Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geoff's Keys to Victory

Jury Duty yesterday was boring. So here's a few ways Geoff can close out the season before the Masters:

1) If Geoff wins on Saturday it's over. His handicap is a 29, so he probably needs to shoot 96 gross to guarantee a victory. This should be pretty easy to do if he just plays smart golf and avoids penalties.

2) If Geoff finishes solo 2nd and anyone but Darren or Faz wins... it's over.

3) Gary and Reid are eliminated if they don't win. They're also eliminated if Geoff finishes solo 3rd or better. So for there to be any real train-wreck in the standings, Geoff is going to need to place 4th or worse (preferably in a tie with Faz or Darren).

4) If Geoff does finish solo 3rd... Darren and Faz must at least finish solo 2nd to have a shot.

5) If Geoff decides to shit the bed... he'll be rooting for Chandler or Ben to take the top spot. A last place Geoff finish means Darren must place solo 5th or better to have a shot next week.

Obviously there are a lot of scenarios. So my advice to Geoff... lay up on the par 5s. And aim away from the water on every hole.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gorecki Par-3 Shootout Recap

Last minute flooding caused us to switch events, and thankfully Countryway was in pretty good shape despite all the rain we've had.

Geoff stole the event with a pretty impressive +5 performance on the back nine,  shooting a net 59 to beat Ben by two strokes. Executive courses are tough on low-handicaps, since there's no room for blow-up holes. Faz was a victim of this on the final hole, shooting a horrendous 6. But I'm still not convinced the event "favors" high-handicappers, as seen with Ben, Gary and Faz finishing 2nd through 4th. Either way... it is the Gorecki event. So it should be a little frustrating.


We now finish the season with back-to-back Majors. Next Saturday we'll try again to play River Strand (10:20am tee time). We are full for this event.

Go ahead and tell me if you're in for the Masters on September 8th (Sunday). I think Ben is out, which means only the top three players make the cut. If that happens, it'll be a very interesting final.

Ben and Chandler are officially eliminated. Gary and Reid are on life-support... needing victories and help. Geoff can basically win the season with a good performance next weekend. Remember... to have a shot at the cup, you must be within 600 points going into the final week.

See you all then.

Friday, August 23, 2013


You all should have received a text by now... but we're playing at 10am tomorrow at Countryway.

River Strand is VERY flooded. So we're pushing that tournament back a week.

I'm told Countryway is very wet too... but it's a par 3 course so it can't be that bad. Make sure to bring lots of dollar bills.

See you then.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

DPT Championship

9:56am at Riverstrand this Saturday (Aug 24th).

Handicaps are up. We're playing the COMBO tees on Sanctuary and Tributary. This is just like at Waterlefe, where the tees we're playing are circled.

However... on Sanctuary we're bouncing around on BLUE and WHITE.  While on Tributary we're teeing from a combination of GOLD and BLUE.

So be observant.

See you there.


Almost forgot...

Darren, Ben, Gary and Dave need to bring $25 CASH to pay for your round. Also... don't forget the entry fee this week is $10.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gorecki Par-3 Shootout Registration

Registration is now open for the infamously gimmicky Gorecki tournament. I'm pretty sure everyone is playing... so I really just need to hear from Ben.

Huffman has signed up for the 8th spot.

While the Par-3 Shootout is kinda cheesy, we wanted something different than our normal tournaments. Executive courses are rated by the USGA so we can accurately handicap the match. It's also a good chance to rack up greenies. Plus... we should be due for a hole-in-one (yes, it does count on a par-3 course).

So let me know if you're playing. And remember to honor our friend Gorecki, who metaphorically passed away many years ago.

Tournament is on Saturday, August 31st sometime in the morning.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Everyone should go to:


and make a guess on how many tees are in the box below.

Just for guessing you get a 4-some at Southern Hills for just greens fees. DO IT!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jamaican Open Recap

Great day of golf today on a good course. Geoff started the day in terrible fashion, before calming down on the back nine and getting a few pars. On the last hole he sank a 30 foot putt for double-bogey to win by one over Chandler and Gary.

With his second victory of the season, Geoff has taken sole possession of first place. Faz and Darren remain tied in second and pretty much control their destiny. Reid, Gary and Chandler are all "on ice," and can not win the season without one (and possibly two) victories in the final three tournaments.


We have another bye week next weekend while most of us are at the Jamie Evans tournament. We resume play at our second Major on August 24th (Saturday). We're headed to Riverstrand for the fist time in league history. Four of us have vouchers, so if you don't have one bring $25 cash.

Dave said he's going to play so we're officially FULL for the event. Should be a good time with 7 league members in the field. I'll post the tee times when I book them next weekend.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

PGA Championship Pool Update

8 players (Ben is the new Geoff).

Winner gets $70.

2nd place can have your money back.

Good luck. Don't forget to change your golfers after the cut.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Season Standings

Who is going to keep their balls dry at Waterlefe? I played a practice round last weekend with Darren and Reid... and it was ugly. Or maybe the state of our golf game is ugly. Either way...

- Faz is out this week. So he needs Ben, Chandler or Gary to win in order to retain the season lead.

- Ben is pretty much eliminated from the season title, so he's just playing spoiler and trying to take our money.

- Chandler and Gary MUST win this week to get back in the mix. If they don't place in the top two, they're on ice for the remainder of the season.

- Reid and Geoff don't need a victory, but they can take the lead with one. Second place won't cut it. With three tournaments left after this weekend, they have some time to make a move.

- If Darren wins he'll have a 500 point lead over 2nd place, which allows him to miss the cut (points) at another event and still be in contention. A huge advantage considering he's the defending champ at Countryway.


Seven people are signed up and paid for the PGA Championship pool. Today is your last day to get me money.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jamaican Open - THIS Saturday

After a few weekends off, we return to Waterlefe for the Jamaican Open.

Tee time is 10:12am. I have pre-paid vouchers for Geoff and Ben... so bring me $30 cash. I also have a coupon for Dave to make his fee $30 as well.

Remember, your shirt must be a color of the Jamaican flag or you incur a $2 wardrobe penalty.

Geoff... be at my house at 8:15am.

Friday, August 2, 2013

DPT PGA Touranment Pool

Last Major of the year. Don't be like Gorecki/Souder/Geoff. Set your team and pay me before play begins on August 8th. Double-check that your team is set.

Just like the Masters and US Open pool.

Go here to sign up. Password: bushes

If you're already signed up from the other pools, you don't have to do anything. Just pay me and set your rosters.

If I don't have your $10 before play starts on the 8th, you will be kicked out of the group. You can use PayPal by sending money to me at chandler dot brown at the gee mails.

You can read the rules on ESPN, but I'll do my best to summarize it:

  • Before each round (Thursday-Sunday) you select four players. Each player has a dollar amount based on how good they are. Your team can not exceed a $50 salary cap.
  • It's a "best ball" format. So if three of your players get a par, and one gets a birdie... your score for that hole is birdie.
  • Lowest score wins (not counting playoffs).
  • Remember that you can change your roster EVERY DAY. If you forget to do this after Friday, some of your players might not have made the cut and thus will not contribute to your team over the weekend.