Friday, February 28, 2014

Orange Lake - Legends Course

GroupGolfer has a deal today (runs through the weekend) to play the Legends Course at Orange Lake near Orlando. Price is $39 and includes tax and range balls.

Darren and I went out and played it in January for $35... but had to pay for range balls separately.

Anyway... the course was nice and super difficult. Arnold Palmer designed it, and his old ass can't break 110 from the front tees there.

Make a comment if you're interested in buying a voucher. Then go buy a voucher off the site. We'll have through May to use it. Darren and I are definitely buying one.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saturday Night

9pm! Fountain Square!

238 E. Davis Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606

Bring your WAGs if you'd like. Especially if they're willing to drive you. If you need a place to crash, bring a change of clothes. I can take some people at my house. Gary and JW both live on Davis Islands so they're a possibility too (Gary offered up his place if anyone needs).

See you then.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Courses Tab

The "Courses" tab at the top of the blog is now complete. On it, you will find a Google map showing the location of most of the courses in the league rotation. Currently it doesn't seem to work in IE... but it should work in Firefox, Chrome and on your iPhone.

If you CAN see the map locations (little blue golfer guys on the map), you can get a decent idea where we play in relation to where you live. Might be useful. Click the blue guy to get the name and address of the course.


Below the map is the Course Handicap Calculator. This allows you to determine how many strokes you get on a specific course. Enter in your handicap index (found on our handicap tab), enter the slope of the tees you're playing, and press the calculate button. It's that simple. Play around with the different slopes on each course. Maybe you'd be better moving back a set of tees (more on this in a moment).


After the Calculator, you'll find a list of courses in the rotation. Each course has the approved tee boxes for our league, with their slope and distance. Clicking on the name of the course takes you to the course page. There you can find the scorecard, a brief description, the address, which tournaments we've played there, average cost to play there by month (using real data after tax), and difficulty.

Difficulty is based off actual net scores during league play by league members. The higher the difficulty %, the harder the course. It's also traffic-light-color-coded to give you a visual.


Let's look at Quail Hollow this Sunday.

On the Courses tab you'll see that you can play the white, blue or black tees. The one time we've played there everyone was on the white tees. It's one of the shortest tees we play... but still challenging with a 120 slope.

Using the handicap calculator, you might discover you get an extra stroke playing the blue tees. If you want to do so... go for it.  Dan likes playing the tips at most courses, so he's a great example of someone who might want to move back in order to give less strokes to the field. He also hits a 3-iron 230+ yards.

If you ever want to "tee it backward," just let us know.

Clicking on the Quail Hollow link... you'll see the difficulty rating is currently 18%. This is in relation to ALL other courses our league has ever played. It also has a median score to par of +1. So historically, you'll need to shoot under net 72 to be near the top of the leader board.


So why do all this? We want all information to be found in one convenient spot. If you're curious about a scorecard, you no longer have to hunt for it on the web. In the off season you can find a course to play that is in your price range, and then link directly to their website to book tee times. Before a tournament you can get a sense of how difficult a course is. You can review your previous league rounds. And guys like me, Faz and Darren now have another view to crunch numbers.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DPT Open - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

It looks like Chandler beat me to the punch about some of the epic choke jobs down the stretch so I'll leave those alone and briefly hit on a few other high and low lights.

I can't speak for the other two groups but my group (Reid, Dave, Ben, Faz) really struggled on and around the greens all day.  The greens are always the toughest part of this course but I can't remember a day when an entire group had so much difficulty throughout the entire round.  I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say we easily had at least twenty 3-putts and even the occasional 4-putt.  Personally, a very telling sign that I struggled on the greens is the fact that I didn't lose a ball all day and still shot an 87.  If Dave was able to make a putt on the front 9 he would have shot net 65 with ease.  Speaking of Dave, this was his first time playing Southern Hills and he fired a very impressive 39 on the back, and that's with a 3-putt double bogey on the difficult closing hole.

One thing my group did well was pound the ball down the middle on the long drive hole.  In all the events I've played I've never seen four really solid drives end up in the fairway.  We were all within about 10 yards of each other with Reid edging out Dave by less than a yard.  And speaking of long drive holes, what's the deal with Darren winning twice so far this season?  Who the f is letting this happen!?!?

Despite JW's best effort (posting half of the group's 10 double pars), our group scoring averages per hole were way down compared to the first two tournaments.  We only had three holes where our group average was more than 1.5 strokes over par.  Just so you know how much of a decrease that is, we had a total of 10 holes in the first two events with group averages of 2 or more strokes over par.  Given our biggest field in recent memory, 11 league members and 1 non-league player, I was a little surprised to see that we failed to make a single par on the par 4 4th & 6th holes.  If I had to guess, the green on the 4th and the tee shot on the 6th are what led to most of those higher scores.

Lastly, one of the stats I keep track of for the league is every one's individual scoring average on the par 3s, 4s, and 5s.  See the charts below for where you stand at this point in the season for each category.  Keep in mind that Dave, Ben, and Bito have only played in one event and everyone else has played in three.

 Player  Par 3s
 Faz  3.58
 Ben  3.75
 Gary  3.75
 Chandler  3.83
 Mike  3.83
 Reid  3.92
 Dave  4.00
 Darren  4.00
 Geoff  4.08
 JW  4.67
 Bito  4.75

 Player  Par 4s
 Dave  4.70
 Ben  4.90
 Faz  4.97
 Chandler  5.03
 Darren  5.43
 Gary  5.47
 Mike  5.63
 Reid  5.63
 Geoff  5.70
 Bito  6.10
 JW  6.23

 Player  Par 5s
 Dave  5.00
 Ben  5.25
 Chandler  5.75
 Faz  6.17
 Gary  6.17
 Darren  6.67
 Reid  6.67
 Geoff  6.83
 Bito  7.25
 JW  7.50
 Mike  7.58

Monday, February 24, 2014

DPT Open Recap & Other Things

Our season's first Major was a close one, filled with people who choked.

The cold front that tormented most of the nation choked in ruining our round. The weather was sunny, and only a few spots of casual water existed on the course.

Chandler choked on #17, sending a tee shot into the hazard before scrambling to make double bogey. This caused him to miss winning his first Major championship by one stroke (net 70).

Darren choked early shooting a 51 on the front nine, with two triple bogeys on the par 5s. He missed winning by two shots.

Dave also missed out on a victory by two strokes, choking on the final hole with a double bogey. The 18h hole was probably most heart-breaking for Mike O., who choked with an 8 despite being 15 yards off the green in two. That caused him to lose by three.

Gary, on the other hand, bogeyed the course to death with consistent play to shoot net 69 and earn his second Major. He instantly went from the cellar in the standings to 3rd place.


Next week is the Hangover Invitational. It's worth repeating...

You must show up to the bar on Saturday night (March 1st) at 9pm. You can leave at 1am. In those four hours you must have a good time. Every 15 minutes you're late, you get to buy yourself a penalty shot.

We'll meet at Fountain Square (238 E. Davis Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606) at 9pm. We can hop over to Islands Club and Anchor Bar as the night progresses.

Our tee time on Sunday is at 9:30am at Quail Hollow (6225 Old Pasco Road, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544).  It'll be $41 after tax.

It looks like Brendan D. will be joining the league for the first time, playing as an "amateur" while he establishes a league handicap. This leaves two spots open, which I'm sure will be filled quickly.


Mike O. had a rules question last week, when he swung at a ball... missed it... but the ball didn't move. Yes, that still counts as a stroke. Check out the league rules page at the top of the blog. We have a few exceptions to the USGA Rules of Golf, but everything else needs to be played as stated by the USGA. With the league growing and players getting more rounds in their handicap calculation, obviously we just need to remain consistent. It's not "cut throat"... it's just golf. Which is supposed to be hard and unfair.

If anyone ever has a hypothetical rules question, make a comment about it. I surely don't know everything, but we can look it up. Like we did when Gorecki did this with his tee shot:

Yes, that is a 2 inch drive off a tee.
It took some research and debate before we learned that he got a free drop since the ball was buried "through the green" (ie: not in a hazard). But he wouldn't be allowed to re-tee it. He'd have to hit his 2nd shot off the grass on the tee box.

Anyway... start some discussion and we'll all learn some shit. See you all Saturday night at 9pm at Fountain Square.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hangover Invitational RSVP

Go ahead and comment if you're playing in the Hangover Invitational (Sunday, March 2nd). For you "new" guys... this is basically our one night out during the season. You must show up to the bar the night before at 9pm, and you can't leave until 1am. Make sure you have a designated driver and/or a place to stay.

We'll probably be on Davis Islands this season (Fountain and Anchor Bar). Regardless, RSVP before this weekend so I can make a tee time somewhere.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

DPT Open - Change of Venue

So my dad called Southern Hills again, and they agreed to lower the price $10 for our group.

Next Saturday (Feb 22nd) we'll be playing up there at 11:20am for $55 plus tax.

Get there early to warm up. Entry fee is $10.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

DPT Open Preview

While I haven't yet booked our tee times at Cypress Creek... plan on playing at 10:30am. I'd recommend going down early to hit the range.

Four of us played a practice round today and the course is in great shape. The greens are smooth and fast.

And it totally kicked our ass. Enjoy these scores:

Darren - 105 gross, 80 net.
Dan - 93 gross, 81 net (played from the tips).
Chandler - 96 gross, 81 net.
Reid - 102 gross, 83 net.

We had about a 15mph wind today, but those would have easily been the highest collective scores the league has ever seen. So be sure to hit the range this week and get some practice in.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Golf Tomorrow

Me, Darren, Reid and Dan.  $50 at 10:30.

It's going to be a nice day, but estimated 17mph winds. Super difficult conditions which should give us an idea of how we're going to play on the 22nd. See you there.

Dan... I'll leave my house at 9am if you want to car pool.

Who needs a new driver?

Which DPT member will buy this driver?

This should help you keep your head down, just don't waggle it too much.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Practice This Weekend

I'm still booking a round this Saturday, probably down at Cypress Creek. It'll be in the morning around 10 or 10:30... but I'm waiting to see if they send out any mid-week deals.


Plan on playing around 10:30am. I still haven't booked it yet but there are plenty of open times.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Geoff Skins Game - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

As Chandler mentioned, Darren was a tough man to catch on Saturday but it wasn't just because he avoided blow up holes, he also scored very well.  I wasn't in his group but all I have to do is look at his stats to see he must have been hitting it well and making some putts.  He either beat or tied the group scoring average on 10 out of 18 holes and he made great pars on 9 and 16, which are two of the tougher par 5s we face all season.  In fact, he was the only guy to par 9 and it took Chandler draining a long and difficult putt to join him as the only guys to par 16.  All I'm saying is, if Darren's boss gets an anonymous letter telling him/her about all these days where he and some guy whose name rhymes with schmandler are sneaking out and playing in 2-man scramble tournaments at Northdale, it didn't come from me.

Are you feeling butt hurt about those double pars on your scorecard? You're not alone. It only took two events for every player in the league to earn at least one of the dreaded black squares, which tells us a few things. First of all, we're all lucky we still have the "double par max" rule or otherwise some of these scores would be even worse. Secondly, it's pretty obvious that many of us continue to make poor decisions in terms of club and shot choice. I know I'm not alone when I say I can think of several club/shot choices that resulted in blow up holes and potentially cost me a victory or at least a chance of earning more DPT points.  I guess it boils down to deciding which is more fun?  Hitting driver/cutting the corner/flying the bunker/clearing the water...or winning?

Group Stats
1 birdie (Gary on the par 3 5th)
29 pars
11 double pars

 Hole  Average  Par  Difference
 1  7.000  5  2.000
 2  6.125  4  2.125
 3  4.375  3  1.375
 4  6.125  4  2.125
 5  3.875  3  0.875
 6  5.625  4  1.625
 7  5.875  4  1.875
 8  5.375  4  1.375
 9  6.375  5  1.375
 10  4.875  4  0.875
 11  6.625  5  1.625
 12  4.875  4  0.875
 13  5.750  4  1.750
 14  4.750  4  0.750
 15  4.250  3  1.250
 16  7.875  5  2.875
 17  3.625  3  0.625
 18  5.000  4  1.000

Geoff Skins Game - Recap

The weather was cold and misty, but Northdale was in good shape and we didn't really get rained on. That's pretty much where the good news ended, as everyone played terribly.

Everyone, except Darren, who ran away with the tournament shooting a net 70 (94 gross) and winning by five strokes. He played a very consistent round with two triples and three doubles, making it almost impossible for the field to catch him.

Only JW had a chance, but his play on the par 3s and a late quad pushed him down into solo second. Geoff and Tall Mike blew up on a few holes resulting in a tie for 3rd.

The skins were pretty evenly distributed, with only Chandler, Reid and JW failing to at least earn their money back.


The results further bunched the field after two weeks, with EVERYONE (including Dan and anyone else who hasn't played yet) mathematically able to take the lead with a win in our first major event.

Speaking of... due to a tournament (and increased fees) we might not be playing Southern Hills in two weeks. Right now I'm looking at Cypress Creek ($50). It's extremely difficult and fits the theme of the event.

Faz won't be in town on the 22nd, but Dan said he was in so we have 8 people as of now. Comment if anything changes... or if anyone not listed wants to play.


Also, if anyone wants to go down and play Cypress Creek this Saturday (15th) let me know. Reid mentioned he was interested. It might be nice to preview it before we go.

Friday, February 7, 2014


It's going to rain on us tomorrow. Dress accordingly.

Don't forget to bring $10 cash for the skins game. And a few extra bucks for the greenies & long drive.

See you guys in the morning.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Chandler Classic Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

As a few of you know, at the end of last season I did some of my own analysis of our individual and group performances.  I sporadically shared some of those downright frightening statistics with some of you but I've decided, for this season, to actually publish my findings after each event.


Not only was this the first time in league history with a 3-way tie for first, but the winning score of net 76 tied for worst ever with Gorecki's gross (literally) 106, net 76 to win the Two Bs Early Bird Classic at Bloomingdale on August 5, 2012.

Although Heritage Harbor is a relatively short course, it definitely has its share of challenging holes requiring precise shots, especially the dogleg par 4s and basically all of the par 5s.  As a group we made an abysmal 15 double pars (who knows how many would have been worse if not for our max double par rule) and only 31 pars & 3 birdies.

The PGA Tour is always putting up graphics about the easiest and toughest holes based on the field's stroke average for each particular hole.  On Saturday, the easiest hole was the par 3 14th with an average of 3.5 and the hardest hole was the par 4 4th with an insane group average of 7.25...that's 3.25 strokes over par!  Half of us, myself included, made 8s on that hole while the best score of the day was Chandler's bogey.  Our group average for every hole is listed below.  Nerds like me enjoy comparing their score on each hole to the group average.

As the season progresses I'll be able to post more info about trends and whatnot but that's all I have for now.

 Hole Average Par Difference
  1  6.000  4  2.000
  2  5.250  4  1.250
  3  3.875  3  0.875
  4  7.250  4  3.250
  5  6.250  5  1.250
  6  5.250  4  1.250
  7  4.250  3  1.250
  8  7.000  5  2.000
  9  4.875  4  0.875
  10  6.125  5  1.125
  11  5.625  4  1.625
  12  6.500  4  2.500
  13  5.375  4  1.375
  14  3.500  3  0.500
  15  7.000  5  2.000
  16  3.625  3  0.625
  17  5.125  4  1.125
  18  6.250  4  2.250


Week 2 - Geoff Skins Game Booked

Northdale discounted their rates early, so we have two tee times starting at 8:13am on Saturday, February 8th.

Rate should be $41 after tax. There is no driving range, but make sure to arrive no later than 8am to check in.


League fees this week are $10 since we're doing a skins game. As we've done in previous seasons, strokes for skins will be 80% of handicap, and overall stroke play for DPT points will be 100% of handicap.

Our skins game is slightly different than normal skins games. We don't have any carry-over... instead, winning a hole gets you one skin. We then total the amount of skins, and divide that into the money pool. Any money that is not evenly divisible becomes the rake for that week.


Let's look at last week to see how the payouts would have ended up (if it was a skins game):

80% handicap strokes (stroking on the lowest handicap):
Faz - 0, Chan - 0, Gary - 1, Reid - 3, Darren - 8, Geoff - 10, Mike - 11, JW - 11

8 Skins Won (pool is $80... $10 per skin... league rake would be $0):
Reid (#2) - $10
Chan (#4) - $10
Geoff (#9) - $10
JW (#10) - $10
Mike (#11) - $10
Darren (#13) - $10
Faz (#14, #18) - $20

So Faz would make $10. Gary would lose $10. And everyone else would have gotten their league fee back. Considering that EVERYONE last season won a single skin and got their money back... I'd say the handicap system works. We'll see what happens at Northdale. I think it's much more difficult than Heritage Harbor.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chandler Classic Recap

The first ever Chandler Classic ended in fantastically bad fashion, as Chandler and Geoff choked with an 8 and 7 respectively on the final hole to cause a three-way tie for first. Faz was the only person to par the final hole, allowing him to join the winner's circle.

This is the best possible scenario for all other players (including those who didn't play this week), since the 3-way tie brought 220 points back to the field.

As for the Low Ball / Low Total games... Darren got par on 17 to help set up a victory for him and Reid. Faz's par on the final hole sealed the deal for him and Tall Mike. All winning players received an extra 50 points.

The weather was great today, and the course was surprisingly dry.


On Tuesday I should be able to book our next round on Northdale. If all goes to plan, we'll be playing sometime in the 8am hour. Yes, it's early... but it should still be cheap and gets us out on the course before the 6 hour rounds begin.

It'll be a skins game with an entry fee of $10.

With the addition of JW, we have 8 people signed up right now. We're still waiting to hear from Ben and Dan.