Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hangover - Registration Update

As of now we're full (16 players). As far as league members go, only Darren and Darryl had told me they were out. I'm probably safely assuming Dan is out, since he only tells us when he's "in".

All other league members (13 people) are on the list.

The ONLY person that might be left out right now is Anthony (and maybe Crum). So if erroneously have someone on the list who isn't playing, let me know.

Monday, June 27, 2016

DPT Championship - Summer 2016 Recap

The day started unbearably hot, and turned into an apocalyptic looking storm. The first group was far enough to finish... most of the middle two groups braved random death by lightning... while a handful of us in the back decided to wait it out in the safety of the bar.

Somehow, all the storms missed us, and everyone was eventually able to go back out and finish the final holes.

Geoff removed his name from the Losing Streak list, shooting an impressive -1 (net). TPC Tampa is hard, and blow-ups lurk on every hole. But Geoff didn't have any triple bogeys until 16 and 18, and is now within striking distance of the season lead.

Speaking of, there are 1,600 points remaining in the season, so many of us will be eliminated after the next event.

We're off this weekend for 4th of July. The Hangover Invitational is Sunday, July 10th at East Lake Woodlands. Brendan was able to get us on this private club for the first time in league history. Let me know now if you're playing.

It's about time we soften up the event, so make a point to attend our bi-annual party the night before. We're doing a pub crawl on Davis Islands for JW's birthday. Party starts at 9pm at Molly Malone's (304 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606). The spirit of the event is to get together and have some league unity off the course. Bring your significant others and let's enjoy a night out.


Tall Mike and Dave have locked up the captain positions for this year's Ryder Cup. The draft will be held during the Pub Crawl on July 9th. I'll send those guys a grid of estimated team handicaps, and Faz might be able to send them some updated scoring grids to help make their selections.

See you all then.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Losing Streaks

For those of us without a win this season... below are your current active losing streaks. Also known as... how many events have you entered without winning, since your last win (if you even have one)?:

JW - 25
Reid - 20
Buchert - 18
Brendan - 14
Gorecki - 12
Faz - 9
Geoff - 8
Darryl - 8
Darren - 5
Chandler - 5
Troy - 3
Dan - 2

The top 3 guys on this list are all in the field this weekend.

The last (and only) time the league played TPC Tampa, Gorecki won with a gross (literally) 101.

Who ya got this weekend?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


We've basically filled up our group of 16 on Sunday. John requested to bring someone so just waiting to hear from him. As of now the pairings have the guests spread out, while still maintaining our normal order by standing.

As long as nobody pulls a Gorecki and bails, we'll be set.

The weather should be alright this weekend, as it appears we're entering the normal summer pattern of rain after 3pm.

*Edit* - Reservation at TPC Tampa is under "Gorecki" and not "Brown". Remember this when checking in.


Official Golf Rankings lock after Sunday for Ryder Cup purposes. In the three years of the Cup, those rankings have only determined the two captains, as we've never needed them to select the 12 attendees.

Remember, the rankings are a rolling 18 events. So the event dropping off is just as important as the event this weekend. Tall Mike has the top captain position locked, and will control the first and final 3 selections. Congrats, Mike!

Dave will more than likely be the 2nd captain. There's a slight chance Chandler (aka: me) can overtake him in that spot.


DealCaddy has a voucher deal today for Eaglebrook, ie: the course JW got an Eagle on... and the course with the island fairway. Our league schedule is basically set, so I doubt we'll use it for league play. HOWEVER, I'm going to buy a 4-some anyway for the off-season. Check out the deal here, and consider picking one up. You can never have too many cheap vouchers to good courses.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fazioli Match Play - Summer 2016 Recap

Strange day out at Waterlefe yesterday. Instead of rain, we had dry and fairly cool (for this time of year) conditions. The course was in excellent shape. Darryl, Darren and Chandler won long drives. Two guys won matches but finished lower than their opponents in stroke-play. Four pitchers were owed. Darren shot over 100 for the first time in league play since January, 2015. Dan made a 9!

The last tidbit helped initiate a pretty nice collapse by Dan. But his loss was John's gain. Winning his first ever match-play contest, John limited the blow-ups and putted great during his 3rd league victory.


This week, Gorecki actually added value by getting us on TPC Tampa for $50 at 9:50am. Get there early to hit the range.

I have OUT as listed: Dave, Brendan, Gary, Dan.

Darryl is going to let me know today. Everyone else is IN, so tell me now if that's not correct. We must fill up any open spots with guests this week.

JW has a co-worker playing, and I think Katie is playing to continue establishing a handicap. Depending on Darryl we'll have 2 or 3 spots open. But don't run and ask people yet. Let's first finalize who in the league is playing.

Comment away!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fazioli Match Play Preview

Faz sent me some stats to throw on the blog. See how your scoring averages compare to your opponent this weekend:

Predictions for the matches:

Gary beats Darren 2&1 in a match that has a lot of penalty strokes.

Dan beats Gary 3&1 in a match that doesn't matter.

JW beats Faz 1UP on a course they both don't play well (JW gets 12 strokes, and makes a lot of bogeys).

Chandler beats John 4&2 in a match of the two worst drivers in the league.

Darryl beats Geoff 2UP from the white tees.

Reid beats Gorecki 7&6 from the black tees.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fazioli Match Play - Sunday, June 19th

If you saw my post about Esplanade, which was up for maybe 5 minutes, please disregard it. I got us a much better deal.

Waterlefe has a Father's Day special which is $13 cheaper than Esplanade, and you get a free voucher to come back later in the year. They can also get us out at 9:25am, a full hour earlier to beat the rain and make it back in time for the US Open coverage.

So that's where we're going.

I'll post the pairings once Darren tells me if he's playing. So... let me know, Baron!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chandler Classic - Summer 2016 Recap

Absolutely brutal day out there today. Extremely hot, and very wet if you were off the fairway. And... Lansbrook is a tough course in general. I'm not at all surprised there was only one round under par today.

Gary snapped a 29 event streak without a win, shooting -2 (net) and beating Dave who finished at even. Tall Mike and Darren continued their good play, with a 3rd place finish (+1).

Brendan was allegedly defeated by alcohol, and missed the event despite it being held in his backyard.

The season leader board is very interesting, with the top 2 guys missing next week. Darren might also be out, giving the rest of the league a great chance to compact the standings.

As of now we only have 11 people signed up to play, with one guest joining us. Buchert is in if UF loses another game. That leaves Darren and Brendan who need to let me know.


For everyone else... who is OUT for our 2nd Major (June 26th). Gorecki is allegedly trying to get us on TPC Tampa. Tell me now so we can negotiate a rate (I only have Dave out so far).

Friday, June 10, 2016

2016 Ryder Cup - 3rd Course

Quick recap of our 2016 reservation process:

After looking at a bunch of different options, we settled on two nights and three rounds at Reunion for $325. However, one of those courses will be freshly punched (Palmer). So we're only playing the Watson and Nicklaus course on Saturday, August 13th. Both are excellent courses, and the Nicklaus is seriously one of the hardest courses I've ever played.

So we need a 3rd course for Sunday, August 15th. As long as we kept the cost at $64,  it would match our total budget of $325.

My first choice is the New Course at Grand Cypress. It's extremely unique, because Jack Nicklaus built it to look like St. Andrews. Number 1 and 18 are actually replica holes. Basically zero trees on the property... giant hidden pot bunkers in the fairway... stone walls... large double greens... the works. The course is perfect for our "Ryder Cup" theme.

I finally got them to discuss our event, but could only talk them down to $70 (after tax).

We're over budget by a $6. Start saving a few cents per day so you'll be able to cover the cost.


Official Golf Rankings for the Ryder Cup will lock after the DPT Championship (our 2nd Major) this season. The current plan is to hold the draft at the Hangover Invitational bar night. Kill two birds with one stone. More on that later.

Monday, June 6, 2016

DPT Open - Summer 2016 Recap

We somehow dodged the rain yesterday, allowing Dave to play an almost perfect round of golf. 14 pars... 4 bogeys... insane considering how difficult Club Renaissance can play. He's in top form, and well deserving of the victory. Too bad he's missing a bunch of upcoming weeks.

Darryl also played very solid, recording his highest finish ever in a league event. He remains the undisputed best Gorecki golfer.

Geoff had another epic Geoff collapse. Later I'll have to go through and recount his best implosions in league history. Regardless, he can still take away that he played well for about 14 holes.


This week we are booked at Lansbrook, a course we've never played in league play (stroke play era). Tee time is 9:30am, and they do have a range. HOWEVER... the weather looks terrible all week. So I might move the event if that area gets flooded.

A bunch of people are out this week. So far that list includes: Buchert, Faz, Dan, JW, John and Dave. If this isn't correct, tell me now.


I also need to know who is IN or OUT for Week 5 (June 19th). As of now I've been told the following are OUT: Darren, Troy and Dave. Let me know.