Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer 2015 Schedule

It's never too early to put these dates on your calendar! We will be taking a month off after the current season ends. 

May 17 - Week 1
May 24 - Bye Week for Memorial Day
May 31 - Week 2
June 7 - Week 3 (Major)
June 14 - Week 4
June 21 - Make-Up Week if needed (Father's Day)
June 28 - Week 5
July 5 - Bye Week for Independence Day
July 12 - Week 6 (Major)
July 19 - Week 7
July 26 - Week 8
Aug 2 - Week 9 (Major)
Aug 9 - Make-Up Week if needed
Aug 16 - Make-Up Week if needed 

This will get us done before the Ryder Cup on August 22/23. Rankings for that event will lock at the end of June. So you have 6 events counting next week to improve your ranking. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hangover Invitational - Spring 2015 Recap

Every season the Hangover Invitational claims one victim. This year it was Dave, who didn't set an alarm and woke up 10 minutes before the first tee time. It's easy to make fun of him... but technically he was the big winner of the day since he got to go back to bed instead of struggling through 18 holes of golf.

The previous night was a lot of fun. The bar was perfect for our needs and it was nice to have our own area. Gorecki did a good job setting it up for us, despite somehow ordering a half-keg instead of a full one. Actually... it wasn't his fault. When you call a bar and reserve a keg, nobody in their right mind should assume you mean a pony keg. And a "deal" for said pony keg shouldn't be $110. I tried explaining this to the manager but she didn't really care.

Anyway, Sunday was a struggle. Nobody made par on the first hole, which is by far one of the easiest holes on tour. In fact, two of the eventual top 3 finishers (Darren & Brendan) made 8 on it. Reid made one par on the entire day. Chandler made a 9 for the first time in league play since June of 2013! Buchert was near the lead until finishing +10 on the final 5 holes. And Tall Mike started the day +19 on the first 7 holes!

Ironically... nobody owed a pitcher.

But there were some bright spots for a few high-handicappers. Brendan finally earned some decent points by finishing third thanks to six pars on the day. Gorecki won his 3rd tournament ever, and his first by breaking 100. Darren tied for the lead, notching his 3rd victory of the season and the first time he's ever broken 90 in league play.

Darren also becomes the 4th person to win the DPT Cup. He'll finally get his name engraved on it to go along with the dents he placed there last year. He also gets a permanent seat at the Champions Dinner, joined by Chandler, Faz and Geoff.

Looking at the stats, Darren appears to be our Jack Nicklaus. He has the most Majors (5 tied with Reid), most wins (10 tied with Faz) and by far the most earnings ($280 lifetime). I guess that makes Reid our version of Tiger Woods, since he used to win Majors but now he's pretty terrible. And he's black.


We're off next week for Easter. Our final tournament of the season will be Sunday, April 12th. Location TBD but it'll be early (9am-ish) so we can get back and watch the final round of the actual Masters. Everyone should have received an invite on FaceBook for the party. So RSVP to that if you're attending.

For our final event I'm assuming everyone from the Hangover is in... plus Big John... plus Dave... plus Guest (making a return from his cocaine suspension). If any of you aren't attending let me know ASAP.

Also, JW and Geoff... let me know if you guys are in.


Next season will start up in May. And I've already sent out requests to play this year's Ryder Cup the weekend of August 22nd. Mark it down on your calendar.

The Official Golf Rankings for the Ryder Cup will lock at the end of June. At that time the top 12 ranked players will be in, and the top two ranked players will be captains. More about this closer to that date... but play well and show up to events to help guarantee your spot.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sunday's Pairings

Two tournaments remaining. Three guys in the race. Everyone else playing for pride and money. 

10am tee time at Quail Hollow. White tees. Bring Advil. 

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:
Tall Mike

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jamaican Open Recap - Spring 2015

So as predicted, Pebble Creek screwed up our tee times... and for some reason the live scoring app did some weird things. But we still had a pretty good day yesterday.

Only 5 strokes separated the top 8 players. Darren "The Baron" limited the blow-up holes to win his second tournament of the year, despite only having one par on his card (and one birdie). Reid, John and Dave finished two back in ties for 2nd place. Reid had a sizable lead on the field until he blew up on the par 5 8th hole. John made a late charge but ultimately fell short with doubles on 16 and 18. And Dave is still searching for his first ever victory after making a hideous triple bogey on the 17th hole.

With Darren's victory, only Buchert and Tall Mike have a chance of catching him. Both don't necessarily need victories to win the cup... but they do need high finishes with Darren hanging out in the cellar. Mike basically can't finish lower than 2nd the last two weeks.


This week is the dreaded Hangover Invitational. Everyone playing for points and money must show up to the bar at 9pm. Every 15 minutes late is a penalty shot. On Sunday we play at Quail Hollow, which has hosted three previous Hangovers. Tee time is 10am, cost is $40 plus tax.

I have a full 12 people signed up, which includes everyone who told me they were playing plus Reid's friend from out of town. If ANYONE else out there wants to play but isn't on the list, let me know ASAP so I can add another tee time.

As of today... Jesus is still causing Big John to play for fun on Sunday. Unless the leaders agree to let him in the event sans hangover.

We're also still waiting on Gorecki to finalize the deal with the bar. It's scary letting him be in charge of things, but I'll let you know how that turns out after his afternoon nap.


Slight movement in the Official Golf Rankings. Buchert is two tournaments away from his debut near the top of the list. Watch for Geoff to drop from 4th to near last after this week. Darren has pretty much locked up one of the captain spots for this years Ryder Cup.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jamaican Pairings


Group 1 - Faz, Brendan, JW

Group 2 - Gary, Reid, John

Group 3 - Chandler, Darren, Dave, Buchert

Get there early to check in. PC has terrible management and probably double-booked all our tee times.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DPT Ryder Cup - 2015 Registration

Starting in May I'm going to call some places to host the 2015 Ryder Cup. My first choice is World Woods... but last year we attempted to book it too late and they couldn't accommodate us.

When the standings lock sometime in June, the top 12 people in the Official Golf Rankings will be eligible for the trip. Everyone outside the top 12 will be alternates. But we might as well get the availability of everyone in the league. If we can make it work we'll take 16 people on the trip (no promises).

So regardless of where you are in the rankings, tell me what weekends are free for you.

To the right of the blog I've placed a grid showing everyone listed in order of their current ranking. This will change over time as the rankings change. Look at your calendars and tell me if you're IN or OUT any of the weekends listed. I didn't bother putting Labor Day weekend on the list.

If I don't hear from you by May 1st I'm going to assume all the weekends are good.

UF plays at home September 12th against ECU. FSU plays USF in Tally that same day. So I imagine that weekend won't be good for those of you who like to watch shitty football.

Monday, March 16, 2015

DPT Championship Recap - Spring 2015

Our second Major of the year was held in the quarry of Brooksville Country Club yesterday. And most of our hopes of winning the season title were left in the rocky abyss.

Buchert once again obliterated the field, shooting a gross 79, one of the few sub-80 rounds we've had in league history. He was basically mistake-free on the front nine, and had two doubles on the back to offset two birdies. Brian's second win in three weeks vaults him up the standings, allowing him to control his own destiny.

Dave, in search of his first ever victory, fell slightly short with a net 69. And Darren once again bogeyed his way near the top, tying Dave for 2nd place. Darren earned enough points to hold a slight lead over Buchert in the overall standings.

Tall Mike hoped to cushion his lead, but a disastrous front nine 57 dropped him down the leader board at speeds above his terminal velocity. With Mike missing the next event, I'm not sure he has enough potential energy to bounce back.

EVERYONE is still mathematically alive in the season. But the window is quickly closing. If you don't have a win... you need one. And if Darren, Buchert or Tall Mike win again... it'll be over for most of the league.


Next week is the Jamaican Open at Pebble Creek. PC is a frustrating course. Easy to blow up on due to water, doglegs, tight fairways and OB.

We're playing slightly later in the morning, teeing off at 11:30am. I know Tall Mike is out of town, but let me know if anyone else isn't going to make it. There is NO range so just get there early enough to pay your entry fee.

We've gotten extremely lucky with the weather so far this season. That luck is about to run out. We will play in most rain as long as there is no lightning and the course is open.

And remember to wear a Jamaican flag colored shirt. Or Reid is going to take $2 away from you.


There was some interesting movement in the Official Golf Rankings. Darren and Tall Mike held on to the top spots, but Geoff jumped up without playing while Reid is in a free-fall. As soon as Buchert is eligible for the rankings, he'll probably debut in one of the top two spots.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tomorrow's Pairings

Group 1:
Faz, Reid and Gorecki

Group 2:
Buchert, Dave and Gary

Group 3:
Tall Mike, Darren and Chandler

11am. Brooksville CC.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Schedule Change

We are officially swapping the Hangover with the Jamaican. As Faz mentioned... The point is the Hangover is basically a season party, and way too many people would be out on the 21st (Brendan, Buchert, Tall Mike, Gary and probably others).

So we will be going out Saturday March 28th... And playing the next day. In the meantime the tournament on the 22nd will be Reid's event. 

I'm going to set up a FaceBook event for the Hangover night, so you people can rsvp for headcount reasons. We're working on setting up a private event at a bar. 

Anyway... Stay tuned for that. Nothing has changed for this weekend. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DPT Championship - This Sunday

Gorecki and I have been striking out all day trying to find a suitable course for this weekends Major. 

The plan was to play Eaglebrooke which is an awesome course out in Lakeland... but they wouldn't give us any group rates. They also said the only discount (from $85) I could get was online. That knocked it down to $60 but required a $75 deposit for me to reserve three groups.

Not going to happen.

Crescent Oaks and the Eagles wanted us... but both have events and didn't have tee times available.

Stoneybrook wouldn't give us a discount and their rate is a bit steep this time a year. TPC Tampa was willing to give us 30% off... but that still made it $95+ per person. Hunters Green offered us $97. And Lake Jovita wouldn't go below $75.

So at this point I'm just trying to get us on somewhere. I was about to pull the trigger on Cypress Creek, which is "Major worthy", but was hesitant because even they are about $55.

Anyway, a couple guys suggested we bite the bullet and go up to Brooksville CC. So that's the plan. 11:00am for $41 plus tax.

The league has played there before. It's interesting for 4 holes... and kinda blah for the other 14. And definitely a little tricked-up (but then again... I say that about most courses). There is a range so get there early. No excuses since we're playing later than usual.

We got one spot open. See you all up there. 

 speed through Brooksville if you take that route. My dad got a ticket going to the course last month... and he's the slowest driver in our league.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

DPT Championship - Spring 2015

As you all know, we are off this week. Our next tournament is a Major on March 15th. There is currently one spot open... and I've pretty much heard from all the "regular" guys.

I'll be calling Eaglebrook first to see if we can get out there.

Also, as previously mentioned, some of us are going to the Valspar on Saturday the 14th. Let me know if any of you guys are attending. We have Hooter's tickets.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gorecki Memorial - Spring 2015 Recap

Despite heavy rains yesterday, Countryway has never looked better. The greens were... green. The fairways were fair. I even saw a bald eagle flying overhead before our round. It was a beautiful day.

Darren entered the tournament attempting to overcome his demons and lock up the season title. Instead, he made double-bogey on the final hole to buy a pitcher of beer. Tall Mike was able to take advantage of Darren's poor play, with a silky smooth swing and a 2nd place finish. Mike now sits atop the standings with less than half the season remaining.

But it was Big John who surprised us all... showing up only to test out his newly repaired knee. John had one blow-up hole (triple bogey on #5) and obliterated the field with 11 pars. Faz reports it's the largest margin of victory since Summer 2013, and the second lowest net score in the history of the league (-8).

This marks the 3rd first-time winner in as many weeks. And John shoots up the leader board to 7th place despite only playing in one event. With 2,200 possible points remaining, EVERYONE still has a chance to win the cup. But the lower guys are running out of time, and we need Tall Mike to take his foot of the gas.

Gorecki is finally back on the Official Golf Rankings after a 32 event hiatus. However, he is the first person ranked outside the top 12... which means he wouldn't automatically qualify for the Ryder Cup if the rosters locked today.