Thursday, May 30, 2013

River Strand Deal

I stumbled upon "Deal Chicken" today... which is one of the million daily deal places on the internet.

Anyway, they have one for River Strand... $50 for two people and range balls.

Click here for the deal.

Buy this deal, and then let me know when you have it. We WILL be playing this course next season. And it's a pretty awesome course anyway, so it's ok if we have extras (we'll go down there during our bye-weeks too).

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Weekend

Who's golfing? I'll be out of town so someone should put a game together.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Upcoming Schedule Change

Due to some "July 4th Weekend" conflicts, I'm moving our first Major from July 6th to July 7th.

Both those days had zero conflicts during the league inquiry, so update your calendars accordingly.

USGA Bans Anchored Putters

Today is a glorious day.

The USGA and R&A have officially banned the anchored putting stroke. The ban goes into effect 1/1/16, so all you long putters have plenty of time to welcome back "the yips."

Friday, May 17, 2013

TPC Sawgrass Deal

TPC Sawgrass is constantly featured as a deal on DealCaddy. Today, you can buy a voucher to play it $189 (which is 50% off the normal price).

While that may seem ridiculously expensive, I'd pay that all day long to play The Stadium Course. It is still today the best course I've ever played.

Dates are July 6 through August 27. Blackout dates for aerification are July 28 through August 2nd.

I don't really have any free weekends during that time to go out there... but it's still worth posting for those of you who might.

Monday, May 13, 2013

DPT Masters Recap

Beautiful day for golf yesterday. Due to a late aerification notice, we ended up at Southern Hills. There was nobody out there, and our two 3-somes were able to play in about three hours.

Reid and Gary went relatively low... shooting 90 and 84 respectively for a net of 67.

Dan and Chandler were right on their heels with a net of 68... while Ben and Faz shot over net-par.

Reid finished the year with the long drive title, and Chandler squeaked out the greenie trophy. Gorecki earns a trophy for "most times asking for gambling money he didn't earn."

The final standings are set. Thanks to everyone who played this season. The new schedule will be up later today.


All of us will still be playing golf regularly during the off season (when we're in town). This Saturday I'm actually going back up to Southern Hills. Tee time should be in the morning around 10am, so let me know before Wednesday if you want to play (should be $45 again). So far Darren is definitely in.

Ben... send me an email from your gmail address to chandler.brown at the gmails.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Location Change This Sunday

The course we were booked at just punched their greens, and didn't tell me when I made the reservation. They are also still charging full price. These are two of the biggest sins in golf management.

So we're now playing at 10:40am up at Southern Hills.

9850 Southern Hills Blvd., Brooksville, FL 34601

Does Ben read this site? Jess does... so let him know!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer 2013 Schedule - PRELIM

I think of all the "joys" that come with running a not-for-profit league... schedule creation has to be the most annoying. Yes, even more annoying than weekly course booking, stats logging and handicap updating. Luckily for you guys, I actually like you.

As I said in my email this morning, we're still small enough to try and accommodate everyone. But we're at the limit of making it work.

I'm convinced the format we have to determine a season champion is almost flawless... but it's a huge detriment to miss tournaments (as it should be). And since I want someone not named Chandler to get their name on this trophy, I'm going the extra mile to make sure you guys don't miss anything.

Below is a calendar showing when guys are/aren't free. Proposed dates for tournaments are marked with "GOLF" and "MAJOR".

A few notes:

- We got a 4-week period from July 27 through August 18th where at least one person has a conflict. So since Faz has the most conflicts, I'm suggesting we just play on August 10th. He's good enough to overcome missing one tourney (I think).

- Nobody had a conflict September 21st or 22nd. Therefore we're going out of town that weekend. Put it on your calendars. This will be our final tourney, especially since prices start going up in October.

- It's impossible to NOT have a double-header. So we might as well do it the first week (June 29th and 30th). There are only nine tournaments on this schedule. We do have 3 "green" days where we can add more, but I know that's tough for you guys with wives.

- You'll see July 20th in yellow. Faz and I have a tentative kickball tourney that day. While I care more about golf than kickball, the next day is open so we might as well play Sunday. In fact... we can probably do the Hangover Invitational that day, which would be really rough for us. Drink all day at a tournament... meet out at a bar... drink with you guys until 1am. I like and hate the idea already.

- Based on this proposed schedule, everyone should make at least 8 out of 9 events. The Ryder Cup will be postponed until a later date.

Post your comments, or else I'm just going to continue to think I'm doing a fucking awesome job. The criticism went to zero once we got rid of Gorecki.

Monday, May 6, 2013

DPT Masters

Got two tee times for Eaglebrooke, starting at 10am this Sunday (May 12th).

There's room for two one more person, so let me know if you want in.


Next season will start sometime shortly after Reid's wedding. Before then we're going to try to do a Ryder Cup tournament. It'll require you to go out of town for one night. More details on that to follow if we can find a suitable weekend for 8 guys.