Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fox Hollow Saturday 10:30

Playing Fox Hollow Saturday at 10:30. Have 2 openings if anyone wants to join. $50

Monday, October 26, 2015

TPC Tampa Bay

Darren and I have some vouchers that allow 4 people to play TPC Tampa Bay for the "PGA Rate." Should be about $50-$60. Anyway, we're thinking about going Sunday, but we can't make the tee time until Friday.

The weather is going to be good regardless... so if you're free on Sunday and want to play... make a comment and we'll take the first two people to sign up.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tentative Spring 2016 Schedule

Throwing this out there super early since the frequency of you people checking this site is lower in the off season.

We try to divide the season into three, three week blocks. Each block ends with a Major. Let me know if there is a conflict that affects MOST of the league. You going on vacation doesn't count as a conflict. I'm actually going to miss one of the Majors due to a wedding.

Note that the first two weeks are on Saturday, while the rest of the schedule will be on Sundays. Once this schedule is finalized, we won't be moving any dates except for rain-outs.


Week 1- SATURDAY 2/6/16 (Saturday to avoid Super Bowl)
Week 2 - SATURDAY 2/13/16 (Saturday to avoid Valentines Day)
Week 3 - 2/21/16

(bye week 2/28/16)

Week 4 - 3/6/16
Week 5 - 3/13/16
Week 6 - 3/20/16

(bye week & Easter 3/27/16)

Week 7 - 4/3/16
Week 8 - 4/10/16 (Master's Sunday... par 3 tournament followed by party)
Week 9 -  4/17/16

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Golf on Sunday

Looks like we got another spot open this Sunday. Hernando Oaks at 9:30am. $25 cash owed to Darren. Make a comment if you want the final spot.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gorecki's Birthday

Today is Gorecki's birthday. He's 39. Feel free to relive some of the best moments in Gorecki's DPT Golf history:

Stroke and Distance Dispute - July 2012 - Gorecki learns about stroke and distance. More accurately, he's repeatedly told about it. Complete with pics and video of him proving our point.

Virtual Gorecki - July 2012 - We have the technology, but we shouldn't have built him.

Gorecki's Memorial - April 2014 - Gorecki is immortalized on the internet. The tribute to his shitty golf game has almost 500 views!

Gimmie Zone - July 2014 - Gorecki removes his shoes, begs for a gimmie, and reminds everyone that he just hit a good chip.

Questionable Drafting - September 2014 - Gorecki is somehow not picked last during our inaugural Ryder Cup draft.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Copperhead Voucher & Valspar Tournament

The Copperhead deal is back! After skipping last year due to course renovations, we can now buy tickets to the Valspar Championship which includes a round on the Copperhead course (restrictions apply).

$125 gets you an any day ticket to the tournament, a voucher to play the course, and a hat. It's slightly more expensive than two years ago ($115), and it might not include a parking pass. Anyway...

You can buy the ticket here.

Make a comment if you're interested. If enough people want to do it, we can try to hold our finals there next season like we did in Spring 2014. If we can't get the numbers or dates to work, at least you'll have a voucher to go play a PGA Tour course. You know... where Jordan Spieth won his first of 5 events last year.