Sunday, November 17, 2013

Golf on November 24th

Faz has a friend in town, so we're supposed to be playing "somewhere." Hopefully we'll shore up the location on Monday. Playing are: Faz, his buddy, myself and Geoff.  Darren is also interested, so if Reid, Ben or anyone else want in... comment ASAP.

We got two tee times starting at 9:08am at Stoneybrook.

Eric (Faz' friend)

Two spots left.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Handicap Updates

Usually when a handicap update takes place during the work week, I'll go ahead and calculate them a few days early since people aren't typically golfing. This week's update happens on Friday... with Faz and Reid continuing their push toward golfing greatness.

Both have reached new all-time low handicaps since we started keeping track. Faz's last four rounds of 80, 86, 80 and 82 dropped him to an index of 10.6. While Reid's has now dropped his handicap to 14.9, 6.5 strokes in only eight months!

Lessons and practice are clearly paying off for those guys.


This weekend I'm heading down to Sarasota National with Gary, Darren and Geoff. The scorecard shows some crazy holes down there (long and short). It'll probably be a massacre.


For those who have asked, the next season is currently scheduled to start the weekend of February 1st and run through April. Immediately following the New Year I'll ask the "founding members" for blackout dates. Final schedule will be posted in mid January.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Reid sent me a text complaining that there aren't enough updates on this site during the off-season. And how there's plenty of things going on in golf to talk about. So....
  • I shot a career low 76 last weekend at Lake Jovita North. Beat my previous low by two strokes, and demoralized Darren who was playing with me. I'm about to put myself on the IR, so... at least I'm retiring from golf on a high note.
  • Tiger Woods allegedly hit a golf ball from Europe to Asia. It's pretty hokey and there's no video proof he actually hit a good shot. I like how they didn't stop traffic on the other side of the bridge so he could have sliced one into a car.
  • Some dude got a 409 yard hole-in-one yesterday in a ProAm. Albatross.
  • Snedeker just injured his knee falling off a Segway. He may be one of the nicest guys in golf... but he's goofy as shit.
  • I have ONE spot open for Sarasota National on November 17th. It'll cost you $40 cash. First come, first served. Make a comment!