Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Golf on Sunday morning 10/5?

If anyone wants to play Sunday morning let me know.


There are a couple of decent deals today.

Clearwater Country Club - see voucher here - $25 with a hot dog and beer. I've never played the course but my dad has and wanted to go back. So we're each going to get one. Buy one and make a comment if you're interested.

Mystic Dunes - see voucher here - $25 if we buy a 4-some. It's also unlimited golf. I played out there with Darren, Gary and Reid once and it was decent. Anyone want to try to go back out there? I'm wouldn't buy it unless we had 4 confirmed.

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 DPT Ryder Cup - Recap

The first ever DPT Ryder Cup was a huge success, mainly because nobody died and we actually finished all three rounds of golf. We drove through some of the worst rain I've ever seen on the way down to Sebring, and it felt like a foreshadowing of things to come. During the drive we passed two cars that had skid off the road and into a flooded drainage ditch... one was upside down and the other was almost completely submerged in water. Sure enough, the same thing happened to the Blue Team.

The Blue Team. Prior to derailment.

Saturday morning we played four-ball, with Euro Trash taking two of the three contests. Match 2 and 3 went all the way to the 18th hole, so there was at least some drama at the end. But the Blue Team definitely had the momentum going into round two. In contrast, the Red Team had Tall Mike who was a shanking disaster.

Reluctantly I was talked into allowing modified alternate shot for our second round. Despite an hour monsoon delay, we were able to finish after sunset (PGA Championship style). Dan once again stomped all over Gary's team, easily winning 5&4 and earning Blue their 3rd point of the day. But Gorecki's old man game neutralized Faz, allowing the Communists to pull within one. The only remaining match was Darren/Ben vs. Dave/JW, and that went all the way to 18. Dave made a knee-knocking 2 foot putt to win the match and tie the overall score 3-3.

JW putting for par on 18 in round two.

Finishing in the dark.

Faz and I hammered out the singles pairings on Saturday night, which was our last obligation as captains. On paper, there were some great match-ups along with some that we both felt were gimmies. But golf is the most unforgiving sport in the world, and any handicapped match is almost impossible to predict.

- Dan played lights out once again, pounding Dave 5&4 while shooting a gross 73.

- Gorecki got off to an incredible start, leading Geoff 2up after four holes until his inner-thigh rash engulfed his body. He only won one hole the rest of the day and lost 4&3.

- JW battled Darren in the hangover match, which was probably the most exciting of the day. Apparently JW's putter was red hot and he drained a birdie on the 16th hole to win 3&2.

- Chandler vs. Brendan was the next match to conclude. Brendan struggled around the greens for most of the day, allowing Chandler to win 4 holes in a row to close out 5&3. At this point, the Communist Red Team had secured at least a tie.

- All weekend long Tall Mike was highly criticized for his terrible play, unusual practice methods, head-scratching knuckle grip, and non-doctor prescribed concoction of muscle relaxants and whiskey. Actually, it was just Chandler complaining. But Tall Mike shut up his critic with an excellent performance, carding one birdie, three pars and five bogeys in 16 holes to win 4&2.

- Despite the Red Team winning the Ryder Cup, Faz and Gary finished out their match. Faz clawed his way back by winning 4 out of 5 holes to square the contest through 16. But on the final hole with everything still all square, Faz put his tee shot in the water giving Gary his first point of the weekend.

2014 DPT Ryder Cup Champions.

View the official Ryder Cup scorecard.


Thanks again to everyone who made it down for the weekend. I had a blast and look forward to the 2015 contest. We will use our "Official Golf Rankings" to determine captains AND eligibility (top 12 guys get first dibs) so play well and play often.

I'll be scheduling off-season outings on this blog so keep checking in if you're interested in playing. Next season will start at the end of January or early February.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hotel Address

3101 Golfview Road Sebring, FL 33870

Hotel should have everyone's names and room pairings. Pay the front desk when you get there, comrades.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ryder Cup Rough & Lost Balls

A note about the rough at Sun 'N Lake.

There is a decent amount of OB on the Deer Run course. Protecting that OB is a ton of super thick grass that isn't mowed regularly. It's very easy to lose a ball in it. Remember if you hit a shot near OB and can't find it, you have to assume it went OB and take a 2-stroke penalty or re-hit from the previous spot with a one stroke penalty (DPT Rule 8.1).

If everyone in the group agrees it stayed in bounds, and you STILL can't find it... it's a one stroke penalty from the agreed upon landing spot (DPT Rule 8.2).

The only time we've given free drops is when the course is wet and everyone in the group agrees the ball is probably embedded (which is a free drop anyway) or if we think someone picked up the ball (happened to Guest at Cypress Creek).

Neither of those two scenarios will come into play this weekend. So hit a provisional if you blast it wide. And definitely help your opponents hunt for their ball to save time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ryder Cup Weekend - Checklist

Here are a few items you'll need to pack in order to maximize your Ryder Cup experience:
  • Beer - Bring plenty of it for the hotel room and the golf course.
  • Snacks - For late night snacking. After 11pm, I highly doubt anyone delivers pizza. Or beer. Or anything else. Hospitals probably aren't open at night in Sebring.
  • Soft Cooler - This will hold your beer on the course. There will not be a cart girl. We're pretty much on our own, which is a good thing as long as you bring beer and snacks (see above items).
  • Cards and Poker Chips - For games late at night. After JW's pub crawl.
  • Cash - You'll need money to pay off bets on the course and late night gambling. I wouldn't recommend owing Geoff $3. 
  • Rain Gear - As the weekend approaches, the forecast is slightly improving. But I'd be shocked if we didn't have some rain delays. Perhaps now is a good time to go buy some rain gloves. Or an umbrella.
  • Red/Blue Shirts - Depending on what team you belong to. Alternate colors are yellow for the Euro Trash team, and white for the Communist team. Really... it doesn't matter but I'm sure we'll take a picture. If we can find someone who works there to take one for us.
  • Advil - Or your favorite pain reliever. The Mike's will probably be popping it like candy in order to play three rounds.

Monday, September 22, 2014

DPT Ryder Cup - 2014 Pairings

Here are the pairings for the first two rounds. Number of strokes each person gets is in parenthesis.

Round 1 - Deer Run - Saturday 8:30am

Dan (0) / Gorecki (14) vs. Gary (2) / JW (15)

Darren (8) / Brendan (11) vs. Chandler (0) / Tall Mike (11)

Faz (0) / Ben M. (4) vs. Dave (0) / Geoff (12)

Round 2 - Turtle Run - Saturday 1:30pm

Dan (0) / Brendan (13) vs. Gary (2) / Tall Mike (13)

Ben M. (5) / Darren (8) vs. Dave (0) / JW (13)

Faz (0) / Gorecki (12) vs. Chandler (0) / Geoff (12)

Round 3 singles matches will be back on Deer Run at 9:30am Sunday. We will decide those match-ups on Saturday night.

DPT Ryder Cup 2014 Draft Results

We held our first ever Ryder Cup draft last Friday... and it almost went as expected. We did our best to drag out the suspense, but the only "shock" came from Chandler passing on Ben M in the 4th round. Also somewhat surprising, Faz took Gorecki over Tall Mike in the last round. This marks the first time in Gorecki's life that he wasn't taken by default in the last spot. Millions of uncoordinated and overly fatigued men are rejoicing around the world as we speak.

Gorecki dancing with his caretaker after finding out he was NOT selected last.

The four-ball matches for round one and two are set, but I'll post those up later today. Here are the draft results:

Faz in blue. Chandler in red.

1 - Dan
2 - Dave
3 - Gary
4 - Darren
5 - Brendan
6 - JW
7 - Geoff
8 - Ben M.
9 - Gorecki
10 - Tall Mike

Be sure to bring golf attire that matches your color this weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Golf Vouchers

Darren and I bought golf vouchers for Orange Lake in Orlando at www.groupgolfer.com. It's a pretty nice and challenging course.

We also bought vouchers at Crescent Oaks from www.dealcaddy.com.

If anyone is interested in joining us, buy a voucher and make a comment.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ryder Cup Draft

The Ryder Cup Draft will be held on Saturday, September 20th at 7pm. We're going to give Press Box a shot, and hopefully it isn't too crowded for football (it shouldn't be). The ONLY decent game on that night is FSU vs. Clemson.

Miami also plays Nebraska in the "Early 90s Relevance Bowl."

As mentioned before... you don't need to attend the draft. The actual selection of teams and match-ups will probably take 10 minutes. But if you want to come hang out, comment below. If I don't hear from you I won't save you a seat.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Off Season Golf

Anyone playing? Anyone need a game? What's up?

Don't forget... Ryder Cup Draft is on Saturday the 20th (location TBD). We'll meet up for dinner and drinks. You do NOT need to attend the draft.

You do, however, need to attend the Ryder Cup. We must have 12 people. So nurse your wounds and get your shit taken care of.

Most of us are heading down to Sebring on Friday the 26th after work. I'm not taking the day off, but I'll probably roll out around 4pm. Feel free to get there sooner or later. Our first tee time on the 27th is 8:30am.

Also, if you have any scores you want to report... let me know.


Guest just bailed on the Ryder Cup, but we were able to replace him with Ben M. who has played with us a few times.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday Golf - 9/7/14

Who is up for playing Southern Hills on Sunday?


One group booked for myself, Gary, Darren and Faz.  $40 is the guest rate apparently. 10:20am 9:20am tee time at Southern Hills.