Tuesday, March 26, 2013

E-Flo's Hangover Invitational

Ok kids, time to sign up if you're playing on April 6th. Comment and let me know who is in so I can book a tee time this weekend.

If you are playing, you MUST go to Taps (in downtown Tampa) at 9pm on Friday, April 5th. Once there, you can not go home until 1am.

Every 15 minutes late is a penalty shot.

While you don't have to go drink-for-drink with everyone... you better make a solid effort to get your drink on. Bring a DD or arrange plans to crash somewhere that night if you need. I have a guest room.

Who's in?

Monday, March 25, 2013

DPT - Best Ball Major

The ESPN Best Ball Major challenge is finally active.

Go here to sign up.

Password is bushes. Because that's where you'll find your... wayward tee shot.

Set up your group.

Be sure to log in and check your roster right before the masters. Last year Dustin Johnson withdrew from the tournament due to his coke habit (rumor on the street).

Want rules? Read last year's post here.

Entry fee is $10. You must pay me BEFORE the Masters starts on April 11th. You can use PayPal by gifting me the cash (chandler.brown at the gmails).

Finally... remember you can change your roster after EVERY round. People took themselves out of the tournament by forgetting to do this.

Comment if you have questions.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DPT Championship

Saturday - March 30th.

The Dunes



I'll be in a car with my dad, and probably picking Geoff up on the way. I imagine Reid and Tom will drive themselves. This leaves Faz, Dan and Ben.

Geoff... I'll get you at 8:15am.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jamaican Open - Recap

Plantation Palms is hard.

Chandler had eight pars in the first 11 holes to build a big enough cushion for victory, despite completely falling apart on the final seven holes.

Geoff played well, but ultimately suffered the same fate on the back nine... failing to record a single par. He finished 2nd by one stroke.

Everyone else played like poop. The scorecard is quite nasty.

Perhaps the most glaring part is the three 8's and a 9 recorded by Faz on the front. He started the day with 14 clubs in his bag... and I thought for sure he was going to finish the day with only 10.


We have six tournaments left, two of which are majors and worth more points. Our next tournament is on Saturday, March 30th. Everyone is IN except Darren and Scuba (who hasn't told me either way yet). I'll let you know when we're officially booked. Since we're probably playing at the Dunes, it's going to be a LONG day. Let's all go out drinking afterward when we finally get back to Tampa.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

DPT Championship

It should be great weather this weekend for golf. With Gary out of town... Chandler, Darren and Dan have a good chance to pull away from the rest of the league. Reid, Faz and Geoff need to make something happen soon...

The standings page now shows you how many points you are behind the leader.


After this weekend, we play again in our second Major on Saturday, March 30th. I'm thinking about booking us up at The Dunes, which is up near World Woods. A bit of a hike... but a nice course the few times I've played it.

We'd be playing around 11am or 12pm... giving us time to get up there and warm up if needed.

Comment on this post if you're IN for the DPT Championship.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wardrobe Policy

Oh... I forgot to mention the most important part this weekend.

You must wear a black, yellow and/or green shirt. And it needs to be the correct shades of the Jamaican flag.

Failure to do so results in a $2 fine, added to the league rake.

Jamaican Open - Details

Waterlefe is still $79+ to play... so we're not going there.

Instead, I got us on Plantation Palms on Sunday, March 17th at 12:24pm for $35 (includes tax). The weather this weekend should be nice, and we have an extra hour of daylight now.

I've only played Plantation Palms once, just over a year ago with Geoff. It was nice, but hard as shit. There's varying scorecards online, so we'll decide what tees we're playing when we get there and figure out the handicaps. But trust me... even if we "tee it forward" it's going to be tough.

Get there early.

I'm still waiting to hear from Reid if Tom is playing.

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Analysis

A few thoughts:

Geoff - His handicap has barely moved in the 5 months since establishing a full 20-round index. But his average score this season is 9 strokes higher than last season. The reason: he was playing some decent golf in the off-season. In fact, all 10 rounds used in his handicap were exhibition matches before the Winter 2013 season started. While he is much improved off the tee, his approach irons are killing his game. Sadly, I don't foresee his index rising more than a stroke the rest of the season. He's gonna have to start breaking 100 to have a chance at the title (all of his top 3 finishes ever have been in the 90s).

Chris - Faz has a toothache. And his handicap isn't going to relieve that pain (by increasing) until about May 1st. He needs to shoot 85s to compete... which seems like a tall order when his scoring average is up 11 strokes from last season! Hit the range, son. And work on those wedges.

Reid - He's been one of the more consistent scorers. And consistency usually wins handicapped events. But this season he has two 4th and one 2nd place finish. Reid hasn't even finished closer than 5 strokes off the lead. Coincidentally, he's averaging 4 penalty strokes a round this season. So... better course management and safer play might finally get Reid his first DPT victory.

Dan - With a 9 handicap... he needs to tighten up his short-game. Watching him 4-putt at Southern Hills was tough. He averages 4 double bogey (or worse) holes per round.

Chandler - The driver is his anchor... always ready to drag him to the bottom of the lake. At any moment it can start topping shots 100 yards down the fairway. When that happens, he won't be able to compete.

Gorecki - Old.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Geoff Skins Game - Recap

Cold and super windy conditions again, as the Winter 2013 season continues it's brutal barrage on our handicaps.

Nobody played well on the front nine, especially Cactus Cup Champion Chris failing to record a par until his 12th hole. But as things warmed up (slightly) on the back nine, the Brown people went to work shooting a pair of 41s to separate themselves from the field.

Chandler finished with a net 72, Gary with a net 75, and Darren continues his back nine charge to easily take 3rd with a net 80.

Interesting note on Darren's back nine performance: in the four tournaments so far this season, Darren is 88 strokes over par on the front nine. He is 59 strokes over par on the back nine. That's an improvement of 33%. Mind boggling.


Next weekend we have a bye, so rest up or hit the range to fix your swing issues. If you play a practice round, be sure to send me your score so we can put it in the handicap matrix.

On Sunday, March 17th, we'll be playing the Jamaican Open. Reid suggests Waterlefe, so hopefully they can get us a deal (we're not going down there for the $75 current rates).

Let me know if you're playing that day.