Monday, May 30, 2016

DPT Open - Sunday, June 5th

I'm a bit worried about the current forecast... so we need to get a fairly early tee time to give us the best chance to beat any potential rain (sorry, Brendan).

We're playing at 9:30am at Club Renaissance. It's a difficult course, so a good fit for the Major, and it was in good shape a week ago. Rate will be under $40, or so I'm told.

They do NOT have a driving range on site. If you want to use a range, you can head to Falcon Watch (you pass it driving in) and use theirs. Tell them you have a tee time at Renaissance. Of course, this requires you to get there about an hour early... which many of you won't be able to do anyway. So, just try to not show up 5 minutes before the tee time this week. We'll call that a success.


I also need to know who is OUT for next week, June 12th. As of now I only have Buchert on that list. Tell me before this weekend.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday Golf

Reid found a voucher for unlimited golf at The Legends Golf & CC outside of Orlando. Reviews are mixed, but the deal comes out to $14 a person.

I booked us a tee time this Sunday at 9am. We need two more people. If you want to spend your day golfing with us, make a comment now. If the course sucks, we won't play 36. Either way... this is how we discover new courses in general... so come join us.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer 2016 - Geoff Skins Game Recap

So we almost had another scoring issue today. This time, it was my fault (I think). Tall Mike's handicap on the app was 23, when it should have been 27. Either I entered it in wrong, or it got reset to his index when we were trying to figure out how to change his country flag on the website (spoiler alert, you can't).

Anyway... despite being screwed out of 4 strokes... Tall Mike STILL beat the crap out of everyone today. He's on fire, and won his 3rd tournament in a row. I'm pretty sure his handicap will finally drop on the next revision. But regardless, he's playing great golf lately.

Dave finished 2nd and was the big winner in the skins game. Check out the tournament page for the breakdown.


We're off next week for Memorial Day. However, tell me now if you're not playing Week 3 on June 5th. The only regulars I have out right now are John and Buchert.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Worst

Think about the most memorable (good or bad) shots you've personally had in league play. I bet they're all amazing. Now think about the most memorable shots by other people. You can probably only remember the blow-ups. When other people suck at golf, it gives you hope that you aren't the worst.

But we are all, collectively, the worst. And below is a list of your worst rounds to par (gross) in league history. Keep in mind, multiple people had to suffer through watching these turds.


Steve P. - Summer 2012, DPT Masters (rd 2) - Turtle Run (Sebring) - 61 over par
The gold standard in terrible. Our first ever stroke play season, Steve shoots a max 72 on the back nine. He had 13 max double-pars in all. His net score? 98! Steve played one event with us after this round, shooting a much improved +51 at Southern Hills. Gorecki is the godfather to Steve's kid... so go ahead and connect the dots.

Gorecki - Spring 2016, Jamaican Open - Pebble Creek - 50 over par
It was a tough day for everyone, but Gorecki rode the struggle bus the entire time. After making a par on #2, his dad gave him a shout-out on the leader board, encouraging him to "keep it up." Mike went +46 on the remaining 16 holes. Seven double-pars in total. Zero bogeys or better on the back nine. And yet, he only tied for last (net).

JW - Spring 2015, Faz Match Play - Lexington Oaks - 49 over par
The Dub was actually on a pretty good run in the league, with seven "top 4" finishes in his first 13 tournaments. But this day he had a ton of penalty strokes (mostly OB). Five double-pars, with three 9s... he was +14 on the par 5s alone. Also, being match play, he lost 10&8... the worst result possible. After the turn he went to the parking lot with the intention of going home, but instead bought beer and finished the round. Lately his league results have dramatically improved, with three 2nd place finishes in the last 9 starts.

Darren - Spring 2013, Just the Tips - Pebble Creek - 47 over par
Sure, we played the tips this day, but Pebble Creek's back tees are only 6,400 yards. Darren failed to record a single par, and only had two bogeys on the day. Surprisingly, he didn't even finish last in the tournament. It was also his 2nd ever league event, so he did rebound nicely to go on the most dominant run in league history. Pebble remains one of Darren's worst courses, although he finally broke 90 there last week (on his 5th attempt).

Geoff - Spring 2013, Geoff Skins - Heritage Harbor - 43 over par
Two pars, 5 double-pars... THREE 10s?!? That will raise the score quickly. Just like Darren's worst round (in the same season), Geoff didn't finish last in the event. But he almost bought two pitchers. He also went on to win the Cup in the following spring. Geoff once shot about 130 at El Diablo, but that course shut down and I no longer have the scorecard.

Tall Mike - Spring 2014, Faz Match Play - Plantation Palms - 43 over par
Plantation Palms was a beast of a course, and I'm kinda sad to see it shut down. Mike had 7 double-pars, all on par 4s. Which means he only scored better than an 8 on three of them. But he only lost to Dave 5&4 in his match, thanks to a 28 handicap. Mike has come a long way, and now has a seat at the Champions Dinner.

Big John - Spring 2015, DPT Masters - Cypress Creek  - 43 over par
Cypress Creek destroys everyone. They closed the course for the summer to replace all the greens and allegedly make it easier. I'm looking forward to going back there. John probably isn't. Four double-pars, zero pars, and two pitchers bought after this stinker. Distance isn't everything, as the course is only 5,900 yards. John has only one top 3 finish since this round.

Brendan - Summer 2014, DPT Masters - Waterlefe - 40 over par
You can blame this round on Waterlefe's challenging layout through the Manatee River. Or you can blame his playing partners: Darren who withdrew after some rain and Guest who had about 50 putts on the round (9 on the final two holes). Either way, Brendan was consistently bad throughout, shooting 56-56. It's well past time for Brendan to challenge for a league title. But so far he's had one of the tightest score ranges in our group. And in this case, that's not a good thing.

Reid - Summer 2012, DPT Masters (rd 2) - Turtle Run (Sebring) - 37 over par
Back to our first ever season of stroke play... Reid made his only par on the final hole. The 59 on the front is really the only reason his score was so terrible. And he's much better today, so golfing every week has helped. But Reid should easily have a DPT Cup title by now. Instead, he's just leading the league in children.

Faz - Spring 2013, Tips AND Skins - Pebble Creek & Heritage Harbor - 34 over par
While one of the most skilled players in the league, Faz is also prone to long slumps. Spring 2013 was especially nasty, with 6 of his 10 rounds at gross 95+. In these two rounds combined, Faz only had 3 pars. He also lost to Darren's and Geoff's worst rounds... granted that's due to net scoring. You can safely assume Faz transformed into Mussolini and severely punished his wedges during both of these rounds. It must have worked because he won the Cup the following season.

Gary - Spring 2014, Chandler Classic - Heritage Harbor - 31 over par
His only league round over 100 came on a day when everyone played terribly, mostly due to difficult conditions. The winning scores were net 76! Gary had only two pars on the day, both on par 5s, which is decent for Heritage Harbor. But a 7 on the easy opening hole, followed by an 8 on the easy 2nd hole, set the tone for the day. With both nines in the 50s, he was one shank away from the double pitcher zone. Or, as our league is aptly named... Double Pitcher Territory.

Chandler - Summer 2013, Geoff Skins - Crescent Oaks - 29 over par
The final two holes of this tournament played into 30+ mph wind gusts that seemingly came out of nowhere. Too bad my round blew away long before that, with an opening nine 50. One par and one birdie means I averaged almost a double bogey on the remaining 16 holes. It was the start of a tournament scoring slump that lasted until Summer 2015.

Dave - Spring 2015, DPT Masters - Cypress Creek - 29 over par
It's kind of hard to rip on Dave for this round. It was at a difficult course and he beat two other people (net). But Dave was safely in the points until he just completely imploded on the final three holes, making double-par on all of them. I got to watch him limp across the finish line on 18, and he just looked completely deflated. What is amazing though... this round is 9 strokes higher than his next worse round. If Dave ever plays a full schedule, he's likely to win the title.

Buchert - Spring 2016, Geoff Skins - Heritage Harbor - 28 over par
As one league member remarked after the round: "I've never seen Buchert so drunk on the course." He actually tied this number last week at Pebble Creek. If Buchert's golf game were a stock, you should consider selling it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 2

We're headed down to Stoneybrook for Week 2. 10am tee time... $25.

Last time we were down there, Brendan destroyed the field with a net 56.

We currently do NOT have any spots open. But that will probably change.

Jamaican Open - Summer 2016 Recap

Pebble Creek played as difficult as ever. At least it was dry.

There weren't many pars out there yesterday, with the front 9 playing a full 2.5 strokes harder than the back. Tall Mike continued his Jason Day like dominance, winning his 4th tournament our last 9 events. Troy had a solid first start to his official DPT career. And Reid almost had a really great day, but too many big numbers kept him from taking home his own trophy.

But it was a fun start to the season. I'm still looking into courses for this Sunday (May 22nd). But so far we have in:

Tall Mike

If any of that is not correct, let me know ASAP. More details to follow soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More Reminders

Did you go sign up for Masters tickets? Seriously... no reason for you to miss out on that.

Remember to wear the correct color shirt this Sunday. Jamaican flag. $3 fine to Reid if he doesn't approve of your wardrobe.

Also, GolfGameBook has a new version out, so be sure to update your app. It currently does NOT support Android. So if you own the superior iPhone... update it. And if you've never had it... go download the damn thing. It's free. They also vastly improved the GPS feature on it.

Geoff... bring the trophy with you this weekend. Reid claims it'll be going home with him.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2017 Masters Tickets

Ticket lottery for the 2017 Masters is now open. A bunch of us went last year from winning tickets in this lottery.

Head to

Use the menu to find the Tickets section. Sign up. I recommend requesting the max for every day (4 per practice round, 2 per tournament round).

Good luck.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 1 Information

We're back! Despite a 4-week long break... Week 1 kind of snuck up on me. We're going to slightly alter the schedule this season. So let's play some "Good News, Bad News."

We'll start with the Bad News:
- Reid is still insisting we hold the Jamaican Open at Pebble Creek.
- We're playing Pebble Creek this week, due to a favorably dry forecast. We can't play there later this summer when it's a soup bowl.
- Because of another tournament going on Sunday... we tee off at 8:00AM. This will probably make it a mini hangover event for some of you. I apologize in advance.

How about some Good News:
- Reid and I bought vouchers for you people, so the round is $25 cash.
- You'll also get a free replay round that is probably heavily restricted on when you can use it. But hey, free golf! At Pebble Creek!
- Teeing off early gives you the rest of the day to watch The Players. Or to go shopping with your wife. Whatever.

So to recap... Jamaican Open this Sunday. 8am (don't be late). Bring $25 cash for the round plus $10 for your entry fee.

OUT are: JW, John, Gary. I have Buchert as OUT for now but he might get back in. Let me know.

Geoff - I assume Troy reads the blog. I'm also assuming he's in this week. Let me know if that's not the case.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 1 Registration

Of the regulars I have out: JW, John and Buchert. If you aren't a regular tell me if you want in. Anyone else tell me if you're out. I'll book a place tomorrow or Monday.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Ryder Cup - Payment Due

Everyone going to this year's Ryder Cup needs to call Reunion starting today to give your credit card information. You have less than a week to do so.


Tell them you're calling to put down the initial deposit for the DPT Golf Group. Dates are Friday, August 12th to Sunday, August 14th.


We also won't be rooming by team this year since it's 3 rooms for 12 people, and they requested a rooming list. Here are your assignments:

Room 1
Chandler Brown
Gary Brown
Mike Gorecki
Robert Reid

Room 2
Brian Buchert
John Webermeier
Mike Oostenbrink
Brendan Donoghue

Room 3
Dave Harrington
JW (Jack) Ferguson
Darren Broom
Geoff Leighly