Monday, February 29, 2016

Jamaican Open - March 6th

Reid is making us play Pebble Creek on Sunday, March 6th. We have 2 spots open since Dave and Faz are last minute scratches. Geoff... Tell your boy he's in. That leaves one spot open with Gorecki bound to bail again.

We tee off at 8:30 am. It was the only time we could get that wouldn't be a 6 hour round. I'll post pairings tomorrow when I get back to Tampa.

Also, remember to wear a shirt that is the color of the Jamaican flag (league players only).

See you people then.

Monday, February 22, 2016

DPT Open - Spring 2016 Recap

Who doesn't like putting at Southern Hills? Everyone. Just a ridiculous day out on the greens, all thanks to Pete Dye. The best way to avoid it, chip in from 30 yards off the green like I did on #7. For par. You know... because that's just how my day went. It definitely didn't feel like a round of 78.

JW came out of nowhere for 2nd, thanks to a pretty solid back nine performance. And Dave battled near the top of the leader board all day until blowing up on the final par 3 17th hole. He still finished solo 3rd.


Next season Southern Hills will be closed as they put in a faster and better putting surface on all greens. It'll be a true nightmare when finished.


We're off this week. Go practice! Especially you, Gorecki. Next event will be the Jamaican Open at Pebble Creek. March 6th.

Tell me if you're OUT. Right now all I can remember is JW.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DPT Open - Pairings

Current pairings for this Sunday, 11am.

Group 1
Jason S.*
Steve C.*
Daniel B.*

Group 2
Tall Mike

Group 3

Group 4
Big John

*not in tournament

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 3 - Update

We have 11 league members in for Southern Hills... with only Guest not signed up. So we're cancelling the 5th tee time, giving us 16 spots.

Next 5 "Guests" (get it?) who say they're in can join!

Update - Gorecki bailed.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Geoff Skins Game - Spring 2016 Recap

Heritage Harbor is hard. We only play it in the winter because it's cheap and close to home. But it's always cold and windy. The fairways are super tight because there's not much grass on them. Chipping around the greens is a nightmare. Bunkers are terrible. And many of the holes are just unfairly designed.

The greens though yesterday were the best I've ever seen at HH. So there's that.

Heritage Harbor is now the most difficult course in the league that we've played more than once. The average and median net scores to par are 7.5 and 5.5 respectively. Yesterday was no different, as nobody finished below net par.

Tall Mike kept the double pars off his back nine scorecard to win his 2nd event ever, and now sits atop the standings. Geoff was leading most of the day until blowing up on 15, 17 and 18. Dave couldn't make enough pars to win, while Chandler carded a rare quadruple bogey to ruin his chances of a victory.

We also almost had two double-pitchers, with Buchert shooting +16 and Big John +18. It was an ugly day for most of us. Good news though, we won't be back to Heritage Harbor for another calendar year.


The Baron's reign of terror is over. Darren has held the #1 spot in the Official Rankings for the past 19 events, starting on January 18th , 2015. Dave, much like Jason Day, accomplished his number one goal in life by ascending to the top of the rankings for the first time.

Chandler, Buchert and Tall Mike round out the 5 players that have the most realistic chance to be Ryder Cup captains when the standings are locked in the middle of next season.


This week we're playing at Southern Hills on Sunday at 11:00am. Get out there early if you want to take advantage of their practice facility. We also have a few spots open if you want to bring anyone. But let me know ASAP. Geoff... let me know for sure if your mortgage buddy is coming.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 2 Pairings

First group is out at 9:30am. Heritage Harbor (the one in Lutz). $10 cash entry for the skins game.

Group 1

Group 2
Tall Mike
Guest - if he makes it 

Group 3
Big John
Steve A.

Skins game will once again be broken up into two tiers. Payouts will be calculated in the clubhouse once we're all done. Below are the tiers and how many strokes (80% handicap) each person gets:

Tier 1
Buchert (0)
Dave (0)
Chandler (0)
Gary (0)
Reid (3)

Tier 2
Big John (0)
Darren (1)
Guest (4)
Tall Mike (6)
JW (7)
Geoff (8)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Horses for Courses

It's no secret that certain courses just "fit the eye" of certain players. Tiger Woods used to dominate Torrey Pines and Firestone Country Club. Dustin Johnson owns Pebble Beach, despite never actually winning there. And Big John is the mayor of... Southern Hills?

Yes, even we fall into trends on our tour. Let's take a look at who excels and who rides the struggle bus at our most played tracks:

First up, course ownership. This shows the best (and worst) average net score to par, with a minimum of two tournaments played at each specific location. It's actually interesting how few courses we've played two or more times. Do you own a course? Or are you that course's bitch?

Faz is probably glad to be missing Heritage Harbor this week...

Obviously, not everyone fits into those categories. So what is the best, and worst, course per player? Again... must need two rounds played on a course, which eliminates Buchert from the list.

Dan has an impressively small spread.

The takeaway from this data is that we love Stoneybrook... and we hate Heritage Harbor. You know... the course we're playing this Saturday (9:30am). See you all then.


Continue to tell me if you're playing Week 3 at Southern Hills.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 3 Registration

Who's in for Week 3, tentatively at Southern Hills? It's our first Major of the season and the ONLY time we'll be at Southern Hills in 2016. They're ripping up all the greens and putting down some better, faster grass.

Remember, Week 3 we move back to Sundays... so date is the 21st.

Let me know!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Copperhead & Valspar Championship Update

We now have 5 people who have purchased the Valspar voucher, allowing us to play Copperhead this Spring/Summer. You can reference this post for details and a link.

Five is a terrible number to book a tee time. So who else wants to go play the course? Get off your ass, buy the voucher, and let me know when you've done so.

Gorecki and Darryl are buying one. JW's buddy is also interested so I think we have 8 now

Chandler Classic - Spring 2016 Recap

It's good to be back! Despite the miserably cold and wet conditions all day, Week 1 was pretty smooth. Hernando Oaks is definitely rebounding as a solid Brooksville track. Difficult in spots, but very manageable if your short game is on point.

Faz's short game wouldn't typically be described as "good," which showed during his front nine 46. But at the turn, he jokingly proclaimed he was going to shoot 36 on the back. His short game was lights out after that, with 6 one-putts in the first 8 holes. He was pretty flawless until missing a two-footer on the final hole to shoot... 36. His lowest nine hole score ever. "El Patito" turned an ugly duckling round into a beautiful swan.

But Faz's historic round was barely enough to catch Geoff "The Realtor" Leighly. Geoff bogeyed the front nine to death, amassing a huge lead at the turn. He failed to make par on the back, but still managed to hold on to a tie for first place.


This week is the Geoff Skins Game at Heritage Harbor (not to be confused with Heritage Isles). First group is out at 9:30am on SATURDAY.  We have 3 groups, and 10 guys signed up. Just waiting to hear from Darren and Guest.