Thursday, February 28, 2013


The official DPT Cup has finally been engraved. It's set up to have the name of the winner added each season. Unfortunately, the only person I've been able to find who can engrave it is 74 years old (allegedly she's teaching her daughter how to hand engrave as well). So hopefully she stays in good health.

We'll continue to have two seasons a year (winter and summer). The winner keeps the cup until a new winner is crowned the following season.

So play well, and you can have some 50+ year old silver vessel sitting in your living room for a few months.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Skins Game Details

Everyone plays off the LOWEST handicap. For example:

If Dan's handicap is the lowest at 9 he gets zero strokes in the skins game. If Geoff's is 24, he gets 16 strokes (25 - 9 = 16), which is one stroke on the 16 hardest holes (per the scorecard).

If you win a hole (net) you get one skin. Whatever happens before that doesn't matter... there is NO rollover (this is a change from last year).

$80 pot... first eight holes are halved... Geoff wins hole #9... he gets one skin. Faz wins hole #10 for one skin. The remaining holes are halved. Geoff gets $40 and Faz gets $40.

Geoff Skins Game

Saturday March 2nd. 10:30am. $42. Heritage Harbor.

We're still in the "winter rate" season, so everywhere I looked was kinda pricey before noon. But noon is too late for some of you people. Sadly... we can't play The Claw every week.

This week is also a skins game. DPT points (which go toward the season championship) will be awarded as normal. But when we get back to the clubhouse, we'll go through the scorecards and give money payouts to those who win skins.

Last year we made the entry fee $18 per person ($1 per hole). But there's really no need to make the stakes that high, especially when we're already paying $10 more in greens fees.

So let's do $10 per person for skins. This will make a pot worth $80.

I'll make yet another post here in a minute explaining how the skins will be calculated. Let me know if you're NOT playing even though most of you told me you are.

DPT Open - Recap

The weather was overcast and drizzly, making a long and undulating Southern Hills course even tougher. On the back nine, we finally got what you would call a shower... but it wasn't hard enough for us to stop playing.

So conditions got cold, annoying and difficult. As always, the post-round conversation mainly consisted of people being frustrated with their putting. Pete Dye definitely enjoys watching people struggle around the greens.

Only 8 strokes separated 1st place with 10th place. That's an insanely tight margin, and again shows the handicaps are allowing people of all skill to be competitive. I lost by two strokes, and I definitely left more than that out on the course (most people would probably agree about their own performance).

Darren picked up his first win and shoots to the top of the standings. He played consistent all day, with no double pars, resulting in a 71 net score (ie: just about what his handicap said he should shoot). It was enough to win by two strokes over myself and Faz.

We even had a Gorecki sighting yesterday!

We're playing this Saturday at 10:30am. I'll make another post about it. Be there.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Pairings

Since Geoff is a slave to his RSS feed... and doesn't see the "updates"... here's a quick story on the pre-determined random pairings:


Three lowest handicaps are in Tier A. Three highest are in Tier C. Everyone else is in Tier B. Then with the random function in Excel, a decimal value was placed by each name. Names were sorted on that value, and then I went down the line placing them into a group.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Geoff Skins Game - Registration

Need to know who is playing mid-morning on March 2nd.

Get on it people.

Monday, February 18, 2013

9 Balls 1 Cup

No chance in Hell the members of our league could pull this off:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

DPT Open

We're going back up to Southern Hills for the DPT Open on February 24th.


Southern Hills got back to us. We have three tee times starting at 10am. There is no discount.

Cost is $59 after tax.

Entry fee for the event is $10

If you're now OUT... let me know.

And... it looks like Gorecki is playing. So good luck to whoever rides with him.

**UPDATE 2**

We are expecting our largest field ever. Our lowest handicap (Steve A) is giving 30 strokes to our highest (Steve P)! So we're very well represented skill-wise. This will also be the first time 3rd place takes home money.

**UPDATE 3**

Since we have such a wide range of handicaps for this tournament, I'm randomly setting the pairings based on skill level. Not that any of you care, but here's how I did it:

Three lowest handicaps are in Tier A. Three highest are in Tier C. Everyone else is in Tier B. Then with the random function in Excel, a decimal value was placed by each name. Names were sorted on that value, and then I went down the line placing them into a group. The result has some interesting pairings. Regardless, here's what we're going with:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just the Tips - Recap

By design, we played the tips at Pebble Creek because it wasn't very long and we weren't going to anger many people with slow-ish play. Turns out, most of us still played like crap.

Gary tore up the course with his new AP1 irons, shooting 44-40 for a net 69. Second place wasn't close (net 75) with Chandler choking on 18 to tie Reid, who felt like he was out of the match all day until he went on a bogey streak.

Dan blew up on #17, which killed any chance he had at second place.

And Faz played his worst round on record, shooting a ghastly 105.

A good day overall, especially with the weather being the nicest I can remember in quite some time. This weekend we have a bye, so get some practice in. Our next tournament is the 24th, and is our first Major of the year. Hopefully we'll be at Southern Hills, but I'll post more info on that soon. It looks like everyone is playing... so hopefully we can keep this attendance rate up the whole season.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kickoff Open Recap

As expected, The Claw ripped us a new one.

With opening temperatures in the 40s, we struggled to traverse the course with any respectable scores. Dan won with a gross 84, thanks to a steady stream of pars. But his net score of 75 (+4) tied the worst winning round of a DPT Tournament (Gorecki shot a net 76, +4, at Bloomingdale last season). Our entire group failed to par five different holes, and nobody got better than double-bogey on #1.

Darren came out of nowhere with a 61-45 to claim 2nd place.

Faz, Gary and Bito all owed a pitcher of beer for shooting net +10 on the day.

Next week we're playing the TIPS at Pebble Creek ($36). Tee time is 12:00pm and 12:15pm.  Get there early so we can draw parings.