Monday, June 30, 2014

Gorecki Par-3 Memorial - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

In an effort to try and not just spew random numbers at you all the time, today's format for the stats & facts post will be "Good News/Bad News."

Good News
Bad News
Gary was +2 on the par-3s Gorecki was +13
Gary was +3 on the par-4s Gorecki was +16
We made 7 birdies as a group Gary had 4 of them
We had our best overall par-3 scoring avg of the season (3.697) Sadly, only the 2nd best par-4 scoring avg of the season with a 5.127,  Brooksville CC played to a 5.080 avg
Scoring avg on the difficult par-4 14th was exactly one whole stroke better than last season It was still our worst hole of the day, tied with the par-4 3rd with a scoring avg of 5.556
Gary shot under par on the back-9 Gary had a great baseball game on the front (two doubles and a triple)
The 65 yard 6th hole was our easiest of the day with a 3.111 scoring average It was followed by a 180+ yard hole into the wind, our worst par-3 of the day (4.444)
Chandler hit a very accurate and long (by his standards) drive on the par-4 15th It was a Tall Mike-seeking missile and nearly led to our first on course death
Litman was able to come hang out and have a few beers with everyone His ass ended up hanging out longer than Gorecki did after the round
Faz didn't win He came in 2nd and Mike (next in the standings) blew up on 18 to forfeit 50 points
Nobody owed a pitcher Nobody owed a pitcher

Gorecki Par-3 Memorial - Summer 2014 Recap

At the last minute, Gorecki decided to once again show up to his tournament. And it was hot. Really hot. Almost like we were in Hell, instead of heavenly Countryway. Gorecki almost owed the league a pitcher of beer, but apparently he was given one too many gimmie putts.

The course conditions weren't as terrible as I feared. Some greens were beat up, the others were perfectly fine (just slow).

Faz once again pounded the field early, but faded slightly on the back nine. He almost locked up the DPT Cup before the season is half over. Sure... someone could string together a few wins and challenge him. But you people really need him to finish out of the points.

Faz's parade was ruined by Gary, who shot -2 on his final 11 holes to win by 3 strokes. Four birdies might be a league record in one round... and he possibly recorded the first ever sub-par nine (more research needed to confirm this).

Geoff somewhat returned to form, shooting his first under-par (net) round since last April. Tall Mike played solid to finish 4th. Dave collapsed on two holes, ruining a pretty decent day of golf. John and Chandler tied to collect the remaining points.

In Official Golf Ranking news... Dave made the list and Mr. Retired Reid reclaimed the top spot.


We are off this weekend for the 4th of July. I believe Darren is looking to play on the 6th so comment if you're interested.


Also... comment if you're in for the Fazioli Match Play on SUNDAY, July 13th. 

*Edit* - Reid phoned in to say he isn't retired... and will be at the match play event. It's kinda like Tiger returning from his multiple layoffs. Only with more triple bogeys if you can believe that.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Par 3s - How Do You Stack Up?

With the Gorecki Par-3 Memorial only a few days away, I thought it'd be interesting to check out our  par-3 scoring through the first three events.  Darren and Reid are the only regulars missing this week's event so I've left them out.

      Player  Par 3s Played     Scoring Avg    2s    3s    4s    5s    6s
 Dave             12          3.250    2    6    3    1    0
 Chris Faz             12          3.500    2    5    3    1    1
 Gary             12          3.667    1    6    2    2    1
 Chandler             12          4.000    0    4    5    2    1
 Brendan             12          4.500    0    2    5    2    3
 Chris Guest             12          4.667    0    2    3    4    3
 Mike              8          3.625    1    4    1    1    1
 John              8          3.750    0    4    3    0    1
 Dan              8          3.875    0    2    5    1    0
 Geoff              8          4.500    0    1    3    3    1
 JW              4          5.000    0    0    2    0    2

Very small sample size but looks like this is Mike's tourney to lose with the combo of that scoring average and his handicap...hate to see him blow it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Geoff Skins Game - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

Chandler did a good job of summarizing the overall highs and lows produced by the difficult Cypress Creek, aka the Merion of our league, so I'll just list out some observations I find interesting. 

Group Highlights
Season-high 16 max double pars, 10 of which came on par 4s
Season-high 7 birdies, 2 of which came on the #2 handicap hole

Nobody made par on the par 4 5th, which played 390 yards straight into the wind and ended up with a 6.4 scoring average, the worst of the day

Easiest hole of the day was the short par 5 14th, which played to a 5.6 scoring average, our 2nd easiest par 5 of the season

Despite Darren's best effort, the back-9 played 22 shots easier than the front-9

Individual Highlights
Both Mike and Brendan made their first birdies since joining our exclusive DPT tour

Mike didn't realize the 14th hole was a par 5 until the 15th tee.  He thought I meant he had a chance for a "net eagle" as he was lining up his actual eagle putt from 10-12 was probably for the best

Brendan improved 11 strokes from the front to back-9

Darren did the opposite by shooting a 61 on the back after a 50 on the front...not fun to watch

Another fun Darren fact...this was his 2nd score of 111 (+39!) shot at this course in league play

Best 9-hole scores were 38s shot by Chris "mere mortal playing the white tees" Faz on the front-9 and Dan "just the tips" Rogers on the back-9

Dave played the par 3s in one under so I feel bad for the guys playing with him at better bring some ones for that man

Dan birdied 18 to play the par 5s in even par

Chris Guest definitely earned his skin on the toughest hole of the day by being the only player to make bogey, meaning he would have won the skin even if we played straight up without strokes

Geoff's complaints about playing Cypress Creek are hilarious seeing as how he shot a net 64 there a year ago in the E-Flo Hangover Invitational...I have a feeling he loved it that day

I hope everyone practices their short game this week and hits putts in their lawn to prepare for Countryway's greens.

Geoff Skins Game - Summer 2014 Recap

Cypress Creek is a course that proves the length of a golf course is overrated. Elevated undulating greens, 15-yard wide landing zones and deep bunkers are a much better test of your golf game.

Unfortunately... most of you suck when faced with those obstacles.

The Creek "skinned" half of the field alive producing 16 double-pars. Geoff, Guest and Darren were particularly awful throughout the entire day (Geoff had zero pars, and he's the #1 ranked golfer in the world!). Dave had the most painful day, as he went from "brilliant" on holes 6 through 13 (2 under!) to "bollocks" on the final 5 holes (+10 with a par!!).

While it's fun to watch the train-wrecks, the real story of the day was Faz who shot gross 79. He played out of his mind on the front-nine, despite recording a triple bogey on the 5th hole. Faz picks up 500 points and his 2nd win of the season. Only once has someone won 3 times and NOT captured the cup (Geoff in 2013 Summer). The leaders in Faz's group better start heckling more.

Tall Mike earned back-to-back 2nd place finishes, jumping over Darren in the standings. Dan finished 3rd from the tips thanks to an impressive -1 on the final three holes. Dave, Chandler and Brendan rounded out the remaining guys who earned points.


High handicappers cleaned up the skins portion of the game, earning 6 of the 8 paid out. If it wasn't for Faz's 3 greenies and a sandie, he would have been the first ever tournament winner to LOSE money. I'm pretty sure this result proves why we handicap skins at 80%.


Countryway is next week. Pairings are listed and it looks like 11 of the 13 league members will be playing. I had to get a little creative with the groups due to non-league guests (not to be confused with our league Guest). But for the most part you're grouped with people next to you in the standings.

Tee time is 9:18am on Sunday. Get there by at least 9am so we can start collecting money and whatnot. See you there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gorecki Par-3 Memorial Tournament

It's time to register for everyone's favorite event! The Gorecki Par-3 Memorial, held at the lush fairways of Countryway Golf Course.

This season promises to be extra special for a few reasons. Gorecki actually moved back to Florida and now resides a few miles from Countrway, officially making this his home course. His baby should also be born before next week, so he'll actually be dead to the game of golf for the rest of his life. Basically, the tournament really is a "memorial."

Anyway... it's aeration season... it's hot... course will be extra shitty... all for just $14.

We're playing SUNDAY the 29th. Early morning (9ish). Comment if you're playing.

I know Darren is out. JW should be back in.

Monday, June 16, 2014

DPT Open - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

Another major played at Southern Hills and another victory for Darren...blah blah blah.

Darren posted an impressive net score of 6 under by doing exactly what he needed to do.  He made bogey 12 times, threw in 2 pars and limited his damage to just 4 doubles.  I'm tired and still angry about my round so I didn't look but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first time where two consecutive DPT events were won with a net score of 6 under.

Dave continued his solid play by posting the lowest front and back nine scores (40/44) of the day.  He'd win a lot more tournaments if he sandbagged his handicap in the off season like the rest of us.

It wasn't exactly rare that we only made 3 birdies as a group but what is rare is the fact that they all came on par 3s.  Both Dave's and Mike's, on the difficult 3rd and 17th holes respectively, are very impressive.

Other than those few highlights, everything else was pretty sad.  Not a single person made par on the 14th or 18th holes and only one person made par on 4, 12, and 16.  Dan, who is clearly a masochist, was the only guy to make par on the 4th hole.  In case you already forgot, he played from the tips, which means that hole was playing more than 60 yards longer for him.  Right about now would be a good time for the rest of us to hang our heads in shame.

As a group we were +143 on the par 4s and +74 on the par 5s.  For comparison, last week we were +108 on the 4s and +43 on the 5s.

Best & Worst Individual Scoring Performances
Par 3s - Mike/Dave (+1) & Brendan (+7)
Par 4s - Gary (+8) & Geoff (+16)
Par 5s - Dave (+1) & Chris G. (+13)

 Category  Result  Difference
 Easiest Hole  Par 3 8th  0.500
 Toughest Hole  Par 5 16th  2.083
 Easiest Par 3  8  0.500
 Toughest Par 3  17  1.417
 Easiest Par 4  6/15  0.833
 Toughest Par 4  14  1.833
 Easiest Par 5  5  1.167
 Toughest Par 5  16  2.083
 Par 3 Average  4.021  1.021
 Par 4 Average  5.192  1.192
 Par 5 Average  6.542  1.542
 Birdies  3  
 Pars  43  
 Double Pars  8  

DPT Open Recap

Despite being an extremely challenging course, Southern Hills apparently caters to the high-handicappers. In the six events we've held there (all Majors), the average winner's handicap index is 23.9. Darren has finished first in three of those tournaments.

I'm really not sure why this is the case, other than the fact the course is forgiving off the tee. You can spray the ball and still make bogey. But personally, I find the greens difficult to read and chip around. And usually short game is what kills people with a high index.

The entire day Saturday was difficult. We dodged the rain, but the course was still pretty wet and it's a beast to play during cartpath-only conditions.

Darren once again bogeyed the course to death, winning his 4th Major and taking the overall season lead. Tall Mike had victory in his grasp until a grisly 9 on the par-5 16th. And Big John played well in his 2nd tournament, finishing 3rd despite some late double bogeys.

At the other end of the standings, Dan struggled from the tips, shooting +12 (net) with only 3 pars. SoHill's insane 7,557 distance from the back played much longer with the wet fairways.


Next week we're playing at Cypress Creek at 9am (1011 Cypress Village Blvd., Ruskin, FL 33573).

It's one of the shorter courses we play, but by far one of the most difficult (median net score is +5.0!). Bring lots of balls! You will lose them.

The format is a modified skins game, with a $10 entry fee. Pairings and strokes will be updated on the event page and scorecard shortly. We have 12 league members playing so registration is closed. See you all there.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 US Open Best Ball Pool

Well the US Open was kind of a dud, with one guy obliterating the field. However, our best ball pool was much closer.

Big John pulled away the last day to win the 1st prize of $130. Faz overcame a terrible 3rd day to win 2nd and $50. And Nate, Joe and Litman tied for 3rd, splitting $20. They didn't get all their money back, but they got some of it.

Everyone has been paid out through PayPal.

At least our leader board changed a lot, unlike the Masters when JW won wire-to-wire. Speaking of JW... his total for the first two majors puts him at 31st in the WORLD. Out of 65,000+ players.


Recaps from the weekend will be posted on Monday. Our game next week is Saturday at 9am at Cypress Creek. More on this later as well.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Southern Hills Rules

No denim.

No hats in the clubhouse.

Tuck your shirt in.

They take that shit seriously.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

US Open / Geoff Skins Game

US Open starts tomorrow. So today is the last day to get me money if you're playing in the pool. Everyone who has set a roster has paid me except for Big John... so get on that.

I'll post the payouts as soon as our headcount is official.

For the new guys (John & Brendan)... you can change your roster every day. That doesn't mean you want to... but you can if one of your players is terrible. This also means that you absolutely should change your roster on Friday night. Some of your guys won't make the cut, so you need to replace them with guys who do.


Who is in for the Geoff Skins Game on Saturday, June 21st? As mentioned before, we will play early so people can make other events.

I'm thinking Cypress Creek ($41) since it's not that far away and you can easily get to Tampa and St. Pete from there.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Chandler Classic - Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

The new season has officially begun and with it comes the onslaught of mildly interesting facts and figures about both individual and group performances. 

This being the first event of the new season it's only fitting that it was a day highlighted by many "firsts." 

- First DPT starts for John and Chris
- First time the league played Brooksville Country Club
- First woman starter I've ever seen (she was better than most miserable old men starters)
- First cart bro I've ever seen (not afraid to admit he was better than a lot of cart beasts girls out there)
- First 86 shot by a dude in mandals (not a league member but still impressive)
- First intentional club snap in league history (I believe?)
- First time it took Darren 16 holes to make a par since 2/2/13
- First time Chandler made a max 6 on a par 3 since 7/7/13

The Quarry Giveth and the Quarry Taketh Away
The main attraction for Brooksville CC is the old rock quarry and the various holes that play through it on the back 9.  We played the drivable par 4 12th in +2, which set a record for lowest group scoring average (4.2) on a par 4.  The very next hole on the other hand, was played in +23...a 21 shot swing!  And then there's the short and extremely downhill par 3 17th.  Six out of ten players took a max 6 and it played to an average of 5.1, tying the 17th hole at Stoneybrook last season, which just so happened to be like 200 yards into a 20 mph wind that day.

Since it's early in the season and I'm in a good mood I'll only list out the best individual scoring performances.

Par 3s: Faz/Gary (+1)
Par 4s: Faz (+6)
Par 5s: Dave (E)
Best Front 9: Dave (40)
Best Back 9: Faz (39)

 Category  Result  Difference
 Easiest Hole  Par 4 12th  0.200
 Toughest Hole  Par 4 13th  2.300
 Easiest Par 3  14  0.400
 Toughest Par 3  17  2.100
 Easiest Par 4  12  0.200
 Toughest Par 4  13  2.300
 Easiest Par 5  11  0.400
 Toughest Par 5  3  1.500
 Par 3 Average  4.075  1.075
 Par 4 Average  5.080  1.080
 Par 5 Average  6.075  1.075
 Birdies  6  
 Pars  53  
 Double Pars  10  

Did You Know?

Did you know that every event scorecard is saved on this blog?

You can view a specific "event page" by clicking the date-link on ANY schedule (current or past):

Schedules are also located at the top of the blog in the "Schedule" and "Past Seasons" tabs.

Each event page tells you who is playing, what their handicap is, and all points / money payouts. It also has the course address, entry fee, and approximate greens fees. But what about a scorecard? Well click the blue link that says "score."

Blue links? Click them.

There you go. Every hole ever played in every tournament has been recorded.

#17... ouch.

We're not sure why we track all this stuff. But it comes in handy sometimes when sitting around telling drunken golf stories. For example... go look up Steve P's 2nd round of the 2012 Summer DPT Masters. It's amazing.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chandler Classic Recap & Other Info

2014 Summer season is finally underway, and Faz came out swinging less times than the rest of us.

He shot an impressive 81 (gross) on a course that most of us played decent. After nine holes it was a three-man race between JW, Brendan and Faz. But JW faded quickly on the back nine with a few double and triple bogeys. Brendan had a decent lead until the 13th hole in the quarry, when he lost a couple of balls while recording his first double-par of the day. The collapse continued as Brendan finished +8 on the final three holes.

Faz made two birdies on the back nine, and just held on while everyone else imploded. He notched his 7th victory on tour (currently 3rd in all-time wins) and got back into the "black" on the money list.

Gary shot one under on his final three holes for solo 3rd. JW, Reid and Dave tied for 4th to split the remaining points.


Sorry we had to bolt as soon as the round was over. A few people had to rush over to the Rays game and other afternoon commitments. Nobody owed any pitchers of beer... so next week we'll relax a little in the clubhouse.

Speaking of next week... 10am at Southern Hills on Saturday, June 14th. They have an excellent (and free) practice facility so get there early! I'll be up there by at least 9am to take advantage of it.

As of now we have 13 league members playing. The payout will be large since this is a Major. Entry fee is $10 instead of the normal $5.

Pairings are up on the event page, but are subject to change if we add more guests.


Don't forget to send me money if you're entering the US Open pool. $10 to chandler.brown at the gmails. Tournament starts on Thursday so your money has to be in before they tee off.


Finally... week 3 is the Skins Game on Saturday, June 21st. I know of a few parties going on that day, including one at Treasure Island beach. I'll book us somewhere early so everyone has plenty of time to get to other events.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

US Open Best Ball Pool

ESPN's Best Ball Major pool is now active for the US Open.

IF YOU PLAYED IN THE MASTERS POOL, YOU DON'T NEED TO RE-SIGN UP. YOU JUST NEED TO PAY YOUR $10 AND PICK YOUR PLAYERS. Anyone who does not pay me before next Thursday will be removed from the group.

Go here to sign up.

Group: DPT Golf
PW is: doublepar

Send $10 on PayPal to chandler.brown at the gmail. Make sure you select the "sending to friend" option so it doesn't charge either of us.

Anyone who doesn't pay before tournament play begins will be kicked out of the group. I'll post the payouts later depending on how many people sign up.

You can read the rules on ESPN, but I'll do my best to summarize it:

  • Before each round (Thursday-Sunday) you select four players. Each player has a dollar amount based on how good they are. Your team can not exceed a $50 salary cap.
  • It's a "best ball" format. So if three of your players get a par, and one gets a birdie... your score for that hole is birdie.
  • Lowest score wins (not counting playoffs).
  • Remember that you can change your roster EVERY DAY. If you forget to do this after Friday, some of your players might not have made the cut and thus will not contribute to your team over the weekend.

Comment if you have any questions. Good luck!

Week 2 - DPT Open Registration

Who is in for week 2 onJune 14th.??

Hopefully we'll be continuing the "Brooksville Swing" up at Southern Hills... which us undoubtedly the league's favorite course.

Let it be known! Make a comment before Saturday.