Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 1 - Chandler Classic Preview

We are officially booked for Week 1, on February 6th on Hernando Oaks. Tee time is 10:20am, and cost is $23 cash. Vouchers for everyone have already been prepaid. So money is owed to Chandler, Reid and Darren.


Group 1

Group 2
Tall Mike

Group 3
Big John

After this weekend, parings will be based on standings. So play well... or you might find yourself in the Gorecki Cellar.


Now is also the time to tell me if you're in for Week 2, Saturday Feb 13th. Location and time TBD. Comment if you're in.


Finally... if you're doing the 2016 Fantasy Golf Pool, you have through Wednesday of this week to get in your entry and money. Don't be left out or booted because you didn't pay.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Golf Player Logos

Individual player logos are becoming more prevalent as pro golfers look to maximize their "brand." Arnold Palmer basically started the trend while searching for an un-registered trademark for his company. I'm probably in the minority opinion, but it's pretty ugly.

Great signature. Shitty logo.
Jack Nicklaus got in on the action, playing off his nickname: "The Golden Bear." Simple and recognizable. Probably one the top two best golf logos in history, which is fitting for the GOAT.

If he had enough foresight, Jack would have gone with an actual goat logo.

Next up is Lee Trevino, who literally just didn't give a shit. He played the game for money and as a hobby. So when it came to his logo... he put a hat on a hat. More than any other golfer, his logo tells you everything you need to know about Lee.


The best logo ever (in my opinion)? Greg Norman. Excellent looking design that has been slapped on golf courses, wine, meats, clothing, eye-wear, restaurants... the list goes on. He only won two majors, but he's killing retirement. Not counting being fired by Fox after one US Open boradcast.

The gold standard of personal logo design.

The Seve Ballesteros logo is a great example how to use an actual image. In this case, it's his reaction to winning the 1984 British Open at St. Andrews. He even had it tattooed on his left arm.

I can only imagine his reaction if he won a DPT Cup.

The new-era logos began with Tiger Woods. His logo is honestly really good, and probably the best use of a player's initials. This seems to be where everyone is going today, and most are terrible.

The one on the right? Ian James Poulter. And yes, it looks like a penis.

But what about us? We have a tour, trophy, rankings... we need some logos. So I re-hired the genius designer of the "Dudes Playing Together" logo to craft a few ideas. The next step is to embroider them onto shirts.

Chandler gazing at all those championship trophies.
Faz: "Patito." A much better use of initials in this design.
Reid's logo, like Seve's, captures his finest moment(s).

Friday, January 8, 2016

Scotland 2017 - Update

It's been almost a full year since we announced our plans to golf in Scotland. Next month it'll be time for me to reach out and get some quotes for the trip. Currently, the following people are interested enough to be included in the non-binding quote: Chandler, Gary, Darren, JW, Reid, Dave.

The plan would be to go at the end of June. It's about an 8 day trip, where we play 6 rounds in 5 straight days. A ton of golf... but literally once in a lifetime. I imagine the quote will be about $5k per person before flights, but the group can debate a few options once we have them.

We had talked about bring the WAGs with us, but the plan is to now NOT do that. It's a lot of money for them to spend to basically not hang out with us much.

Let's talk about the golf... GolfDigest just released their rankings of the World's 100 Best Courses, as well as the top courses in every country. Here's our current itinerary along with their World and Scotland rank:

Course                                   World Rank           Scotland Rank
St. Andrews (Old Course)               8                                 2
Turberry (Ailsa)                              22                                4
Carnoustie (Championship)             26                                5
Kingsbarns                                    69                                8
Royal Troon                                  N/A                             10
St. Andrews (New Course)             N/A                             18

It's an amazing list, with four of the six in The Open ROTA. Royal Toon is hosting this year, and Carnoustie is hosting in 2018.

Bottom line: it's not cheap... the weather will probably be terrible... but I couldn't be more excited to cross this off the bucket list.

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 PGA Tour - Fantasy Golf Pool

An email was just sent out to the entire league, containing the rules and entry form for our 2016 Fantasy Golf Pool. I'll post the same info here. Feel free to send to any friends or family that might be interested.

The Gist: Pick 18 golfers and ride with them until the Tour Championship. No need to set line-ups each week. Just make selections based on the rules below, and hope they don’t get injured!
  • Season begins at the WASTE MANAGEMENT PHOENIX OPEN (2/4/2016) and ends at the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP (9/22/2016). 
  • Three European Tour tournaments are also included: BMW PGA CHAMPIONSHIP, SCOTTISH OPEN, and the OMEGA EUROPEAN MASTERS
  • In total: 39 events. 
  • Entry must be submitted by 2/3/2016, with entry fee of $50.00. Cash, check or PayPal (to Chandler) will be accepted. Be sure to use the family/friend option if paying with PayPal.
  • Select (18) total players. See entry form for details.
  • Points are awarded to the TOP FIVE SCORES in each tournament. See rules sheet for more info.
  • FIVE TOURNAMENTS will be worth DOUBLE POINTS: All four majors and the Players Championship.
  • The number of entrants will determine the prize distribution. First place tie-breaker will be based on points scored in the four majors.
Click to download the RULES SHEET.

Click to download the ENTRY FORM (Excel).

Email me your picks and get your money in by February 3rd.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Preview

Football is winding down to a close. Your shitty college team is probably out of championship contention. And no doubt you quit caring about the NFL since your fantasy team was eliminated in week 10.

But that means golf is back. Five weeks from now we'll be teeing up for the FIRST event of the Spring 2016 season. It'll be held Saturday, February 6th. Go ahead and let me know if you're playing, or if you're definitely NOT playing.

Next week also marks the return of the PGA Tour, even though they've technically played 7 events already. Dumb, I know. But what's not dumb is our 2016 Fantasy Golf Pool. Those who played last year will attest it's a good time. And unlike the typical, tedious fantasy golf leagues... in ours you pay $50... you pick 18 golfers... you ride with those guys all year. No setting line-ups. No week-by-week analysis needed. Pick them, and forget them. Or get drunk each Sunday and text me about the trials and tribulations of Dustin Johnson (Litman literally did this a lot last year, which was also the first time he ever paid any attention to the PGA Tour). Stay tuned this week for the entry form and instructions on how to play.

I haven't seen most of you this off-season, but I can report that Reid is playing lights out. He shot a career low (76) a week ago, just a month removed from his first ever sub-80 round (77). Gary had knee and eye surgery this winter, so he's loaded with excuses. Darren and myself are pretty terrible, but perhaps we're just increasing that handicap before the first week. Faz played a handful of times, shooting mostly in the low 80s. A third DPT Cup might be in his future.

So spread the word. RSVP for week 1. And go hit the range.