Monday, December 2, 2013

All New Lows

Handicaps are updated for the December 1st revision. Here's whats going on in the DPT Golf world:

For the first time in my life, I'm a single-digit handicapper (9.7). Almost all amateur golfers have two ultimate goals: 1) break 80 and 2) be a single digit handicap. Now that I have done both, I'm set up to go winless again next season. You have to keep improving to win in a handicapped league... and I'm not about to start shooting even par.


Reid remained at his lowest handicap ever (14.9) while Faz jumped up a bit (11.2). Darren finished November with two of his lowest rounds in years to obtain a personal best handicap (22.2). All three have about 4 more rounds to shoot low scores and continue the trend.

And then there's Geoff... who is playing some painful golf lately (averaging 107 in his last seven rounds). When his driver is working, his irons are terrible. And vice versa. Santa needs to bring him some lessons.

Of course, this puts Geoff in position to figure it all out in February and destroy the field. But Gary is in the same boat and at least seems closer to putting the wheels back on his game.


Next round I'm booking is on the 15th at Pebble Creek. Right now it's Darren, Faz and myself. Faz might back out... but comment if you want the 4th spot.

Darren, Faz, me and Reid are in. We can always book more tee times if anyone else wants.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Golf on November 24th

Faz has a friend in town, so we're supposed to be playing "somewhere." Hopefully we'll shore up the location on Monday. Playing are: Faz, his buddy, myself and Geoff.  Darren is also interested, so if Reid, Ben or anyone else want in... comment ASAP.

We got two tee times starting at 9:08am at Stoneybrook.

Eric (Faz' friend)

Two spots left.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Handicap Updates

Usually when a handicap update takes place during the work week, I'll go ahead and calculate them a few days early since people aren't typically golfing. This week's update happens on Friday... with Faz and Reid continuing their push toward golfing greatness.

Both have reached new all-time low handicaps since we started keeping track. Faz's last four rounds of 80, 86, 80 and 82 dropped him to an index of 10.6. While Reid's has now dropped his handicap to 14.9, 6.5 strokes in only eight months!

Lessons and practice are clearly paying off for those guys.


This weekend I'm heading down to Sarasota National with Gary, Darren and Geoff. The scorecard shows some crazy holes down there (long and short). It'll probably be a massacre.


For those who have asked, the next season is currently scheduled to start the weekend of February 1st and run through April. Immediately following the New Year I'll ask the "founding members" for blackout dates. Final schedule will be posted in mid January.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Reid sent me a text complaining that there aren't enough updates on this site during the off-season. And how there's plenty of things going on in golf to talk about. So....
  • I shot a career low 76 last weekend at Lake Jovita North. Beat my previous low by two strokes, and demoralized Darren who was playing with me. I'm about to put myself on the IR, so... at least I'm retiring from golf on a high note.
  • Tiger Woods allegedly hit a golf ball from Europe to Asia. It's pretty hokey and there's no video proof he actually hit a good shot. I like how they didn't stop traffic on the other side of the bridge so he could have sliced one into a car.
  • Some dude got a 409 yard hole-in-one yesterday in a ProAm. Albatross.
  • Snedeker just injured his knee falling off a Segway. He may be one of the nicest guys in golf... but he's goofy as shit.
  • I have ONE spot open for Sarasota National on November 17th. It'll cost you $40 cash. First come, first served. Make a comment!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Golf on Saturday - Nov 2

Who is free Saturday morning... sometime in the 9:00 hour? Let it be known.

9:37am at Heritage Harbor. $35

Monday, October 21, 2013

Off-Season Update?

Faz says the lack of updates in the off-season makes him sad.

What's up? There was some great golf being played yesterday at Lexington Oaks with me, Faz and Darren finishing net 66, 67, 68 respectively (79, 80, 95 gross). Geoff was there too but his results aren't important.

Some of us also went up to Black Diamond two weekends ago for a stay-and-play. Totally worth the money if you ever want to splurge on one of the best courses in the state.

In handicap news, Darren and Reid hit their all-time low index of 24.3 and 15.3 respectively. I guess you can make the case the it's setting them up for a difficult time next season... but I'm sure they enjoy the lower consistent scores more than the shot at a trophy.

Looks like this weekends game will be on Sunday again. Probably at one of the places we have vouchers for (Northdale, Pebble Creek, Plantation Palms, Lake Bernadette). Darren and I are in. Comment before Tuesday if you want to join.

Got a 9:30am tee time for myself, Darren, Gary and I think Reid at Lake Bernadette. If anyone else wants to play, book a time around then. Reid... let me know if you're in.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Golf on Saturday (Sept 28th)

Tee time booked for 12:30pm at Lansbrook. $24 due at the course. Playing are myself, Geoff, Dave and Huffman.

See you fools there.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Golf - Saturday September 28th

Geoff has been slaving away while remodeling his bathroom. Subsequently, he hasn't been able to hit the links lately. So who wants to play on the 28th in the morning?

People who are in:

People who are out:

Pretty sure Darren is out due to birthday things (he's trying to catch Reid in age). Faz/x, you in? Reid?


Alright we're going with the four people listed above. Since nobody suggested a course, I'll book a tee time in the morning at Heritage Harbor or something. More info to follow later today.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stiking the Ball More than Once

I need to use this space to clarify rules more often... so here is one that came up a couple of tournaments ago.

USGA Rule 14-4
If a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all.

So let's say you're off the green laying two, and about to hit your third shot (a chip with a slightly buried lie in the rough). But you decelerate on it and accidentally hit the ball twice, Gorecki-style.

Wherever your ball ends up, you're now laying FOUR... and hitting your FIFTH shot.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reid's Improvement

With the handicap update today, it's worth noting what has happened to Reid's game:

In the last 9+ months, he's dropped his handicap from 21.5 to 17.2. Before today I haven't had the opportunity to play with him much, but the rumors are true. He's crushing his drive and keeping the ball in play off the tee, which is now allowing him to consistently shoot in the 80s. If today's round was in the latest revision, he'd have a handicap of 16.5!

Reid said he's been going to the range twice a week lately and it's definitely paying off. So if the rest of you want to improve... practice more often and work on those flaws.

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Rules for 2014

At the end of each season we always review one of my favorite things in golf: rules. While we basically play by the "Rules of Golf" as determined by the USGA and R&A, there are a couple of exceptions.  Yesterday Faz suggested we adopt a few more changes to help eliminate some dicey situations.

Starting in 2014 (and today in all exhibition matches):

- Embedded balls will get free relief "through the green." This is actually a rule adopted by the PGA Tour... but not recognized by the governing bodies of golf (yet). In all levels of golf, you always get a free drop from an embedded ball in the fairway, green, tee box or any other "closely mown area." But only on certain golf tours (and certain courses) do you get a free drop from a ball embedded anywhere not in a hazard (ie: the rough). Next season we'll allow you to take a free drop if your ball is embedded, unless it's in a bunker or other marked hazard.

- Move your ball out of a footprint in a bunker. I'm not sure how often this happens... but if you find your ball in a footprint, just move it out to a smooth spot. Or rake it and replace your ball. However, you can't do this if your ball is plugged in the bunker.

- Remove any rocks near your ball in a bunker. There's no need to scuff up your club... just make sure your lie remains unchanged.

- Balls in a fairway divot can get free relief. I honestly think in the next 10 years the PGA Tour will adopt this rule anyway. You shouldn't be penalized for finding a fairway.


We now have three seasons in the books and I think the points system is decent. Four people were in the running at the last tournament, so I don't think we need any changes to the payout and cut schedule.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

DPT Masters Recap

Not only is Geoff currently remodeling his bathroom at home... he also brought his demolition skills to the golf course. After removing the metaphorical wheels last week, he dismantled the rest of the car today with a ghastly 113. The dead-last performance opened the door for Faz to win the DPT Cup with an impressive gross 80 (2nd place).

Summer 2013 Champion - Chris Fazioli

Reid continued to be the league's Jack Nicklaus, winning his 4th tournament (all Majors). His gross 86 is definitely going to drop his handicap for the off-season.


Next season will start up the week after the Super Bowl (in February), but most of us will continue to play every weekend during the winter. If you want to join and establish a handicap, now is a great time. Send me an email or make a comment... we aren't really motivated enough to expand the league on our own. Probably because we aren't making money on it.

Monday, September 2, 2013

DPT Championship Recap

Swapping the last two events paid off, as River Strand was mostly dry and able to host our 2nd Major of the season.

Faz and Reid tied for first, with both guys improving on the back nine to shoot net 69. Meanwhile, tour leader Geoff blew up to finish 6th, a performance that wouldn't have made the cut if not for Ben shooting one of the worst rounds of his life. The 50 points Geoff earned helped avoid a logjam in the standings, essentially creating a two man race for the cup.

Next Sunday (Sept 8th) is our final tournament. Six league members have qualified to play for points, so only three people will make the cut. Four guys are in the running for the championship:

Darren is exactly 600 points behind Geoff, which means he can only tie for the cup after next Sunday. To do so he must finish solo first, while Geoff AND Faz need to finish outside the top three. If this happens, we'll do a playoff between Darren and Geoff on another date.

Reid is basically in the same situation as Darren. He needs to win and the guys above him must miss the cut.

Faz can earn the trophy if he makes the cut and beats Geoff.

Geoff wins as long as Darren and Reid don't finish first, and Faz doesn't beat him while placing top 3.


We're playing Lake Jovita North at 9:42am on Sunday. Cost is $59 after tax. I asked the old guy in the pro shop if they had any Florida resident discounts, and he basically chastised me for not thinking their regular rate was a great deal. It does include range balls... so get their early to warm up.

See you then.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geoff's Keys to Victory

Jury Duty yesterday was boring. So here's a few ways Geoff can close out the season before the Masters:

1) If Geoff wins on Saturday it's over. His handicap is a 29, so he probably needs to shoot 96 gross to guarantee a victory. This should be pretty easy to do if he just plays smart golf and avoids penalties.

2) If Geoff finishes solo 2nd and anyone but Darren or Faz wins... it's over.

3) Gary and Reid are eliminated if they don't win. They're also eliminated if Geoff finishes solo 3rd or better. So for there to be any real train-wreck in the standings, Geoff is going to need to place 4th or worse (preferably in a tie with Faz or Darren).

4) If Geoff does finish solo 3rd... Darren and Faz must at least finish solo 2nd to have a shot.

5) If Geoff decides to shit the bed... he'll be rooting for Chandler or Ben to take the top spot. A last place Geoff finish means Darren must place solo 5th or better to have a shot next week.

Obviously there are a lot of scenarios. So my advice to Geoff... lay up on the par 5s. And aim away from the water on every hole.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gorecki Par-3 Shootout Recap

Last minute flooding caused us to switch events, and thankfully Countryway was in pretty good shape despite all the rain we've had.

Geoff stole the event with a pretty impressive +5 performance on the back nine,  shooting a net 59 to beat Ben by two strokes. Executive courses are tough on low-handicaps, since there's no room for blow-up holes. Faz was a victim of this on the final hole, shooting a horrendous 6. But I'm still not convinced the event "favors" high-handicappers, as seen with Ben, Gary and Faz finishing 2nd through 4th. Either way... it is the Gorecki event. So it should be a little frustrating.


We now finish the season with back-to-back Majors. Next Saturday we'll try again to play River Strand (10:20am tee time). We are full for this event.

Go ahead and tell me if you're in for the Masters on September 8th (Sunday). I think Ben is out, which means only the top three players make the cut. If that happens, it'll be a very interesting final.

Ben and Chandler are officially eliminated. Gary and Reid are on life-support... needing victories and help. Geoff can basically win the season with a good performance next weekend. Remember... to have a shot at the cup, you must be within 600 points going into the final week.

See you all then.

Friday, August 23, 2013


You all should have received a text by now... but we're playing at 10am tomorrow at Countryway.

River Strand is VERY flooded. So we're pushing that tournament back a week.

I'm told Countryway is very wet too... but it's a par 3 course so it can't be that bad. Make sure to bring lots of dollar bills.

See you then.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

DPT Championship

9:56am at Riverstrand this Saturday (Aug 24th).

Handicaps are up. We're playing the COMBO tees on Sanctuary and Tributary. This is just like at Waterlefe, where the tees we're playing are circled.

However... on Sanctuary we're bouncing around on BLUE and WHITE.  While on Tributary we're teeing from a combination of GOLD and BLUE.

So be observant.

See you there.


Almost forgot...

Darren, Ben, Gary and Dave need to bring $25 CASH to pay for your round. Also... don't forget the entry fee this week is $10.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gorecki Par-3 Shootout Registration

Registration is now open for the infamously gimmicky Gorecki tournament. I'm pretty sure everyone is playing... so I really just need to hear from Ben.

Huffman has signed up for the 8th spot.

While the Par-3 Shootout is kinda cheesy, we wanted something different than our normal tournaments. Executive courses are rated by the USGA so we can accurately handicap the match. It's also a good chance to rack up greenies. Plus... we should be due for a hole-in-one (yes, it does count on a par-3 course).

So let me know if you're playing. And remember to honor our friend Gorecki, who metaphorically passed away many years ago.

Tournament is on Saturday, August 31st sometime in the morning.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Everyone should go to:

and make a guess on how many tees are in the box below.

Just for guessing you get a 4-some at Southern Hills for just greens fees. DO IT!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jamaican Open Recap

Great day of golf today on a good course. Geoff started the day in terrible fashion, before calming down on the back nine and getting a few pars. On the last hole he sank a 30 foot putt for double-bogey to win by one over Chandler and Gary.

With his second victory of the season, Geoff has taken sole possession of first place. Faz and Darren remain tied in second and pretty much control their destiny. Reid, Gary and Chandler are all "on ice," and can not win the season without one (and possibly two) victories in the final three tournaments.


We have another bye week next weekend while most of us are at the Jamie Evans tournament. We resume play at our second Major on August 24th (Saturday). We're headed to Riverstrand for the fist time in league history. Four of us have vouchers, so if you don't have one bring $25 cash.

Dave said he's going to play so we're officially FULL for the event. Should be a good time with 7 league members in the field. I'll post the tee times when I book them next weekend.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

PGA Championship Pool Update

8 players (Ben is the new Geoff).

Winner gets $70.

2nd place can have your money back.

Good luck. Don't forget to change your golfers after the cut.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Season Standings

Who is going to keep their balls dry at Waterlefe? I played a practice round last weekend with Darren and Reid... and it was ugly. Or maybe the state of our golf game is ugly. Either way...

- Faz is out this week. So he needs Ben, Chandler or Gary to win in order to retain the season lead.

- Ben is pretty much eliminated from the season title, so he's just playing spoiler and trying to take our money.

- Chandler and Gary MUST win this week to get back in the mix. If they don't place in the top two, they're on ice for the remainder of the season.

- Reid and Geoff don't need a victory, but they can take the lead with one. Second place won't cut it. With three tournaments left after this weekend, they have some time to make a move.

- If Darren wins he'll have a 500 point lead over 2nd place, which allows him to miss the cut (points) at another event and still be in contention. A huge advantage considering he's the defending champ at Countryway.


Seven people are signed up and paid for the PGA Championship pool. Today is your last day to get me money.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jamaican Open - THIS Saturday

After a few weekends off, we return to Waterlefe for the Jamaican Open.

Tee time is 10:12am. I have pre-paid vouchers for Geoff and Ben... so bring me $30 cash. I also have a coupon for Dave to make his fee $30 as well.

Remember, your shirt must be a color of the Jamaican flag or you incur a $2 wardrobe penalty.

Geoff... be at my house at 8:15am.

Friday, August 2, 2013

DPT PGA Touranment Pool

Last Major of the year. Don't be like Gorecki/Souder/Geoff. Set your team and pay me before play begins on August 8th. Double-check that your team is set.

Just like the Masters and US Open pool.

Go here to sign up. Password: bushes

If you're already signed up from the other pools, you don't have to do anything. Just pay me and set your rosters.

If I don't have your $10 before play starts on the 8th, you will be kicked out of the group. You can use PayPal by sending money to me at chandler dot brown at the gee mails.

You can read the rules on ESPN, but I'll do my best to summarize it:

  • Before each round (Thursday-Sunday) you select four players. Each player has a dollar amount based on how good they are. Your team can not exceed a $50 salary cap.
  • It's a "best ball" format. So if three of your players get a par, and one gets a birdie... your score for that hole is birdie.
  • Lowest score wins (not counting playoffs).
  • Remember that you can change your roster EVERY DAY. If you forget to do this after Friday, some of your players might not have made the cut and thus will not contribute to your team over the weekend.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DPT Masters Date Change?

When we built the schedule at the beginning of the season, Faz was the only one with a conflict the weekend of September 7th.

He is now back in town that weekend, and Geoff now has a conflict September 22nd.

So I'm moving the DPT Masters to September 8th (Sunday). Let me know if you CAN'T play that day. But everyone should be in... including Bito since it's a Sunday.


Anyone else out there want to play an exhibition this Sunday (Aug 4th)? I got me and Darren so far. Faz is out. Need two more.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fazioli Match Play Recap

A very competitive day on the course today, with the top four golfers within 5 strokes of each other.

Faz decided to keep his damn Masters coozie... by winning his own event for the second time (net 68). An impressive 9 pars and one birdie put him in position to win by three strokes.

All three matches were decided in the final five holes, with Darren needing 18 to beat Geoff. That was the match of the day, as Geoff apparently fell apart on the back going +20 on the final eight holes!

We now have a tie for first in the season standings (Darren and Faz). But with Faz OUT of our next event... the leader board will probably get more cramped.

Don't forget... August 10th at Waterlefe. We have enough vouchers for everyone... so I just need to hear from Ben if he's joining.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Open Pool

Since Geoff doesn't know how to use the internet, we now have 10 people (Geoff... you'll get your money back just like Souder did).

$70 to first place.  $30 to second.

Good luck.

PS... TPC Sawgrass is hard. But you all live in Florida... and you definitely need to play it before you die. Make it happen.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jamaican Open Registration

Go ahead and comment if you're going to play in the Jamaican Open on Saturday, August 10th. Pretty sure we have 5 people for sure, just need to hear from Ben.


Quoc and Brad will also be joining us. We're playing down at Waterlefe.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hangover Invitational Recap

The Hangover Invitational claimed its first victim this season, when Ben woke up 10 minutes after our morning tee time. But it didn't matter, as Geoff shot a net -8, crushing the nearest golfer (Darren) by ten strokes. He even had three birdies, which we believe is the first time he has ever had multiple birdies in a single round.

Cypress Creek is a difficult course. But it was in great shape and the weather was perfect.


Next week is the Fazioli Match Play tournament. There are a few great match-ups at the top. Winner of each 80% handicapped match gets a bonus 100 points. The rest of the tournament is normal, with the overall winner getting a Masters coozie.

Silverthorn is up near Southern Hills. You get off at the same exit and turn left instead of right. Our tee time is 10:28am... so get there early if you'd like to warm up. And bring a voucher if you have one (although I think only me and Geoff have them).

See you Sunday.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The (British) Open Pool

Just like the Masters and US Open pool.

Go here to sign up. Password: bushes
If you're already signed up from the other pools, you don't have to do anything. Just pay me and set your rosters.

If I don't have your $10 before play starts on the 18th, you will be kicked out of the group. You can use PayPal by sending money to me at chandler dot brown at the gee mails.

Because they don't play on this continent... the rosters are going to lock at weird times. Don't be a Gorecki-Souder and wait until the last second to set a team. Go do it... then go back and edit at the last minute if you want.

You can read the rules on ESPN, but I'll do my best to summarize it:

  • Before each round (Thursday-Sunday) you select four players. Each player has a dollar amount based on how good they are. Your team can not exceed a $50 salary cap.
  • It's a "best ball" format. So if three of your players get a par, and one gets a birdie... your score for that hole is birdie.
  • Lowest score wins (not counting playoffs).
  • Remember that you can change your roster EVERY DAY. If you forget to do this after Friday, some of your players might not have made the cut and thus will not contribute to your team over the weekend.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hangover Invitational

9:30am this Sunday (July 14th) at Cypress Creek.

$32 $27 greens fees. I just saved you all $5 each. And you get a free Gatoraid. You're welcome.

Don't over sleep. I'll email everyone about the bar later.


Comment if you're in for the Fazioli Match Play on July 21st (Sunday). This will be one of the most important events for those of you who still have a chance to win the title (ie: not me).

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bito don't know shit...

A - Sooooooo sorry that I rounded up to "70% Market Share" 

B -  Check out this little FAQ 

C - Or this one .... Does CPU or GPU matter more when playing World of Warcraft?

R  For Reid "... Joined the Gestapo" 

I may not play golf well, but I know shit.

DPT Open - Recap

Darren continued his dominance at Southern Hills, shooting a net 63 to win back-to-back DPT Opens. He joins Reid as the second person to win multiple Majors.

Geoff finished the day with a steady round, shooting net 69 to place second. And Reid moved to the top of the standings with a 3rd place finish.

Nice day of golf today despite the heat. Next Sunday (14th) we'll be at Cypress Creek. Times will be posted tomorrow. Don't forget to go to the bar the night before from 9pm-1am. We'll probably get to watch Geoff do a few penalty shots since he'll be late.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Remember Me?

Hi guys (notice I don't address this to any girls as girls should have NO affiliation with our DPT Golf League and blog)...

But I digress, looking forward to seeing some of you in a few weeks at TPC Sawgrass. I'm sure Chandler will have plenty to write up about.

Perhaps I'll grace the rest of you with my presence at a league tournament sometime in the near future. My schedule has mainly been to arrive on Tues and leave Thurs, so we could always go play at MacDill or Country Way one evening. Hope to make it happen.

Anyways wanted to leave you all with this. Its quite entertaining and reminds us just how good a PGA golfer is. Its fun to dream that we could even remotely be this accurate....


Hey Lurkers

Tell me if you're in for the Hangover Invitational on Sunday, July 14th. I can't just "assume" you're in.

Geoff... in the off-season you said you couldn't play the 13th. Are you good to go to the bar that night?

Reid? Ben?

Monday, July 1, 2013

DPT Open - Sunday, July 7th

We're booked at Southern Hills at 9:40am. Get there early to warm up!

Greens fee is $32 (allegedly) and league fee is $10 since this is a major.

See you then.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 1 Recap

Two tough tournaments this week in soggy conditions.

Saturday we had Just the Tips, which turned into a 9-hole shortened event due to rain. Gary tore up the course anyway with an impressive 40, with Reid right on his heels shooting 44 and losing by 0.5 strokes.

Today was the Geoff skins game at Crescent Oaks, a course that can play fairly long... and even longer with wind and saturated fairways. Of course, that wasn't an issue for Faz who fired an 82 to beat the nearest golfer (Reid) by 8 strokes. None of us stood a chance.

We're already almost 25% through the season, and Faz has a commanding lead. Too bad he'll be missing a lot of tournaments... so the leader board should be tight heading into the Masters. Speaking of, six league members have committed to that out-of-town tournament. We're still waiting to hear if Faz is playing, which would be nice since we picked a weekend he was "in town." I'm pretty sure Dan can't go out of town, so that leaves the final spot to Ben if he wants it. If not, we'll find a non-league member.


DPT Open is full. We should be booking Southern Hills, so I'll post that info tomorrow when I get it. Expect a 10am tee time and about $40 greens fees (plus tax).

The NEXT tournament you can register for is the dreaded Hangover Invitational. We're going out to a bar on the 13th... you must show up by 9pm and stay until 1am. We need to pick a bar, so comment some suggestions and let me know if you're playing. You know... get involved and shit.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DPT Open - Sunday July 7th, 2013

Probably heading up to league favorite Southern Hills. I estimate a 10am tee time. Who is IN?

Tournament #2 - Sunday June 30th, 2013

The second tournament this weekend is booked, 9:20am at Crescent Oaks. They have a range so get there early if you want.

Reid and Geoff, you guys can get in on my groupon... bring $28 CASH to pay me directly. Faz has his own deal. Everyone else can pay at the course ($37).

League fee is $10 per person, and skins will be determined by 80% of handicap. Be sure to check out the event page and scorecard to see who's getting what.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tournament #1 - Saturday June 29, 2013

We're going to swap the first two tournaments.

THIS Saturday will be the Just the Tips Challenge at Northdale... 12:00pm.

Darren and I have pre-paid 4-somes, so bring $16 in cash to pay for your round. Also bring $5 for the league entry fee... and any money you owe people on the Deadbeat List.

See you there.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Opening Weekend and DPT Masters Trip

The DPT Golf summer season begins June 29th AND June 30th.

The current plan is to play Crescent Oaks on Saturday (29th), and then Northdale on Sunday (30th). Locations might change depending on a lot of variables.

I have a Deal Caddy voucher for 4 people at Crescent Oaks ($28 per person). When you sign up, please let me know if you also have a voucher. I can't remember who else bought one back in May. If nobody else bought one... then the first four people to sign up can be on my voucher

Comment below which events you're attending.


DPT Masters this season is September 21st and 22nd. We're going out of town somewhere, possibly World Woods again to play the two day event. Comment NOW if you're joining. The max is 12 people... and if I haven't heard from you by mid July you'll be locked out of the event.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DPT US Open Pool

Almost forgot about this. Next week is the US OPEN.

The next PGA Major is upon us, so let's do some more gambling. Go here to sign up. Password: bushes

If you're already signed up from the Masters, you don't have to do anything. Just pay me and set your rosters.

If I don't have your $10 before play starts on the 13th, you will be kicked out of the group. You can use PayPal by sending money to me at chandler dot brown at the gee mails.

I imagine the pool will be small, so winner is going to take all.

You can read the rules on ESPN, but I'll do my best to summarize it:
  • Before each round (Thursday-Sunday) you select four players. Each player has a dollar amount based on how good they are. Your team can not exceed a $50 salary cap.
  • It's a "best ball" format. So if three of your players get a par, and one gets a birdie... your score for that hole is birdie.
  • Lowest score wins (not counting playoffs).
  • Remember that you can change your roster EVERY DAY. If you forget to do this after Friday, some of your players might not have made the cut and thus will not contribute to your team over the weekend.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

River Strand Deal

I stumbled upon "Deal Chicken" today... which is one of the million daily deal places on the internet.

Anyway, they have one for River Strand... $50 for two people and range balls.

Click here for the deal.

Buy this deal, and then let me know when you have it. We WILL be playing this course next season. And it's a pretty awesome course anyway, so it's ok if we have extras (we'll go down there during our bye-weeks too).

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Weekend

Who's golfing? I'll be out of town so someone should put a game together.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Upcoming Schedule Change

Due to some "July 4th Weekend" conflicts, I'm moving our first Major from July 6th to July 7th.

Both those days had zero conflicts during the league inquiry, so update your calendars accordingly.

USGA Bans Anchored Putters

Today is a glorious day.

The USGA and R&A have officially banned the anchored putting stroke. The ban goes into effect 1/1/16, so all you long putters have plenty of time to welcome back "the yips."

Friday, May 17, 2013

TPC Sawgrass Deal

TPC Sawgrass is constantly featured as a deal on DealCaddy. Today, you can buy a voucher to play it $189 (which is 50% off the normal price).

While that may seem ridiculously expensive, I'd pay that all day long to play The Stadium Course. It is still today the best course I've ever played.

Dates are July 6 through August 27. Blackout dates for aerification are July 28 through August 2nd.

I don't really have any free weekends during that time to go out there... but it's still worth posting for those of you who might.

Monday, May 13, 2013

DPT Masters Recap

Beautiful day for golf yesterday. Due to a late aerification notice, we ended up at Southern Hills. There was nobody out there, and our two 3-somes were able to play in about three hours.

Reid and Gary went relatively low... shooting 90 and 84 respectively for a net of 67.

Dan and Chandler were right on their heels with a net of 68... while Ben and Faz shot over net-par.

Reid finished the year with the long drive title, and Chandler squeaked out the greenie trophy. Gorecki earns a trophy for "most times asking for gambling money he didn't earn."

The final standings are set. Thanks to everyone who played this season. The new schedule will be up later today.


All of us will still be playing golf regularly during the off season (when we're in town). This Saturday I'm actually going back up to Southern Hills. Tee time should be in the morning around 10am, so let me know before Wednesday if you want to play (should be $45 again). So far Darren is definitely in.

Ben... send me an email from your gmail address to chandler.brown at the gmails.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Location Change This Sunday

The course we were booked at just punched their greens, and didn't tell me when I made the reservation. They are also still charging full price. These are two of the biggest sins in golf management.

So we're now playing at 10:40am up at Southern Hills.

9850 Southern Hills Blvd., Brooksville, FL 34601

Does Ben read this site? Jess does... so let him know!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer 2013 Schedule - PRELIM

I think of all the "joys" that come with running a not-for-profit league... schedule creation has to be the most annoying. Yes, even more annoying than weekly course booking, stats logging and handicap updating. Luckily for you guys, I actually like you.

As I said in my email this morning, we're still small enough to try and accommodate everyone. But we're at the limit of making it work.

I'm convinced the format we have to determine a season champion is almost flawless... but it's a huge detriment to miss tournaments (as it should be). And since I want someone not named Chandler to get their name on this trophy, I'm going the extra mile to make sure you guys don't miss anything.

Below is a calendar showing when guys are/aren't free. Proposed dates for tournaments are marked with "GOLF" and "MAJOR".

A few notes:

- We got a 4-week period from July 27 through August 18th where at least one person has a conflict. So since Faz has the most conflicts, I'm suggesting we just play on August 10th. He's good enough to overcome missing one tourney (I think).

- Nobody had a conflict September 21st or 22nd. Therefore we're going out of town that weekend. Put it on your calendars. This will be our final tourney, especially since prices start going up in October.

- It's impossible to NOT have a double-header. So we might as well do it the first week (June 29th and 30th). There are only nine tournaments on this schedule. We do have 3 "green" days where we can add more, but I know that's tough for you guys with wives.

- You'll see July 20th in yellow. Faz and I have a tentative kickball tourney that day. While I care more about golf than kickball, the next day is open so we might as well play Sunday. In fact... we can probably do the Hangover Invitational that day, which would be really rough for us. Drink all day at a tournament... meet out at a bar... drink with you guys until 1am. I like and hate the idea already.

- Based on this proposed schedule, everyone should make at least 8 out of 9 events. The Ryder Cup will be postponed until a later date.

Post your comments, or else I'm just going to continue to think I'm doing a fucking awesome job. The criticism went to zero once we got rid of Gorecki.

Monday, May 6, 2013

DPT Masters

Got two tee times for Eaglebrooke, starting at 10am this Sunday (May 12th).

There's room for two one more person, so let me know if you want in.


Next season will start sometime shortly after Reid's wedding. Before then we're going to try to do a Ryder Cup tournament. It'll require you to go out of town for one night. More details on that to follow if we can find a suitable weekend for 8 guys.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fazioli Match Play - Recap

The final regular season tournament was a massacre. Chandler shot what is probably his first ever double-bogey free round to set a new record for lowest net score in a DPT event (62, minus 10).

The rest of the league was mostly bunched up around net-par, but the DPT Cup remains with Chandler for at least one more season.

As for the match play... Chandler crushed Darren 7&5. Gary hooked a tee shot into the water on 17 to lose to Reid 2&1. Faz choked on 18 to lose to Geoff 1 Up. And Ben used three birdies to beat Geoff 4&3.


With the league championship already decided... and everyone's schedules not allowing us to go out of town... we're going to play the DPT Masters on the morning of Mother's Day, May 12th. Location TBD, but let me know if you're IN.

Next season will start up at the end of June and run through August. I'll be emailing you asking what dates you 100% can't play... so go prepare your calendars. Even though we probably can't accommodate every scheduling conflict, I'll do what I can.


Comment any changes you want to see for next season. Right now we've decided that an eagle is worth $2 from every player in your group. And we're re-defining a sandie to be: "an up-and-down from a greenside bunker resulting in a par or better."

We've mentioned split-tees before... but that's an entire can of worms we should probably debate on a new post, if in fact the longer hitters want to do it. I can't imagine they would, but you never know.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Match Play Change

After talking to Faz and Geoff yesterday, both think we need to play 80% of handicaps for the match play. This is regularly done in tournaments, and almost always done in Skins Games.

The reasoning is that stroke play handicaps work over the course of an entire round, where a better player can pick up chunks of ground in one hole. But in match play, this can't happen since blow-up holes only cost one point.

The parings sheet is now updated. Feel free to post your thoughts, if your name isn't Gorecki.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saturday Tee Time Moved

Dan backed out... and since he was the only reason causing us to play at 1:45pm, we've moved the tee time up an hour.

12:45pm at Stoneybrook in Bradenton. I got a car leaving my house at 11:15pm with my dad and Geoff in it. Faz, you want a ride or will you miss your hippie band if you don't go straight from the course?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Match Play Matchups

Here is a list of the matchups this weekend.

Last week when we got to Cypress Creek, I realized they had re-rated the course in 2013 (which changed the slope and handicaps). Assuming the slope at Stoneybrook is still 132, you can use that above link to see what holes you're getting/giving strokes on.

Yes, Geoff gets two strokes on #11.  (You know if you're coming, G?)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Early Bird - Recap

The Early Bird Classic finally claimed a victim when Faz didn't operate his alarm clock correctly, missing the tournament and knocking himself out of championship contention.

The other victor was Cypress Creek, who continued to be a beast of a course. Chandler was lapping the field until he got a 10 and 6 (both double-par) on back to back holes. The front nine finished with Geoff up 5 strokes (net), and cruising to his first tour win this season. But he only recorded one par on the back nine, while Chandler had six in a row to finish with a round of 86 (68 net).

Chandler's 3rd victory of the season ended the title hopes of everyone in the league except Darren and Reid. He can officially retain the DPT Cup with a 1st place finish at the Fazioli Match Play.


Saturday (4/27) we're playing at Stoneybrook (in Bradenton) at 1:45pm 12:45pm. Keep in mind the late start time... and that there are three different courses around here named Stoneybrook. Go to the correct one. I'm sure I'll have a couple of spots in a car for anyone who wants to carpool.

Cost is a whopping $25. The course is challenging and should be in good shape.


Later this week I'll post up the parings for match play. As a reminder, the tournament works like any other one, with the stroke play winner getting 500 points. However, you will be paired with someone based on current rankings. If you beat them in match play you'll get a bonus 100 points.

As of right now ALL top 8 players in the league are signed up. There's a chance Geoff won't be able to make it, in which case Scuba Steve is in. In either case, it only affects who Ben is playing.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Torrey Pines (North and South)

This is the third year of my "go play a PGA Tour course" adventure with my dad. Southern California was an obvious choice since I have an aunt and uncle out there... and my sister's family is currently stationed there as well. So we decided to play both courses at Torrey Pines, home of the Farmers Open.

South Course

The first day we played the South Course, which is significantly more famous than the North Course. Three of the four rounds at the Farmers is held here, as well as the 2008 U.S. Open. So this is the first course I've ever played that hosted a Major Championship.

The rough wasn't grown out, but from the white tees it plays 6,628 yards. It was nasty, and definitely not the course to metaphorically lose your driver on (which I did). Two par-4s were 440+  (again, from the white tees), so you're really just playing for bogey most of the time.

It was a little surprising how many holes were NOT on/near the Pacific Ocean. Given the property, they could have done a much better job constructing a layout that maximize the view.

Par-3, #3 - hitting downhill toward the ocean.

The highlight of my round was #18, one of the more memorable finishing holes in golf thanks to Tiger Woods' U.S. Open heroics. Going into that hole I was tied with my dad in net score (down one in gross). A driver and 3-wood left me about 115 from the pin, which I stuck a PW 8 feet from the hole. I finally made a putt for birdie to win by two net (one straight up). The old man still hasn't recovered. I finished with a round of 94.

North Course

The next day we took on the North Course. It was more scenic, more enjoyable, and cheaper than the famous South Course. The PGA uses it for one round during the Farmers because the pros find it too easy. But for amateurs like myself, it plays a respectable 6,327 from the white tees. I still couldn't hit a driver, but scrapped my way to an 86 after making par on the final five holes.

#13 - Long uphill par 4, and the prettiest in Torrey Pines.

That was good enough to crush my dad, bringing my record to 6-0 against him (straight-up and net) on PGA courses.


Overall, Torrey Pines is a great experience. It's immaculate, but has this really weird public course feel (it's one of the only city run courses that have ever hosted a PGA Major). The North Course was by far a better value, but you have to suck it up and attempt to survive the South at least once in your life. If you ever find yourself in San Diego... go to the course on a weekday in the early morning. Put your name on the waiting list. You'll get a tee time.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Gorecki Par-3 Shootout - Recap

Collectively as a group, we tore up Countryway. The official scorecard shows a lot of birdies, and not a lot of max scores.

Darren hung on to win his second tournament of the year with an impressive gross 79, despite going +10 over the last six holes.

Reid and Chandler tied for second place again... both leaving a few shots out on the course (which is always the case for all golfers).


Before the tournament Sunday, Gorecki told me I should take people out to the infamous Gorecki Spot (on #5) and see if people can recreate his debacle. Kinda like everyone is doing at Augusta in Bubba's Forrest on #10 (that name should stick).

Coincidentally, I drove a 3-wood to almost the exact same spot. But unlike Gorecki, I put an 8-iron 10 feet from the hole and made par. Oh well. I'm not as tragic.


The season leader board is getting tight. Right now only Chandler, Darren and Reid have a shot at the title. But with three tournaments left, only Steve A. is mathematically eliminated. That should drastically change after this Saturday.

Our last regular season tournament is on April 27th. It's a normal tournament with a match-play bonus of 100 points. This means we can only take the top 8 players who can attend, since there must be an even amount for matches. Comment if you're IN... and actually tell me if you're OUT so I won't be left guessing.

The location and time will be TBD by Faz. But that doesn't really affect your decision to play.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Reid has been very bad...

So Reid RSVP'd today for the par-3 tournament at 3pm. Which is less than two days away from an event we already filled up.

I was able to call and get us a 3rd tee time, and Souder agreed to join that. So we're playing at 9:30am, 9:36am, and 10am. We can STILL take one more person since Reid is apparently bringing his 18 year old nephew to watch.

A few things:

1) If you're playing in a tournament, you can't be saying you're in less than a week away from it.

2) There's ONE spot open for next week on the 20th, and I still haven't heard from Ben or Reid on that. First one to comment is in.

3) Next week we're playing Cypress Creek at 8am. Be there.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two B's Early Bird Classic

Saturday, April 20th. We're gonna play super early in honor of Robb, who I don't think can even play with us that day.

Regardless... I need to book the tee times in a few days. So who is IN??

Press that "comment" button... and let me know.

We'll probably go down to Cypress Creek because they have some decent early morning deals ($34ish).


With 7 official league members playing this weekend, everyone but last place will get points. Don't let it be you. Granted... 5th and 6th place aren't really getting anything to write home about. But it could make a difference in the standings.


This is your LAST reminder to sign up for our Master's Pool. If you want in... go here and follow the directions. Then pay me money before Thursday via PayPal.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hangover Invitational - Recap

The bar Friday night was a lot of fun, with most of us staying well past 1am to celebrate Faz's birthday.

Sometime during the back nine, I probably "won" the hangover portion of the event. But Reid definitely won Friday night, by throwing up all over the interstate on the way home.

As for golf... DPT rookie Ben played in his first official tournament... and proceeded to beat the shit out of us. Tell your friends dreams do come true. He shot a lights-out 77 (gross) to finish with a net 67. Reid also played well for the second week in a row, getting 2nd place with a net 70. Birthday boy Faz got solo third.

With Chandler and Darren finishing out of the points (again), the leader board got even tighter. Geoff is technically still in the running... but his game says otherwise.

Remember... in order to have a shot at the title... you must be within 600 points of the leader going into the final tournament.


We are NOT going out of town for a weekend due to scheduling conflicts. I'll email everyone on Monday with open dates, and we'll pick two for a two day tournament. After the 2nd day, we should all go out that night or something as a league. Maybe dinner?


The Gorecki Par-3 Shootout is this upcoming Sunday. First tee time is at 9:30am. Greens fees are a whopping $18 after tax. Which makes me wonder if they've punched the greens or something. Either way... we're playing at Countryway so I'll see you then.

Master's BBQ afterward. Check the Facebook invite. Everyone seems to be in except Dan... and we got a lot of non-league members coming to hang out and watch golf. Gonna be fun.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gorecki Par-3 Shootout

Sunday the 14th is everyone's favorite tournament! No... not the Masters. The Gorecki Par-3 Shootout!

Put that driver away and get out the 150 yard club! We're going back to Countryway and playing in the morning.

Comment if you're playing so I can book the tee times. We should easily have a full field for this event.


Don't forget we're throwing a BBQ to watch the final round of the actual Masters after we golf. Everyone in the league should have been sent an invite to that. Don't forget to RSVP on the Facebook page so we know how many pimento cheese sandwiches to make.

We'll have lots of snacks, but bring whatever you want to drink or cook on a grill.


See you all Friday night! Ben is making his first official start in the league. And with 2,700 possible points remaining... he can still win the season. Huffman will also be playing with us (his birthday is Thursday).


So far EVERYONE who has responded says they can play the finals the weekend of May 18th at World Woods. Everyone except Reid... who said he can do any weekend other than that. So I'm not sure what to do about that since it's not like Reid is out of the running. I'm assuming nobody can do Memorial weekend... which leaves the first weekend of June? That's pushing the finals pretty damn late. REID! What's your deal, yo? Someone out there smarter than me solve this issue.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hangover Invitational - Update

We're set for 9:57am at Quail Hollow.

Yep... last time I was there in May of 2012, I vowed never to return due to the horrible conditions of their greens. Well... it's been almost a year and they can get us on in the AM for $43 after tax. So let's try it out.

Plus, if the greens are shit... it'll match how I'll probably feel on the inside.

White tees, should be 120 slope.

See you all at Taps on Friday night.

DPT Championship - Recap

This season's second Major took place in a far away land called The Dunes. Nice course... but they need to water their fairways.

Regardless, Chandler's decline continued as Faz played 14 holes of lights out golf to shoot gross 83. Too bad Reid decided to shoot his first ever DPT round in the 80's, to score net 64. That's the lowest net round in league history.

With Reid and Faz taking the top two spots, the field is back to being clustered (not counting Geoff). Almost anyone can win, but Gary and Dan are missing this week so get those points!


Remember... Friday night you must go to Taps at 9pm in order to play Saturday morning. We're not 100% at Summerfield yet due to ridiculous rates. I might book something else later this week... but expect to be playing around 9:30am or 10am. As always, this blog is where you can find all the info.

Reid... are you IN this weekend?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

E-Flo's Hangover Invitational

Ok kids, time to sign up if you're playing on April 6th. Comment and let me know who is in so I can book a tee time this weekend.

If you are playing, you MUST go to Taps (in downtown Tampa) at 9pm on Friday, April 5th. Once there, you can not go home until 1am.

Every 15 minutes late is a penalty shot.

While you don't have to go drink-for-drink with everyone... you better make a solid effort to get your drink on. Bring a DD or arrange plans to crash somewhere that night if you need. I have a guest room.

Who's in?

Monday, March 25, 2013

DPT - Best Ball Major

The ESPN Best Ball Major challenge is finally active.

Go here to sign up.

Password is bushes. Because that's where you'll find your... wayward tee shot.

Set up your group.

Be sure to log in and check your roster right before the masters. Last year Dustin Johnson withdrew from the tournament due to his coke habit (rumor on the street).

Want rules? Read last year's post here.

Entry fee is $10. You must pay me BEFORE the Masters starts on April 11th. You can use PayPal by gifting me the cash (chandler.brown at the gmails).

Finally... remember you can change your roster after EVERY round. People took themselves out of the tournament by forgetting to do this.

Comment if you have questions.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DPT Championship

Saturday - March 30th.

The Dunes



I'll be in a car with my dad, and probably picking Geoff up on the way. I imagine Reid and Tom will drive themselves. This leaves Faz, Dan and Ben.

Geoff... I'll get you at 8:15am.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jamaican Open - Recap

Plantation Palms is hard.

Chandler had eight pars in the first 11 holes to build a big enough cushion for victory, despite completely falling apart on the final seven holes.

Geoff played well, but ultimately suffered the same fate on the back nine... failing to record a single par. He finished 2nd by one stroke.

Everyone else played like poop. The scorecard is quite nasty.

Perhaps the most glaring part is the three 8's and a 9 recorded by Faz on the front. He started the day with 14 clubs in his bag... and I thought for sure he was going to finish the day with only 10.


We have six tournaments left, two of which are majors and worth more points. Our next tournament is on Saturday, March 30th. Everyone is IN except Darren and Scuba (who hasn't told me either way yet). I'll let you know when we're officially booked. Since we're probably playing at the Dunes, it's going to be a LONG day. Let's all go out drinking afterward when we finally get back to Tampa.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

DPT Championship

It should be great weather this weekend for golf. With Gary out of town... Chandler, Darren and Dan have a good chance to pull away from the rest of the league. Reid, Faz and Geoff need to make something happen soon...

The standings page now shows you how many points you are behind the leader.


After this weekend, we play again in our second Major on Saturday, March 30th. I'm thinking about booking us up at The Dunes, which is up near World Woods. A bit of a hike... but a nice course the few times I've played it.

We'd be playing around 11am or 12pm... giving us time to get up there and warm up if needed.

Comment on this post if you're IN for the DPT Championship.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wardrobe Policy

Oh... I forgot to mention the most important part this weekend.

You must wear a black, yellow and/or green shirt. And it needs to be the correct shades of the Jamaican flag.

Failure to do so results in a $2 fine, added to the league rake.

Jamaican Open - Details

Waterlefe is still $79+ to play... so we're not going there.

Instead, I got us on Plantation Palms on Sunday, March 17th at 12:24pm for $35 (includes tax). The weather this weekend should be nice, and we have an extra hour of daylight now.

I've only played Plantation Palms once, just over a year ago with Geoff. It was nice, but hard as shit. There's varying scorecards online, so we'll decide what tees we're playing when we get there and figure out the handicaps. But trust me... even if we "tee it forward" it's going to be tough.

Get there early.

I'm still waiting to hear from Reid if Tom is playing.

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Analysis

A few thoughts:

Geoff - His handicap has barely moved in the 5 months since establishing a full 20-round index. But his average score this season is 9 strokes higher than last season. The reason: he was playing some decent golf in the off-season. In fact, all 10 rounds used in his handicap were exhibition matches before the Winter 2013 season started. While he is much improved off the tee, his approach irons are killing his game. Sadly, I don't foresee his index rising more than a stroke the rest of the season. He's gonna have to start breaking 100 to have a chance at the title (all of his top 3 finishes ever have been in the 90s).

Chris - Faz has a toothache. And his handicap isn't going to relieve that pain (by increasing) until about May 1st. He needs to shoot 85s to compete... which seems like a tall order when his scoring average is up 11 strokes from last season! Hit the range, son. And work on those wedges.

Reid - He's been one of the more consistent scorers. And consistency usually wins handicapped events. But this season he has two 4th and one 2nd place finish. Reid hasn't even finished closer than 5 strokes off the lead. Coincidentally, he's averaging 4 penalty strokes a round this season. So... better course management and safer play might finally get Reid his first DPT victory.

Dan - With a 9 handicap... he needs to tighten up his short-game. Watching him 4-putt at Southern Hills was tough. He averages 4 double bogey (or worse) holes per round.

Chandler - The driver is his anchor... always ready to drag him to the bottom of the lake. At any moment it can start topping shots 100 yards down the fairway. When that happens, he won't be able to compete.

Gorecki - Old.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Geoff Skins Game - Recap

Cold and super windy conditions again, as the Winter 2013 season continues it's brutal barrage on our handicaps.

Nobody played well on the front nine, especially Cactus Cup Champion Chris failing to record a par until his 12th hole. But as things warmed up (slightly) on the back nine, the Brown people went to work shooting a pair of 41s to separate themselves from the field.

Chandler finished with a net 72, Gary with a net 75, and Darren continues his back nine charge to easily take 3rd with a net 80.

Interesting note on Darren's back nine performance: in the four tournaments so far this season, Darren is 88 strokes over par on the front nine. He is 59 strokes over par on the back nine. That's an improvement of 33%. Mind boggling.


Next weekend we have a bye, so rest up or hit the range to fix your swing issues. If you play a practice round, be sure to send me your score so we can put it in the handicap matrix.

On Sunday, March 17th, we'll be playing the Jamaican Open. Reid suggests Waterlefe, so hopefully they can get us a deal (we're not going down there for the $75 current rates).

Let me know if you're playing that day.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


The official DPT Cup has finally been engraved. It's set up to have the name of the winner added each season. Unfortunately, the only person I've been able to find who can engrave it is 74 years old (allegedly she's teaching her daughter how to hand engrave as well). So hopefully she stays in good health.

We'll continue to have two seasons a year (winter and summer). The winner keeps the cup until a new winner is crowned the following season.

So play well, and you can have some 50+ year old silver vessel sitting in your living room for a few months.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Skins Game Details

Everyone plays off the LOWEST handicap. For example:

If Dan's handicap is the lowest at 9 he gets zero strokes in the skins game. If Geoff's is 24, he gets 16 strokes (25 - 9 = 16), which is one stroke on the 16 hardest holes (per the scorecard).

If you win a hole (net) you get one skin. Whatever happens before that doesn't matter... there is NO rollover (this is a change from last year).

$80 pot... first eight holes are halved... Geoff wins hole #9... he gets one skin. Faz wins hole #10 for one skin. The remaining holes are halved. Geoff gets $40 and Faz gets $40.

Geoff Skins Game

Saturday March 2nd. 10:30am. $42. Heritage Harbor.

We're still in the "winter rate" season, so everywhere I looked was kinda pricey before noon. But noon is too late for some of you people. Sadly... we can't play The Claw every week.

This week is also a skins game. DPT points (which go toward the season championship) will be awarded as normal. But when we get back to the clubhouse, we'll go through the scorecards and give money payouts to those who win skins.

Last year we made the entry fee $18 per person ($1 per hole). But there's really no need to make the stakes that high, especially when we're already paying $10 more in greens fees.

So let's do $10 per person for skins. This will make a pot worth $80.

I'll make yet another post here in a minute explaining how the skins will be calculated. Let me know if you're NOT playing even though most of you told me you are.

DPT Open - Recap

The weather was overcast and drizzly, making a long and undulating Southern Hills course even tougher. On the back nine, we finally got what you would call a shower... but it wasn't hard enough for us to stop playing.

So conditions got cold, annoying and difficult. As always, the post-round conversation mainly consisted of people being frustrated with their putting. Pete Dye definitely enjoys watching people struggle around the greens.

Only 8 strokes separated 1st place with 10th place. That's an insanely tight margin, and again shows the handicaps are allowing people of all skill to be competitive. I lost by two strokes, and I definitely left more than that out on the course (most people would probably agree about their own performance).

Darren picked up his first win and shoots to the top of the standings. He played consistent all day, with no double pars, resulting in a 71 net score (ie: just about what his handicap said he should shoot). It was enough to win by two strokes over myself and Faz.

We even had a Gorecki sighting yesterday!

We're playing this Saturday at 10:30am. I'll make another post about it. Be there.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Pairings

Since Geoff is a slave to his RSS feed... and doesn't see the "updates"... here's a quick story on the pre-determined random pairings:


Three lowest handicaps are in Tier A. Three highest are in Tier C. Everyone else is in Tier B. Then with the random function in Excel, a decimal value was placed by each name. Names were sorted on that value, and then I went down the line placing them into a group.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Geoff Skins Game - Registration

Need to know who is playing mid-morning on March 2nd.

Get on it people.

Monday, February 18, 2013

9 Balls 1 Cup

No chance in Hell the members of our league could pull this off:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

DPT Open

We're going back up to Southern Hills for the DPT Open on February 24th.


Southern Hills got back to us. We have three tee times starting at 10am. There is no discount.

Cost is $59 after tax.

Entry fee for the event is $10

If you're now OUT... let me know.

And... it looks like Gorecki is playing. So good luck to whoever rides with him.

**UPDATE 2**

We are expecting our largest field ever. Our lowest handicap (Steve A) is giving 30 strokes to our highest (Steve P)! So we're very well represented skill-wise. This will also be the first time 3rd place takes home money.

**UPDATE 3**

Since we have such a wide range of handicaps for this tournament, I'm randomly setting the pairings based on skill level. Not that any of you care, but here's how I did it:

Three lowest handicaps are in Tier A. Three highest are in Tier C. Everyone else is in Tier B. Then with the random function in Excel, a decimal value was placed by each name. Names were sorted on that value, and then I went down the line placing them into a group. The result has some interesting pairings. Regardless, here's what we're going with:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just the Tips - Recap

By design, we played the tips at Pebble Creek because it wasn't very long and we weren't going to anger many people with slow-ish play. Turns out, most of us still played like crap.

Gary tore up the course with his new AP1 irons, shooting 44-40 for a net 69. Second place wasn't close (net 75) with Chandler choking on 18 to tie Reid, who felt like he was out of the match all day until he went on a bogey streak.

Dan blew up on #17, which killed any chance he had at second place.

And Faz played his worst round on record, shooting a ghastly 105.

A good day overall, especially with the weather being the nicest I can remember in quite some time. This weekend we have a bye, so get some practice in. Our next tournament is the 24th, and is our first Major of the year. Hopefully we'll be at Southern Hills, but I'll post more info on that soon. It looks like everyone is playing... so hopefully we can keep this attendance rate up the whole season.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kickoff Open Recap

As expected, The Claw ripped us a new one.

With opening temperatures in the 40s, we struggled to traverse the course with any respectable scores. Dan won with a gross 84, thanks to a steady stream of pars. But his net score of 75 (+4) tied the worst winning round of a DPT Tournament (Gorecki shot a net 76, +4, at Bloomingdale last season). Our entire group failed to par five different holes, and nobody got better than double-bogey on #1.

Darren came out of nowhere with a 61-45 to claim 2nd place.

Faz, Gary and Bito all owed a pitcher of beer for shooting net +10 on the day.

Next week we're playing the TIPS at Pebble Creek ($36). Tee time is 12:00pm and 12:15pm.  Get there early so we can draw parings.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kickoff Open

After a lot of scrambling, we're booked at The Claw at 8:24am and 8:38am.  Assume you're playing in the early time and be there around 8am.

Cost is $35 plus tax.

See you on Saturday. Let me know if you can't play.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harbour Town Golf Links

Last Fall I continued my new-found tradition of playing a PGA course every year (we played Sawgrass in 2011). My dad and I decided to head up to Hilton Head, SC and play Harbour Town Golf Links. Due to a rainstorm (Gorecki was able to meet up and play half the round), I was able to return a few weeks later with Geoff and play it twice more using a complementary pass.

I feel like I need to document these trips before I develop Alzheimer's.

Harbour Town was difficult. From the WHITE tees it was playing about 6,200 yards... which is long for a par 71. Most of the holes are lined with tall pine trees and there isn't much room for error off the tee. It was designed in 1969 by Pete Dye (with help from Jack Nicklaus), and is the course that first made him "world renown." It's also when Pete started being an asshole.

Dye went crazy with tiny greens and railroad ties, the latter becoming his first signature design feature. Later in life he has tried to distance himself from it... but seriously, Pete. You knew what you were doing.

#13 - That bunker is about 5 feet deep.

The first 1.5 times I played the course, I was extremely proud of my performance. The next time up there it tore me a new one. But each trip had something in common: I got destroyed by #18.

#18 - One of the most recognizable holes in America.

The par-4 18th hole finishes along Calibogue Sound, an open body of water surrounding the island. It's a completely bullshit hole for amateurs, measuring 424-472 yards with a forced carry over a marsh to a tiny elevated green. All caddies basically recommend you play it like a par-5 and just hope for a bogey. And even that is asking a lot.

Overall I enjoyed the course and would recommend it if you're in the area. But it's probably not a "must play before you die" experience. I have one of those coming up in two months: Torrey Pines (North and South).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just the Tips

The Just the Tips Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, February 9th. I'm not sure where we're going to play... but it'll be after 10 or 11am. Maybe even later depending on what deals we can find.

Comment if you're playing!

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 - Winter Golf League

The next season of DPT Golf will start up February 2nd (early morning).

Full schedule to be posted soon. I expect the fields to be much smaller this year, so the race for the trophy should be tight. Comment if you're in.

Looks like we'll have two full foursomes for opening week. Signed up:

Dan (who wants us to play at 8:30am. I'll make that happen unless people object)

Sub if anyone backs out:


Let me know ASAP if something changes and you can't play anymore.

**Update 2**
Heritage Harbor is going to be like $40 that early in the morning. So I'll look elsewhere. This is another reason we don't play early.

**Update 3**
Cheapest round I can find anywhere is still about $40. Heads up.