think it worked out just fine. There will also be a couple of rule clarifications and enforcements for next season.

Geoff is ordering trophies for the following side-bet winners:
- Long Drive: Chandler won a long drive each day to finish the season with 4.
- Greenies: Chris didn't even attend the Masters OR the par-3 tourney and still wins the total greenies with 10. Amazing accuracy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hangover Invitational Recap

I considered writing a long recap of the events as they unfolded Friday night at The Retreat for the E-Flo Hangover Invitational.  As the (somewhat) sober, self-appointed bar stenographer I was tasked with recording the number of drinks each participant had (Gorecki was surprisingly honest - I think) as well as the random debauchery for posterity purposes. But as my (and everyone else's) alcohol intake increased it became harder and harder to keep track of the night's events. Thank God I didn't have a Mind Eraser shot, courtesy of Papa Jensen, or else the following documentation might never have existed.

The Mind Erasers


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

E-Flo Hangover Bar

E-Flo has chosen The Retreat as his bar this Friday. The following people must attend during the hours of 9pm to 1am:


Luckily for us, The Retreat has "$6 Jack Daniels liters and $3 domestic drafts" on Friday. See you fools then.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Deja Vu- Another request to tee it forward and here's why...

So how much fun did we all have this past weekend? I think we all would agree thats a tough course and at times we make it even tougher when we tee it off poorly and find ourselves at a disadvantage cause our 2nd shots are now gonna be a longer more difficult shot to hit, almost guaranteeing ourselves a bogey or worse.

So when Chandler proposed we play summerfield at 6,400 yds and a slope of 125, I asked if this was a "DPT Major" cause that seems like a difficult slope and why would we set ourselves up for another potential day of displeasure.

When I learned there is an option to play the forward tees at 5,800 and a slope of 119. Chandler proposed I write a blog post persuading why I think we should play from these tees.. So here we go....

I originally assumed tee box selection should be based on your handicap. But when I researched this the USGA had a direct answer to my question:

Shouldn't golfers select tees based on their handicap?Not in this approach. The idea is to help golfers play from tees that allow them to hit more lofted clubs for their approach shots.

So I asked Chandler what he believes our league participants average drive distance is. He answered 200-225 yds.

Here's what the USGA recommends:
PGA of America/USGA RecommendationsIn 2011, the PGA of America and USGA issued a set of recommendations designed to encourage golfers to play from appropriate yardages. These guidelines are based on golfers' average driving distance. So find your driving distance, then see what yardage these two organizations recommend.
Avg. drive - Recommended Tees
300 yards - 7,150-7,400 yards
275 yards - 6,700-6,900 yards
250 yards - 6,200-6,400 yards
225 yards - 5,800-6,000 yards
200 yards - 5,200-5,400 yards

175 yards - 4,400-4,600 yards
150 yards - 3,500-3,700 yards
125 yards - 2,800-3,000 yards
100 yards - 2,100-2,300 yards

Now I spoke with Geoff tonight at bowling and he associates shorter tee boxes with limiting the use of his driver in fear of driving through the fairway. But Chandler informed him that Summerfield has very few doglegs and mostly straight ahead tees to greens. So I just finished reviewing their course layout and sure enough, I only count approx 4-5 dog leg holes. (I'm sure Chandler will do a much more thorough investigation into this to confirm) So for you "long drivers" this can only serve as an advantage if we tee it forward as your second second should be a a high lofted iron approach.

So let me know your opinions. You obviously know my vote. I also was going to propose using different tee boxes, but Chandler shot that down due to our greenies and long drive competitions. I also to complain to the USGA on their choice of wording listed below:

Should golfers of all different abilities in one group each play from different tee markers?They can, but you should recommend that the group play from the same tee markers. This is more sociable, plus is proven to be faster. Recommend the group select tee markers that are most appropriate for a majority of the players, while ensuring that the weakest player could still enjoy the experience.

Just cause I prefer to tee it forward doesn't conclude I'm a "weak" player. The DPT Standings will back me up on that!

Early Bird & Other Things

Getting up early sucks. Sure, you have the rest of the day to do things... but that's wasted when you're so tired you just go home and nap.

Regardless, a full 8 person field showed up to take on Bloomingdale... and we all lost.

That course is hard. It shouldn't be, but it is. We had some of the worst scores as a group I've ever seen. Everyone played horribly, except for Gorecki who played "normal."

He should get a little more credit, as he constantly laid up on difficult holes in order to reduce the triple and quad bogeys. This strategy worked and he easily won by 4 strokes, shooting to the top of the money list.


We have 4 people signed up for the E-Flo Hangover. Summer field had tee times at 10:30am and 11am, so I booked both of those. If nobody else signs up (Justin, Ried, Robb etc) by Wednesday I'm going to cancel the 11am tee time.


Justin knows of some stay-and-play place in Sebring for the DPT Masters. An update on that will go out as soon as he locks it down.


Let me know if you're partaking in the PGA Championship best-ball event. Right now it's just me and Geoff.

Friday, August 3, 2012

PGA Championship Challenge

The LAST golf Major of the year is next weekend. So... one more best-ball pool to go.

Same shit as last time. Get me $10 before next Thursday. And set your teams by Wednesday night!

Sign up here:

Group: DPT Golf
Password: donkeynoms

Entry fee is $10 and you must pay before August 9th. If you're interested, bring money to kickball, Yard of Ale etc etc.  You can "gift" me $10 through PayPal under my email address, but make sure you select the gift option so it doesn't take any fees out.

Anyone who hasn't paid by the time the rosters lock will get the boot.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

E-Flo Hangover Invitational

It's registration time!

E-Flo's Hangover Invitational is the funniest of all our theme tournaments. Because he lives a rough life... and we need to experience it.

Sadly, he won't be playing due to his cankles... but he'll still be at the bar. Here's the deal:

Sometime this week we will announce what bar we're attending (probably in SoHo) Friday night. In order to compete in the tournament, you have to show up and hang out with us until 1am. We'll then tee off somewhat early the next morning, probably at Summerfield.

Comment if you're in!