Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chandler Classic - Preview

9:28am at Brooksville Country Club.

Get there early to hit the driving range. Make sure to bring your voucher if you have one.

Brooksville is weird because it plays 6,000 yards (short-ish for us) at a 122 slope... or almost 6,400 yards (long for us) at a 123 slope.  I don't know how those ratings are remotely accurate.

Anyway, there are a few holes on the back nine in a quarry. It's pretty cool.

Pairings are posted on the event page, and I'll get the handicaps up soon. See you then.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Official Golf Rankings

We now have Official Golf Rankings.

Based loosely off the Official World Golf Rankings, our ranking system tells you who is technically the best golfer in the group at any given time. Here's how it works:

You need at least 8 events in the previous 18 to have a ranking. You then total the DPT Points earned during that stretch, and divide by the number of rounds played. Because Majors are worth more points, the rankings boost for playing well in those is built in.

You'll find the OGR on the right side of this blog, under the current season schedule. I've also included a column that shows the highest rank ever obtained by each golfer, as well as how many "weeks" they've been ranked in the top spot. Obviously the OGR will only be updated after tournaments.

The rankings aren't really useful. They do show who has been playing well in a rolling two season stretch. It's just another thing to look at.


We have 10 people registered for the opening week. So we will NOT be playing the two man Low Ball / Low Total game (unless Ben and Dan can suddenly attend).

Instead it will just be a normal tournament up at Brooksville Country Club. I'll post on Saturday when I'm able to book the tee time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer 2014 - Week 1

Yep... the short summer off-season is coming to a close. I hope you married guys caught up on your chores to appease the wives.

Week 1 is Saturday, June 7th. We'll probably open up at Brooksville Country Club, which some of you bought vouchers for in late April through DealCaddy. Comment now if you're attending.

If you didn't buy the voucher, their current rates aren't terrible.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Course Difficulty Rankings

Our league has played a total of 41 rounds throughout its history. If you've never used the "Courses" tab at the top, each course has a detailed profile with a ton of interesting statistics. One of those is course difficulty percentage.

Here are the current rankings, based on median-net score to par:

   1 - Bloomingdale - 1 round - +10.5
   2 - The Claw - 1 round - +9
   3 - Pebble Creek - 1 round - +7.5
   4 - TPC Tampa Bay - 1 round - +7
 T5 - Plantation Palms - 2 rounds - +6
 T5 - Heritage Harbor - 2 rounds - +6
 T7 - Cypress Creek - 2 rounds - +5
 T7 - Highlands Ridge (North) - 1 round - +5
 T7 - Northdale - 4 rounds - +5
 T7 - Sun N Lake (Turtle Run) - 1 round - +5
 T7 - Copperhead - 1 round - +5
  12 - Crescent Oaks - 1 round - +3.5
T13 -The Dunes - 1 round - +3
T13 - Waterlefe - 2 rounds - +3
T15 - Southern Hills - 5 rounds - +2.5
T15 - Summerfield - 1 round - +2.5
T15 - Stoneybrook - 3 rounds - +2.5
  18 - Babe Zaharias - 1 round - +2
  19 - River Strand (S/T) - 1 round - +1
  20 - Silverthorn - 1 round - +0.5
T21 -Quail Hollow - 2 rounds - +0
T21 - Countryway - 4 rounds - +0
T21 - Lexington Oaks - 1 round - +0
  24 - Lake Jovita (North) - 1 round - -1

Obviously there is a small sample size for most of these courses. Lake Jovita (North) is NOT that easy... we just played well the one time we were out there. Still interesting to look at. In our Bloomingdale round, five of the eight players owed a pitcher.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring 2014 - Nightmare 18

Faz has been keeping some detailed scoring stats, and recently we joked about how we could make a "Nightmare 18" for the season. Basically... the four hardest par 3s and 5s, combined with the ten most difficult par 4s (based on gross scoring of every eligible league member).

And here it is:

*number in parenthesis is how many gross-strokes over par the hole played*

Hole 1 - Northdale #2 (2.125) - Par 4 - 383 Yards
Hole 2 - Quail Hollow #3 (1.571) - Par 3 - 156 Yards
Hole 3 - Heritage Harbor #12 (2.500) - Par 4 - 323 Yards
Hole 4 - Stoneybrook #12 (2.200) - Par 4 - 361 Yards
Hole 5 - Heritage Harbor #8 (2.000) - Par 5 - 496 Yards
Hole 6 - Copperhead #16 (2.833) - Par 4 - 385 Yards
Hole 7 - Heritage Harbor #4 (3.250) - Par 4 - 394 Yards
Hole 8 - Stoneybrook #17 (2.100) - Par 3 - 176 Yards
Hole 9 - Copperhead #14 (2.333) - Par 5 - 525 Yards

Hole 10 - Northdale #4 (2.125) - Par 4 - 385 Yards
Hole 11 - Plantation Palms #16 (2.091) -Par 4 - 387 Yards
Hole 12 - Quail Hollow #18 (2.143) - Par 5 - 425 Yards
Hole 13 - Heritage Harbor #18 (2.250) - Par 4 - 331 Yards
Hole 14 - Plantation Palms #7 (1.545) - Par 3 - 188 Yards
Hole 15 - Countryway #14 (2.556) - Par 4 - 375 Yards
Hole 16 - Northdale #16 (2.875) - Par 5 - 528 Yards
Hole 17 - Lexington Oaks #17 (1.778) - Par 3 - 189 Yards
Hole 18 - Plantation Palms #18 (2.364) - Par 4 - 375 Yards

I know most of you have god-awful "golf memory," but adding pictures and hole descriptions would be completely ridiculous for this project.

Anyway, five of us officially played every one of these courses this past season. So we ordered the holes based on difficulty rank, divided up the nines into evens and odds, and sorted it to make a functional course. I estimated it would probably play as a 135 slope (very difficult for our standards). It would also be the longest course we've ever played.

How did we do? Terrible.

Chandler won the gross score, but Geoff crushed everyone with his handicap. Faz had a wonderful stretch on the back nine before blowing up on the final three holes. And Gary failed to par a single hole this season, owing a hypothetical two pitchers of beer.

Click image for a larger view.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


PGA Tour bonus! While not officially part of my yearly trip to hack up a professional course... a bunch of us bought vouchers to play Copperhead. Home of the Tampa Bay Classic, Chrysler Championship, PODS Championship, Transitions Championship, Tampa Bay Championship, Valspar Championship.

Anyway, some big name pros show up each year despite its horrible location on the schedule. In 2012, Copperhead ranked 9th (out of 52) on a survey of "most liked" courses on the PGA Tour.

I think the main reason pros enjoy the track, is because it doesn't look anything like "Florida golf." There is quite a bit of elevation change, and the tall pine trees resemble North Carolina. It's short by current PGA standards, so driver gets to stay in the bag throughout the the round. And forced lay-ups further hinder those players attempting to overpower the course.

For us, it's a different story. Copperhead is extremely narrow and unforgiving off the tee. The rough is also pretty thick, penalizing any shot that is slightly wide of the fairway. The greens are large, elevated and undulating. They're also heavily bunkered so it's a nightmare for those with a poor short game.

Thick rough isn't fun. Neither is being stymied behind a tree, as Reid found out.

All that being said, this is probably the "easiest" PGA Tour course I've played so far. And while I did enjoy the feel and the layout, it isn't memorable or iconic. It also isn't worth the $210+ rack rate.

But I do plan on purchasing (and highly recommend) the voucher to play the course and attend the PGA tournament. It's a pretty solid value, and makes watching future tournaments more enjoyable.

Geoff on the long par-3 15th.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Season Award "Winners"

Geoff may have won the highly coveted DPT Cup this season but he's not the only winner around these parts.  Since this league is anything but a democracy I took it upon myself to hand out some other awards.  Feel free to add any additional awards in the comments.

Long Drive Champion
Chris Fazioli with a whopping 3...this is sad on a lot of levels.

Greenie Champion
Technically Chandler Brown with 10
Dan Rogers had 9 but only played 19 par 3s, which is a 47.4% success rate.

Sandie Champion
Geoff Leighly with 3
I played a lot of rounds with Geoff this season and his short game has come a long way.

Earnings Champion
Robert Reid with $63.01, which is $26.29 more than Gary in 2nd place, pretty impressive.

Rookie of the Year
JW - Only rookie with a win and earned a very respectable 161.67 DPT points per event, landing him in 6th overall.

The Birdie Man
Gary Brown with 8, which happens to be his favorite number seeing as how he put 14 of 'em on his card this season.

Fear the Bogey Man
Darren made bogey 43.21% of the time, which is deadly with a high handicap.  He has a cup in his future if he can get his "others" percentage down a little from the 41.36% it was at this season.

Mr. Thankful (for the double par max rule)
JW narrowly edged out Tall Mike by 3 with making an impressive 22 double pars out of a possible 108 holes.  I've personally witnessed JW's potential when he won the E-Flo Hangover Invitational but he'll need to keep it away from the white stakes next season if he wants to join me, Chandler, and Geoff at a celebratory dudes-only dinner.

Mr. Consistent
Dave Harrington, who is like the Steve Stricker of DPT.  He may have only showed up for 4 events, which is the league minimum for qualifying for the DPT Masters as well as these awards, but he usually kicked our asses.
- Gross Scoring: 1st (+13)
- Net Scoring: 2nd (+1)
- Pars or Better: 1st (47.22%)
- "Others": 1st (18.06%)
- Par 3 Scoring: 1st (3.56)
- Par 4 Scoring: 1st (4.83)
- Par 5 Scoring: 1st (5.63)

Bay Hill Golf Trip

Gary, Darren and myself are booked to play Bay Hill in Orlando the last week of July. You know... the place where Arnold Palmer lives half the year and where Tiger Woods has won 8 championships.

18th hole.

Anyway, we had a 4th guy but he can no longer attend. So now is your chance to play some PGA Tour golf.

We're playing AND staying overnight at the lodge July 26 and 27 (Saturday/Sunday). We're then going to play somewhere nice in Orlando on Monday and stay another night closer to Tampa. Finally, on Tuesday, we'll play Streamsong Blue on our way home.

The entire trip above requires 2 days off work (July 28 & 29).

If you're interested, let me know. Or message me about possibly doing part of this trip (although that will get tricky since the golf is included in the lodge reservation).

Monday, May 12, 2014

Penalty Drops & Unplayable Lies

During our round at Copperhead, the issue of unplayable lies and penalty drops came up after Reid embedded a bunker shot into the side of a grassy hill. I'm by no means an expert in the rules of golf, but it's good to revisit the topic once in awhile so we all know how to handle each situation.

Red vs. Yellow Lines, Stakes and Hazards

Yellow lines indicate a water hazard. Red lines indicate a lateral water hazard. What's the difference? Well... lateral hazards usually run along side the hole. Regular water hazards run across it. A ball is considered in the hazard if ANY part of it is on the line (drawn or imaginary between stakes). For BOTH hazards, the golfer has a few options:

1) Attempt to play the ball from its current location in the hazard. You can't ground your club, so treat it like a bunker shot.

2) Take a penalty stroke and re-hit from the previous spot.

3) Drop a ball as far back as you'd like (no limit on this) but keep the point of entry into the hazard between you and the hole. Give yourself one penalty stroke.

Remember last year when Tiger should have been disqualified for taking an illegal drop at the Masters? He confused/combined options 2 and 3 above. He went back to the previous spot (option 2) but then dropped behind it two yards (option 3). What a bum.

However... lateral hazards (red) have two additional options you might want to use.

4) You can take a penalty drop from the entry point within two club lengths, no closer to the hole. During our rounds, we almost ALWAYS use this option. We guess where a ball goes in the hazard, then we drop a ball near it.

5) You can go to the other side of the hazard and drop a ball that is equidistant from the hole, also taking one penalty stroke. I've only seen pros use this option, probably because they play by the rules exactly and options 1-4 weren't very desirable.

It's also worth noting that our league plays a lost ball like a lateral hazard, unless it's lost near OB. So if you go into a bush (not near OB), choose option 4 and move along.


Unplayable Lies

You are allowed to deem any ball at any time "unplayable." If you do this, you have a few options (all requiring one penalty stroke).

1) Play the ball where you last hit it.

2) Drop the ball within two club lengths of the unplayable spot, no closer to the hole.

3) Keep the unplayable spot on a line between you and the hole, and drop as far back on that line as you'd like (no limit on this).

If your unplayable lie is in a bunker, you must keep the ball in the bunker if you choose options 2 or 3 above.

Which brings us to Reid on #14. He was in the middle of a bunker next to the green and bladed the shot into a grassy hill. His ball was completely buried and unplayable. So he used option 3, and dropped behind the bunker on a nice flat area of grass, keeping the spot he was buried between himself and the hole. He was allowed to do this since his buried ball was no longer in the bunker.


Here's a funny/interesting ruling on unplayable lies:

Let's you are just off the back of a green that slopes severely from back to front. The pin is all the way in the front... and just beyond it is a deep bunker. You choose to putt the ball, but you putt it way too hard (Geoff style) and it rolls off the green into the bunker.

You're now left with a bunker flop shot to a short-sided pin. But your bunker play that day has been terrible (Reid style).

Even though your lie in the bunker might be perfect... you are allowed to deem it "unplayable." This gives you the option of taking a one stroke penalty and re-putting from your last spot off the green.

DPT Masters - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

Although we played from the whites, it's now very obvious to me why the pros struggle to make a ton of birdies on the Copperhead course.  Other than the 10th hole (our 1st), all of the par 4s are difficult either off the tee or on the approach, and sometimes both.  It'll be even more fun watching the Valspar next year having played the course and I hope more of us buy the voucher so we can have a bigger field, whether it be an official DPT event or not.

Darren was a very deserving champion on Saturday seeing as how he was the only guy in the field to beat his handicap.  He did so by almost completely avoiding major blow ups, making bogey on all the par 3s, and having the 3rd best par 4 scoring average of the day.  He was the only player to make par on the difficult 3rd hole while the rest of us were a combined +10.

One of the funniest things I've seen in a while was when Darren decided he didn't like the look of the challenging 16th hole and simply chose to skip it.  Apparently, he was such a fan of the 14th fairway he wanted to play it twice.  You see, the secret to limiting the damage on this very difficult hole is to blast your tee shot way to the right of the water hazard and then hack it up the 14th fairway and eventually work your way back to the 16th green.  It might not produce a par but it works for making 6 and tying for lowest score of the day on that hole.  The final results might have been a little more interesting if he took the max double par he deserved.

As a group, we only made par or better 24% of the time but limited the major blowups to 5 double pars, which is less than I expected.  Gary and Faz tied for best 9-hole score of +6 with Gary's coming on the front-9 and Faz's coming on the back, which was our first 9 of the day.

Best Par 3 Scoring: Gary +3
Best Par 4 Scoring: Faz +10
Best Par 5 Scoring: Chandler +4

Worst Par 3 Scoring: Reid +8
Worst Par 4 Scoring: Reid +16
Worst Par 5 Scoring: Geoff/Darren +9

 Category  Result  Difference
 Easiest Hole  Par 4 12th  0.667
 Toughest Hole  Par 4 16th  2.833
 Easiest Par 3  17  0.833
 Toughest Par 3  13  1.333
 Easiest Par 4  12  0.667
 Toughest Par 4  16  2.833
 Easiest Par 5  1  1.000
 Toughest Par 5  14  2.333
 Par 3 Average  4.067  1.067
 Par 4 Average  5.463  1.463
 Par 5 Average  6.708  1.708
 Birdies  1  
 Pars  25  
 Double Pars  5  

Interesting and sad personal facts - I made double on the easiest par 3 but birdied the toughest and made QUAD on the easiest par 5 but par on the toughest.  Not sure what to make of that...

Lastly, the Copperhead course truly lived up to its name when I was searching for my ball near the water on 16 and scared a copperhead out of a plastic drainage pipe, instantly causing me to turn into a 7 year old girl.  I not only blame that little bastard on my ensuing triple bogey but for my epic collapse as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

DPT Masters Recap

Copperhead is as difficult as it looks. Long in some areas, tight fairways, water in play on most holes, and elevation changes most of us aren't used to playing.

Faz started the round making it look easy though. His string of pars and a birdie left him -1 gross after five holes, and -5 on the net leader board. At the time he was ahead of 2nd place (Chandler) by seven strokes!

The fast start by Faz appeared to ruin Chandler's chances of winning the cup, as he needed a victory. This left Reid and Geoff battling it out... but Geoff was eight over (gross) after two holes. Reid wasn't much better, but Geoff finishing out of the top three would secure a Champions Dinner trip to the Jerk Hut.

Geoff was deflated after just two holes, until he made a sandie-par on the difficult 12th hole. He four-putted the 13th but added another par on the 15th two holes later. Limping into the turn at +5 and 10 strokes behind the leader (Faz), the cup appeared to be in Reid's hands.

Until Faz blew up. Chandler made up 6 strokes in two holes and clung to second place through 13. But Darren easily replaced Faz at the top of the leader board with a few pars and timely bogeys. Not even a quad on the par-5 fifth could take away his third Major victory.

Gary charged back making par on four of the last five holes to finish third. And Geoff shot net -2 during that same span to finish 2nd.

Spring 2014 Champion - Geoff Leighly

Congrats to Darren for winning the Masters, and Geoff for winning the season. During the next week I'll reset everything and load up the schedule for Summer 2014. Keep practicing during the next month. And report any rounds if you want a more accurate handicap!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Madness - The Final 3

There may be six of us playing at Copperhead on Saturday morning but all the pressure rests on the shoulders of our top three players: Chandler, Geoff, and Robert.  Let's take a look at our top players and how they have performed up to this point.

Chandler and Geoff got off to a hot start at the Chandler Classic when they truly embraced the spirit of Dudes Playing Together and were part of the first three-way in league history.  Chandler went winless for the rest of the season but placed 2nd in both majors and finished out of the points just once, allowing him to squeeze into the final three.  I know of two very special ladies pulling for this somehow mathematically possible shot at him winning his 3rd DPT Cup.  Geoff went on to notch two more victories by winning the Fazioli Match Play and Jamaican Open.  Combine three wins with only one event in which he finished out of the points and you end up with an average of 224 points per event and a very realistic shot at the cup.

Robert Reid began the season by missing out on the first ever three-way by one shot.  Man...things would have gotten colorful!  The disappointment of missing out clearly weighed heavily on his soul as he went on to post net 90 at the Geoff Skins Game and finish out of the points at the season's first major.  He claims to have been working on the weekend of the E-Flo Hangover Invitational but I believe he wisely took a week off to reevaluate his game.  There's more than one way to climb to the top of the standings but one of the more impressive ways to do it is to win two out of four events and place 2nd in the others.  In doing so, he ascended from 9th to 1st place in a matter of three events and now controls his own destiny this weekend.

Spring 2014 Stats

 Bird & Par

Spring 2014 Scoring Averages

 Player  Par 3s  Par 4s  Par 5s
 Reid  4.03  5.18  6.42
 Geoff  3.97  5.62  6.89
 Chandler  3.85  5.00  5.79

Friday, May 2, 2014


I'm still optimistic we're playing tomorrow, but we won't know until the morning. Cypress Creek has avoided all rain today... until about 10 minutes ago. Now they're getting a solid downpour.

If for whatever reason we cancel... the plan is to make-up the finals at Copperhead next Saturday. Six of our top seven will be in attendance.

Speaking of Copperhead... they won't let us book a tee time today. I guess they're pretty strict on the "seven days in advance" thing. So tomorrow we'll also know if/when we are playing.

All that being said... I still think we're playing tomorrow. Temple Terrace might still be flooded for Sunday though.