Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Golf this Sunday - 10/4/15

Darren and I are going to book a round this Sunday morning. Who else wants in? Location TBD.

Monday, September 21, 2015

TPC San Antonio Update

I'm going to be asking for a final quote soon, and then we'll pull the trigger on the 2016 trip to TPC San Antonio. Here's a quick breakdown:
  • Fly Southwest on the morning of Friday, February 26th. We might squeeze in a warm-up round at a The Quarry Golf Club near the airport.
  • Check in that afternoon at the JW Marriott San Antonio (on site at TPC).
  • February 27th - Play on the Oaks Course, home of the PGA Tour Valero Texas Open.
  • February 28th - Play the Canyon Course, home of the Champions Tour San Antonio Championship. This event will be televised later this year starting October 16th.
  • February 29th - Back on the Oaks Course for some more punishment.
  • Fly out that night back to Tampa on Southwest.
Cost is going to be roughly $1,300 for airfare, lodging and golf. Tentatively attending are: Chandler, Gary, JW, Darren, Art (Darren's buddy) and Ben M.

If anyone else is interested, you have about a week to let me know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekly Update - 9/15/15

Checked out Orange County National this weekend with a few league guys. Courses were decent... not mind-blowing but a pretty nice set up. Their "lodge" is basically a 1980's motel in the middle of the property next to the putting green. It'd be interesting to do the Ryder Cup there, which would allow some of you to stumble out of the door 2 minutes before your tee time. I'll add OCN to the list of potential 2016 locations, along with Mission Inn and Reunion.

Oh... Big John also shot a personal best 84 out there despite a bunch of three putts. Good to see him playing well.


Speaking of the Ryder Cup... we really should rename it. But first, a history lesson:

In 1921, no American golfer had ever won the British Open. Back then most American professionals couldn't afford the travel and the winner only received 75 pounds. So Golf Illustrated came up with an idea to raise money and send 12 American Golfers to St. Andrews. It was decided they would sail to Gleneagles and play a warm-up tournament. Someone suggested a British team challenge the Americans, resulting in a 10 v 10 exhibition (Britain winning 9-3). Gold medals were given to all participants.

While America lost the exhibition match, they accomplished their goal when Jock Hutchison won the British Open two weeks later. The United States had its first taste of British blood, and would continue to quench its thirst by winning 10 of the next 12 British Opens.

As more and more Americans traveled to Britain to compete, a "golf enthusiast" named Samuel Ryder decided to donate a trophy for an annual team exhibition starting in 1927. Ryder was an English businessman who didn't become an avid golfer until age 50, at which time he began to sponsor local tournaments. In 1925 he hired Abe Mitchell as his swing coach, who is allegedly the guy on the top of the Ryder Cup.

So basically, the event was named after some dude who donated the trophy which cost about $5,600 in today's dollars. We don't need to spend that much. I've been periodically searching the internet for some ridiculous things we could use, preferably a bronze statue I could attach to a wooden base. Nothing yet has piqued my interest, although a bronze bust of Vladimir Putin has come close. The search continues...

In the meantime, throw out some suggestions for the name of OUR team competition. And if you're ever out and spot something that might be "trophy worthy," send me a pic of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Orange County National

Got one spot for Orange County National this Sunday (9/13/15). $30 gets you a round on BOTH of their courses, which are supposed to be really nice (I've never played there). Tee time is 9am, and you'd be playing with me, Darren and Reid.

First one who comments or contacts us gets the final spot.

Big John is allegedly joining us. Stay tuned for other outings...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scotland & TPC San Antonio

Quick update since a couple of you have asked. The big Scotland trip in 2017 is STILL on. You have about 3 months before I have to include you in the quote. Payment would be made sometime around March 2016. Read more about the trip here.

Rachael is planning an itinerary for any WAGs who want to go, where they spend a couple of days in London and then meet back up with the golfers in St. Andrews. It's an option that should save the girls money, and give them a little more to see and do. More on that later.

As far as the golfers... we got myself, Gary, Darren and JW as solid commitments. Ben M. is considering. The idea of playing 4 rota courses and 2 other amazing tracks is driving Dave crazy. And JW knows a completely separate group of guys who might want to get in on the trip (which should help drive down costs). So keep thinking about it. Be sure to invite your dad or anyone else not in the league. And keep me posted on your thoughts.


Our 2016 trip looks to be TPC San Antonio (home of the Valero Texas Open). We'd be playing two rounds on Greg Norman's Oaks Course, and one round on Pete Dye's Canyons Course (where the Senior tour plays an event later this year). We're looking at the last weekend of February, and staying 3 nights in the JW Marriot resort on-site. Cost for the golf, hotel and flights would be about $1,300.

18th on the Oaks Course.

So anyway, all are welcome. Just let me know soon-ish if you'd be interested.


I'll post up the tentative 2016 Spring schedule soon. Next season we won't be changing any dates, so get your calendars in order and let me know if there are any conflicts where most of the league would be affected.