Monday, December 2, 2013

All New Lows

Handicaps are updated for the December 1st revision. Here's whats going on in the DPT Golf world:

For the first time in my life, I'm a single-digit handicapper (9.7). Almost all amateur golfers have two ultimate goals: 1) break 80 and 2) be a single digit handicap. Now that I have done both, I'm set up to go winless again next season. You have to keep improving to win in a handicapped league... and I'm not about to start shooting even par.


Reid remained at his lowest handicap ever (14.9) while Faz jumped up a bit (11.2). Darren finished November with two of his lowest rounds in years to obtain a personal best handicap (22.2). All three have about 4 more rounds to shoot low scores and continue the trend.

And then there's Geoff... who is playing some painful golf lately (averaging 107 in his last seven rounds). When his driver is working, his irons are terrible. And vice versa. Santa needs to bring him some lessons.

Of course, this puts Geoff in position to figure it all out in February and destroy the field. But Gary is in the same boat and at least seems closer to putting the wheels back on his game.


Next round I'm booking is on the 15th at Pebble Creek. Right now it's Darren, Faz and myself. Faz might back out... but comment if you want the 4th spot.

Darren, Faz, me and Reid are in. We can always book more tee times if anyone else wants.