Monday, March 31, 2014

Upcoming Golf

Still waiting to hear if Tall Mike is playing this Saturday in the DPT Championship.

Go ahead and comment if you're playing in the Gorecki Par-3 Memorial. Pretty sure everyone said they were in except JW and Tall Mike, but if something changed let me know. The after party is at Gary's house, and you should have received a FaceBook invite about it.

For those of you playing Copperhead, the new tentative date is May 10th.

Geoff, Gary, Daren... we have that Orange Lake voucher we need to use. It's probably going to be May 24th.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

DPT Championship - RESCHEDULED

So I got cheated out of my first Major, after shooting 39 on the front.

That was some of the worst rain I've seen in a long time.

The Major is now NEXT WEEK at Lexington Oaks (same location) at 10:15am. We have three tee times booked. If you played today, I have your rain check which will get you $34.74 off the next round. So don't check in until you get that from me.

JW... if you CAN'T play next week, I'll give it to someone who missed today and they can pay you $35 at a later date. Let me know as soon as you know.

I believe Ben and Brendan are in next week. So that leaves one spot open for Tall Mike. Are you in, Mike?!?

Oh... and take note of the updated schedule. Those of you who keep calendars for your WAGs should update those too.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Which Legendary Golfer Are You?

Have you ever wondered what you have in common with "Legendary Golfers"?  Well, has developed something that will make you feel like it's something more than "I have also hit a stationary ball with a stick that has a lofted head at the end."  Check it out here.

As an example of how wildly accurate this quiz is, it told me I am like Tiger Woods.  I will stop at nothing to succeed, and I have a tight inner circle.  Tiger and I both have tight inner circles.  Is your inner circle tight?  If so, you're like Tiger and me.  If it's loose, you're like someone else.  Tiger and I also prefer blondes.  I don't think I actually do prefer blondes, but the quiz told me I do, so I guess I've been wrong all these years.

Anyway, enjoy the quiz.

I think someone might be trying to get into Tiger's inner circle.

DPT Championship Conditions

It's gonna be more like the British DPT Open. 17mph winds and rain currently forecast. Dress accordingly.

Irish Dave might have an advantage... but he can't do shots so he's not really that Irish, and thus probably can't play in the rain.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gimmie Putts

I've updated the rules to reflect the league stance on gimmie putts:


12) "Gimmie Putts": there are no official gimmie putts in the league. However, if ALL playing partners of a group agree that a putt is given, then the ball can be picked up. If you do not want to concede a close putt, you should let the group know to avoid any confusion. Use common sense.


Basically, all players should assume they have to putt everything out. But there are a few grey areas that arise from gimmies. Most people are worried about their own upcoming putts on a green. So if someone says "that's good" and you don't agree... speak up! The person giving the putt might be accidentally infringing on a battle in the standings.

Personally, I immediately say "you need to put that" on every putt I don't want to give. This is fun for me. Not only does it avoid any argument... but it also rattles people like Gorecki (RIP). And rattling your opponents is always a good strategy in golf.

Jamaican Open Registration

Saturday April, 5th. Location TBD but comment if you're in. Specifically: JW, Brendan, Mike, Dan, Dave. I'm pretty sure everyone else is playing.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fazioli Match Play - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

I don't feel the need to add too much more commentary to a pretty rough day so I'll just let the numbers speak for themselves.  I'll start with overall group/course stats and then get into some individual (not so) high and (very) low lights.

As a group we averaged 1.5 strokes over par per hole, which ties Heritage Harbor as the worst of the season.  We were a cumulative +55 on the par 3s, +175 on the 4s, and +68 on the 5s...add 'em up and you get a stellar 298 strokes over par.

 Hole  Average  Par  Difference
 1  6.727  5  1.727
 2  5.636  4  1.636
 3  4.455  4  0.455
 4  3.909  3  0.909
 5  5.182  4  1.182
 6  5.091  4  1.091
 7  4.545  3  1.545
 8  5.909  4  1.909
 9  6.545  5  1.545
 10  5.636  4  1.636
 11  6.455  5  1.455
 12  4.364  3  1.364
 13  5.909  4  1.909
 14  6.455  5  1.455
 15  5.636  4  1.636
 16  6.091  4  2.091
 17  4.182  3  1.182
 18  6.364  4  2.364

In case those numbers don't depress you enough, how about the fact that more than half the field failed to make par or better on a par 3 and we made half as many double pars as actual pars.

 Birdies  4
 Pars  44
 Double Pars  22

Geoff not only mopped the floor with us on Saturday but he also achieved some personal records for the season.  He made his first birdie, which was on a par 3, so with his stroke on that hole he technically made a net ace.  Why didn't we make him buy drinks for all of us???  He also shot his lowest 9 hole score of the season, a very solid 45.  Only Gary, Dave, and Dan bested that front 9 score.  Lastly, net 70 was his lowest net score so far, pretty solid stuff on a tough course.  Fun fact: Only in the Dudes Playing Together league can everyone be losing the overall points race to a guy who is yet to make par on a par 5 this season!

Despite that incredible opening 10, Reid played some pretty solid golf as well.  He made par on half the par 4s, more than anyone else.  Now if only he wasn't +9 on the par 3s...rough stuff.

Last stats for today...let's see who the best and worst players were on the par 3s, 4s, and 5s.

Par 3s
Best: Dave/Dan +1
Worst: JW +10

Par 4s
Best: Reid/Dave/Dan +9
Worst: Mike +32 (not a typo)

Par 5s
Best: Faz +1
Worst: Darren +13

Thanks for playing in the Fazioli Match Play.  I hope everyone enjoyed the "event within the event" but if not, we're open to hearing any and all criticism of the match play portion.  We want it to be as fun and fair as possible.  Hopefully next season we can play at a course with at least one hole that doesn't have OB on it.  Enjoy your Masters coozie Geoff, you earned it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fazioli Match Play Recap

Plantation Palms was as unforgiving as ever on Saturday, with only Geoff posting a net score under par (99 gross). He tried to fall apart on the back nine, but an early birdie and two pars were enough to keep him in red figures.

Reid finished solo second despite opening with a 10 on the easiest par 5 on the course. But how difficult was Plantation Palms? Reid was 6 strokes behind Geoff with a net 74. Seven of the eleven golfers had at least one double-par. EVERYONE had at least one triple bogey or worse. Eight people got a double-bogey or worse on the final hole.

As for the match play:
  • Chandler beat down Darren 4 & 3... but it wasn't due to good play. Of Darren's 8 strokes... only three actually caused him to win a hole. One caused a halve. Three were wasted. And one he didn't need.
  • JW started hot, driving the ball beautifully and striking his irons well. But eventually his putting went to shit and he couldn't chip to save his life. Chunk after chunk... it was painful to watch. Gary escaped 4 & 2.
  • Geoff and Faz had the most crazy match we've ever seen. Geoff took a 4 up lead with the help of a net hole-in-one. He then fell down two through 16 holes (6 point swing?!?). In typical Faz fashion, he didn't play well down the stretch and choked the final two holes to halve the match.
  • After Tall Mike was physically beat in a bar in Knoxville... Irish Dave pounded him some more on the golf course, winning 5 & 4.
  • The match between Dan and Reid was close all day, with Reid winning 2 up thanks to a few blow-up holes in Dan's round.
  • Dan also played a close match against Brendan, beating him 2 & 1 and denying him bonus points. What's crazy, is that Brendan actually used ALL eight of his strokes (6 halves and 2 wins). Super efficient... but a bad result.

The results further clustered the leader board, with 8 people technically able to take over the lead after next week's tournament.


Speaking of... Lexington Oaks at 10:30am next Saturday. $10 entry fee this time since it's a Major. Comment if you're attending (Brendan, JW, Ben, etc...).

More on this later.

DPT Championship - March 29th, 2014

We're going to Lexington Oaks at 10:37am. It's $45 plus tax but I have a $5 coupon for everyone.

Later tonight I'll update the course info for everyone... and do a recap of yesterday's debacle at Plantation Palms.

Brendan... let me know if you're IN for next week. Everyone else seems to be in except Tall Mike.

Faz/Jess... see if Ben is still alive?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Match Play Tomorrow

Don't forget... 8:30am tomorrow! Plantation Palms in Land O' Lakes.

Print your vouchers!

Get there early to use their range (range balls are a part of your voucher).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Match Play Preview

I hope everyone is excited to get back out there and compete after having the last two weeks off. I'm glad Brendan was able to establish an official index and get into the running for points and cash. Also, it'll be fun having Dan back in the mix. I just wish I could be there to witness the emasculation of Reid and Brendan when Dan hits it past them from the tips.

Since I'm a classy guy, unlike Chandler, Geoff & Reid, I like to give out a prize to the winner of my event. This season, just like the last two seasons, the winner of the stroke play portion will receive a Masters coozie just like the one pictured below.

I decided to take a look back at the first four events and see what would have happened if they were all match play format between the players who are playing each other on Saturday. Due to everybody not playing in all the events I was only able to look at the matches between Chandler & Darren, JW &. Gary, Faz & Geoff, and one between Dave & Mike. I used 80% of what everyone's index was at the time of the event to keep it consistent with how we're doing it on Saturday. Take what you will from all this...

Chandler vs. Darren
Week 1 @ Heritage Harbor: Chandler never trailed and won "4&3".
Week 2 @ Northdale: Darren never trailed and won "4&3" (what a difference a week makes).
Week 3 @ Southern Hills: A much closer match but Chandler never trailed, had Darren dormie with 1 to play, and ultimately won "2 Up".
Week 4 @ Quail Hollow: Looks like Darren was more hungover than usual and got pounded "5&4".

JW vs. Gary (Crazy 8s Match)
Week 1 @ Heritage Harbor: Back and forth match on the front 9 but Gary pulled away on the back and won "3&2". My favorite part of this match is that JW won a hole with a 10...yikes!
Week 2 @ Northdale: Another back and forth match. JW was up 2 with 5 to play but Gary fought back to take a 1 hole lead going into 18. They ultimately "halved" the match when JW won the finshing hole.
Week 3 @ Southern Hills: I like JW so it pains me to write this but Gary won the match "8&6". No commentary necessary...
Week 4 @ Quail Hollow: JW was down 3 at the turn but pulled out a "2 Up" victory. The power of country music and the golf cart fanny pack!

Faz vs. Geoff
Week 1 @ Heritage Harbor: Geoff had me down for the majority of this match but lost 17 and 18, allowing me to take a "2 Up" victory.
Week 2 @ Northdale: Geoff won the 1st hole, I won the 2nd, and then it was halves galore until I was able to get up 3 with 4 to play.  I nearly pulled a Faz and choked it away with Geoff winning 15 & 16 but was able to hold him off for a "2 Up" victory after halving 17 and winning 18.
Week 3 @ Southern Hills: It was close all day but Geoff never trailed and beat me "2&1"
Week 4 @ Quail Hollow: Another close back and forth battle that ended with me winning "2 Up".
In all 4 of these events, neither Geoff nor I was ever up by more than 3 holes.  Hopefully Saturday is another close one.  Geoff can't possibly lose when he's getting 13 dots can he?

Dave & Mike
Week 3 @ Southern Hills: Mike, Mike, Mike...we need to work on your back 9 scoring.  Mike was beating Dave by 4 at the turn but lost holes 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, and 18 to lose "1 Up".  Dave never led the match until winning the 18th hole...and he won that with a double bogey, ouch!  I'm serious about Mike needing to work on his back 9 scoring.  He is averaging 54 on the back 9, compared to 48 on the front.  Eat a Clif bar at the turn or something!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fazioli Match Play

DPT Tour picks back up this Saturday (March 22nd) at 8:30 AM at Plantation Palms.  The only other time available was after 11am and that wasn't good for JW or Dan.

The event page is updated. Check out the scorecard to see how many strokes you're getting in the match play and stroke play.

A few things:

- If you tie your match, each player WILL SPLIT THE 100 POINTS. (change in policy)

- As of this post we have 11 league members playing, which is obviously an odd number. Dan will play Reid with the winner getting 100 bonus points. Dan will also play Brendan, however, Dan is only attempting to deny Brendan of the bonus. Dan gets nothing for beating Brendan in the match (we've done this before when there's an odd number of players).

- We're going out in order. So be there at 8am to warm up and check in. The entry fee is $5 this week.

- Comment if you DID NOT buy the Plantation Palms voucher. I think I heard from everyone except Mike. I bought an extra one so he can just pay me cash if he didn't buy it. But just in case let us know.

- Also go ahead and let me know if you're playing in the DPT Championship on March 29th.

See you then!

Thanks, JW.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Plantation Palms Deal

Go to GroupGolfer and buy this deal:

$29 with range balls and 2-for-1 beer.

We'll be playing here this season, possibly for the match play.

Comment when you buy the deal so I can keep a list.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Valspar Championship

We're headed to the Valspar Championship this weekend (Saturday). We have 3 parking passes and 8 people (that I know of).

Jess and Faz want to take a pass in their car, since they don't want to be tied to you people.

I'll have a car with myself, Gary, Rachael and Litman.

This leaves Reid and Geoff. Can you two ride together?

We'll need to meet somewhere near Innisbrook to get Reid/Geoff the parking pass. Let's tentatively say around 1pm 12pm. So I'd be leaving my house around noon 11am. Post your thoughts if you have any.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Valspar Championship Tickets $30 Until Sunday

I know a few of us already have tickets for the PGA tournament coming to Palm Harbor next weekend but if you or anyone you know hasn't purchased a day pass yet they are only $30 until March 9th, then they go up to $40.  You can buy tickets here: Tickets Page

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hangover Invitational - Stats and (Un)interesting Facts

Well, well, well...let's take a quick look at what happened at the Hangover Invitational.  The guy who was allegedly drinking all day (pics or it didn't happen) and who decided to take a little tiger snooze at the bar goes out and shoots one of the best rounds of his life.  And who came in second after a rather impressive 80?  An Irish guy who was being a little "charitable" with the shots and drinking cider on the rocks all night.  It looks like the Pres (Chandler) and VP (me, sorry Geoff!) will need to discuss some more rigid guidelines for next season's event.

But I digress, let's check out some high/low lights.

I'm not sure if it was the country tunes coming from his cart or the steveweisers on ice in that incredible fanny pack but JW totally flipped a switch at the turn.  He peeled off 4 pars in a row and avoided major blow ups to shoot 42 on the back and lock up his first career DPT victory.  Congrats JW, it was fun watching you hit it so well.  Imagine how much you would have won by if you didn't make 7 on all of the par 5s.  Sorry...I thought the blog got a little too positive there for a second.

Dave played really well again (made 3 on all the par 3s) and as of right now is clearly the most consistent player in the league.  Granted, he's only played in 2 events, but I think it's pretty cool that he's played 36 holes without a triple bogey or worse.

Speaking of consistency, I'm not sure I've ever personally witnessed someone improve as steadily as Darren has in the relatively short period of time I've known him.  He was one hole away from playing 3 full events in a row without making a double par!  Instead, his streak of 59 holes without one ended on the 18th with a very costly and difficult to watch clinic on how not to play bunker shots.

I'd love to see our group scores at Quail Hollow if we played without major hangovers because even through the sour stomachs and splitting headaches we managed to post our lowest group scores of the season.  With only 7 league players we were able to make 2 birdies and 47 pars and just 4 double pars.  If you look back to the first event at Heritage Harbor, 8 league players made 3 birdies, only 31 pars and a downright hellacious 15 double pars.

The group scoring averages for each hole are listed below.  Not surprisingly, most of us made a mess of the 18th hole. 

Hole Average Par Difference
 1  5.286  4  1.286
 2  5.000  4  1.000
 3  4.571  3  1.571
 4  5.857  5  0.857
 5  5.571  4  1.571
 6  5.000  4  1.000
 7  5.143  4  1.143
 8  3.714  3  0.714
 9  5.857  5  0.857
 10  4.571  4  0.571
 11  4.571  4  0.571
 12  4.714  4  0.714
 13  3.429  3  0.429
 14  5.714  5  0.714
 15  5.571  4  1.571
 16  3.571  3  0.571
 17  4.714  4  0.714
 18  7.143  5  2.143

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hangover Invitational Recap

The Islands Club last night took its toll on the league. It was a great time and plenty of shots were had (thanks Jess and Rachael).

True to the tournament name, most of us were exhausted and feeling crappy this morning. Except for JW who took an hour nap at the bar. Instead of ending the party at 1am, he kept it going throughout the golf tournament with his awesome cart fanny pack of beer.

JW was in the zone, shooting a net 67 (94 gross) and improving 10 strokes from the front to the back. His string of pars on holes 10-13 is also quite impressive considering he only had 4 pars in the first three tournaments.

Irish Dave went 41-39, barely missing out on a really low round... shooting net 68 for second place. Chandler rounded out the top 3 with a net 69.

There were a couple of casualties though. Gary struggled off and on throughout the day to shoot a brutal gross 94. And Mike woke up right before our tee time, DQing himself from the tournament (although he did rush over and join on the 4th hole). And nobody really knows what happened to Ben. Hopefully he's still alive.


The next tournament is in three weeks (March 22nd). It's the Fazioli Match Play, and currently a staggering 7 people can take the season lead. 

Comment if you're going to play. As people sign up, I'll update the pairing list.