Monday, January 26, 2015

Skins Game Recap - Spring 2015

The Skins Game is our only tournament where you can win and still lose money. Luckily for Ben, he made birdie on the final hole to avoid this anomaly. His sneaky good round of 78 earned his second victory on tour and vaulted him to 2nd in the standings. 

The course was in great shape, and we will definitely try to return next season. But it did live up to the hype as a difficult track. Only Ben was under par on the day, and three people entered the Pitcher Zone due to abundant penalty strokes. 

The entire league failed to par either of the par 5s on the back side. And only Faz made par on the first one. The scorecard is covered in red numbers... with most of us collapsing down the stretch. 


We are off this weekend for Gasparilla. All future tournaments have been moved to SUNDAYS. As of now I have everyone who played yesterday in for week 3 (2/8/15), along with Brendan. Let me know if this isn't the case. I also need to hear from Dan, Geoff and Big John if he hasn't had surgery yet.  

We hope to play Southern Hills but it'll depend on the rate.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tentative Pairings

These are subject to change:

Group 1:

Group 2:
Tall Mike

Group 3:

Event sheet is updated. So go click on the link (the one that says "Jan 25" in the schedule) to see how many strokes you're getting. Then click the "Tournament Scorecard" link at the bottom of that page to see the Skins Game strokes. Finally... feel ashamed that you're getting so many strokes. When are you people going to get better?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Geoff Skins Game - Week 2

Gorecki, for the first time in his life, actually added value to our league.

He was able to get us on the private Club Renaissance this Sunday in Sun City Center. It's probably the best course down there (no offense to Cypress Creek), and I haven't played it in about 18 years.

Anyway... first tee time is 10am. There is NO driving range so don't bother showing up an hour early to pound balls. We'll be going off cold, "JW style," like we do at Northdale. Just get there early enough for me to collect money.

The head pro is going to tell us our group rate tomorrow, which they think will be in the mid $40s.

Address is:  2121 South Pebble Beach Blvd.  Sun City Center, FL 33573

Pairings and other information to be posted tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chandler Classic - Spring 2015 Recap

The weather was beautiful... the scores were ugly.

Heritage Harbor kicked most of our asses once again this weekend, reminding us that golf is difficult and all the off-season practice doesn't really mean much in tournament play.

Darren beat out our largest field ever (14 members), shooting the only under par net score of the day. His round of -1 edged out Gary and Guest who finished even par. Guest was running away with the tournament early, until he had a stretch of +13 over 5 holes. And Gary missed a makeable par putt on 18 giving Darren the solo victory.

In other league news... Gorecki unveiled his new swing and hit a bunch of decent shots. But he had trouble staying away from the hazards and racked up 10 penalty shots.

E-Flo decided to give golf another try, and joined us with his stale (but fairly high) course handicap of 25. Despite the seemingly large amount of strokes, he entered the rare "Double Pitcher" zone with a net 94. It's only the second time in league history someone bought two pitchers... the first being Steve P's mind blowing second round at the inaugural DPT Masters. JW and Faz also bought pitchers giving us a record total of 5 in the clubhouse.


For the new guys... or veterans who never paid attention... this blog has every piece of information you'll ever need. Use the "Date" links in the schedule to view the results page. From there you can find a detailed scorecard for the tournament. We also have course details with scorecards, maps, reviews and average greens fees. Every member has their own profile page with a history of handicap revisions and every round ever recorded by the league. And there's a detailed stats page showing all-time wins and earnings.

Basically... if you see a blue link... you should click it.


Guest is the newest member to qualify for the Offical Golf Rankings, making his debut at #10. These rankings will determine who is eligible for the 2015 Ryder Cup. In order to make the list, you need 8 rounds in the previous rolling 18. I believe Dan is one round away from joining the rankings.


I have 12 people in for next week. Basically it's everyone from week 1 minus Dan, E-Flo and Brendan. I'm still waiting to hear from Geoff, so if he's in we might have 4 groups. I'll post the details Monday afternoon.

I also got a couple of requests to move tournaments from Saturdays to Sundays. Weeks 1 and 2 are already on Sunday. I believe the rest are Saturday. If ANYONE has an issue with doing this please make a comment. I'm not going to move anything until I get a decent response from everyone.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Format Change

Geoff had to bail on golf this weekend to sit in an empty house... So after a long discussion we decided to cancel the LBLT portion of the tournament. The Chandler Classic will once again just be a regular stroke play event. We will try LBLT later when the field size is more agreeable.

New groups are as follows:

1 - Darren, Brendan, Guest, Ben

2 - Chandler, Gary, Gorecki, JW

3 - Dan, Dave, E-Flo, Neil

4 - Faz, Reid, Buchert, Tall Mike

$5 entry fee. Top three take home money. Top 9 earn points. Long drive hole is #10. 

There's lots of OB on this course. Remember to hit provisionals if you are flirting with it.

See you out there.

Oh... And tell me if you're playing week 2 on the 25th! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Geoff Skins Game - Week 2

Go ahead and let me know if you're playing week 2, Sunday the 25th. 

Format is a skins game. Location TBD. Time will probably be around 10am. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 1 Pairings

We're up to 15 people on Sunday, thanks to some last minute additions. Here are the pairings for week one:

Going out first (10am) are the guys who signed up on Saturday, forcing me to add another tee time. Dan is playing E-Flo in match play for 50 bonus points. E-Flo is getting 11 strokes (80% of cap, per our match play rules). Dan... I have you playing the tips like you did last time we went to Heritage Harbor. Let me know if you want to tee it forward with the rest of us.

Joining Dan and E-Flo is Buchert, a buddy of Tall Mike and Big John who is hopefully joining us regularly. He'll be playing to establish his handicap.

The rest of us are playing low-ball low-total, and are paired based on handicap (lowest with highest):

Strokes are in parenthesis.

Group 2: Chandler (0) & JW (18) vs. Gary (2) & Gorecki (16)

Group 3: Faz (0) & Geoff (14) vs. Dave (0) & Tall Mike (13)

Group 4: Reid (0) & Brendan (7) vs. Darren (5) & Guest (5)

If you have any questions, let me know. I'll be out there early to make sure your scorecards are in order. Every group has at least one person that has played this game a bunch of times, so there shouldn't be any confusion.

Remember... everyone (except for Buchert) is also playing stroke play against each other in the actual tournament. I'll set up the live leader board this week if I remember how to do it. The LBLT and Dan/E-Flo match are just for a bonus 50 points on the season. Money will be paid to top 4 players in stroke play.

Good luck. See you all Sunday!

Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 Spring - Week 1

We're going to ease into the new season at a winter staple: Heritage Harbor in Lutz. For some reason, this course is rated the 6th most difficult in the history of the league.

Anyway, tee time is 10am and they gave us a group rate of $35 + tax. League fee is $5.

Since we have exactly 12 people, we'll be playing the Chandler Classic Low-Ball / Low Total game (LBLT). If you've never played it... I'll try to give a quick explanation.

The tournament money and points payout will be normal, going to the top few finishers of stroke play. However, there will be a side game for an extra 50 points. Each person will be paired with someone based on handicap... playing against two other guys with similar handicaps. Every hole is worth two points: 1 for the lowest individual net score and 1 for the lowest combined net score.

Points don't roll over. It's also NOT match play so everyone needs to putt everything out (remember... the actual tournament is still in effect). The pairings will be released next week near the last revision date.


New year means new Ryder Cup! The top two players in the "Official Golf Rankings" will be captains. The top 12 people in the rankings are automatically qualified. Anyone outside the top 12 can join if someone can't make it. So play well and often to ensure you are in the top 12!

The rankings for the Ryder Cup will "lock" halfway through the Summer season (in July) in order to set the captains and a draft date.

See most of you on the 18th!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Schedule Change

The posted schedule had the DPT Masters on April 4th.  That's Easter weekend. So it's now scheduled for April 11th.

If you put it on your calendar... move it.


We have 12 people signed up for week 1... which means we can actually play the low-ball / low-total game. Check back next week for more information on our first tournament and other season happenings.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Week 1 Registration

Happy New Year!

The "Spring" 2015 starts up on Sunday, January 18th.  Make a comment if you're playing.

Location and time will be determined closer to the event. In the spring season we usually play slightly later than in the summer (due to cost and sometimes temperature).