Sunday, October 27, 2013

Golf on Saturday - Nov 2

Who is free Saturday morning... sometime in the 9:00 hour? Let it be known.

9:37am at Heritage Harbor. $35

Monday, October 21, 2013

Off-Season Update?

Faz says the lack of updates in the off-season makes him sad.

What's up? There was some great golf being played yesterday at Lexington Oaks with me, Faz and Darren finishing net 66, 67, 68 respectively (79, 80, 95 gross). Geoff was there too but his results aren't important.

Some of us also went up to Black Diamond two weekends ago for a stay-and-play. Totally worth the money if you ever want to splurge on one of the best courses in the state.

In handicap news, Darren and Reid hit their all-time low index of 24.3 and 15.3 respectively. I guess you can make the case the it's setting them up for a difficult time next season... but I'm sure they enjoy the lower consistent scores more than the shot at a trophy.

Looks like this weekends game will be on Sunday again. Probably at one of the places we have vouchers for (Northdale, Pebble Creek, Plantation Palms, Lake Bernadette). Darren and I are in. Comment before Tuesday if you want to join.

Got a 9:30am tee time for myself, Darren, Gary and I think Reid at Lake Bernadette. If anyone else wants to play, book a time around then. Reid... let me know if you're in.