Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday Outing

Lake Jovita is up next, since many of us have vouchers. However, as of right now they don't have any tee times until 11:20am. The weather will be fine so that's not an issue.

Who wants in at that time on Sunday?

It's $50 if you don't have a voucher.

Tee Time #1 - 11:21am - North Course

Second tee time added.
(one spot open) 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunday at Brooksville Country Club

9:30am. $30 if you don't have the voucher. I got spots for myself, Gary, Dave and JW.

If anyone else wants to go... book the time behind us and get some people.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sunday Golf and New Members

Fall is a great reminder that the league NEEDS the long layoff. It seems most of us are out of town just about every weekend!

Who is around this Sunday? The weather is going to be excellent. I have a Lake Jovita voucher good after 10am... and Brooksville voucher good any time. I know some of you also bought those.


As our league continues to grow, I'll be formalizing "rules" for new members. Currently, we've been requiring everyone to play a few rounds with us and report at least 5 rounds for handicapping purposes. And anyone wanting to join after week 3 needs to wait until the next season.

If we ever get to around 30 members, I will lock it down and make it extremely structured. It's no different than any other social group or golf club. I'd also consider making us an officially recognized USGA club.

Think of the possibilities: Waiting lists for new recruits and member-guest events. Gorecki attempting to blackball transgendered golfers because he acts differently around them. Yearly board meetings and expanded events. A special parking spot outside my house for the reigning club champion.

But for now, we're just some dudes playing together.

A few people have expressed a desire to officially join next season. But we need more commitment than just saying "hey that sounds fun, I want in." If the season started tomorrow, only Anthony and Crum have enough rounds recorded to play for money and points. And Crum hasn't really said he wants in (marriage and kids will do that).

Katie, Robbie and Casey have all expressed interest and played at least one round with us... but that needs to increase before we start back up in 3 months. So if you're "sponsoring" any of those (or other) people... get them out on the course! We don't ask for much... but we need our new people to 1) show up consistently 2) get involved with discussions on this blog 3) play by and get used to our league rules 4) not be a dick...

Never mind. We do ask a lot. And that's a good thing.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Handicap Tracker

ALOT of activity this past month which means either we enjoy playing golf in 95 degree weather or the bucs just aren't that appealing to watch.
EVERY league member (except Troy *cough slacker*) played in September and reported their rounds to Chandler.
And with some decent rounds posted, there was some considerable shifting among the handicap ranks...
Starting off with a new low handicap leader! Dave has been playing lights out as of late and even with Dan's impressive low 80's rounds at difficult high-slope courses, Dave's mid and upper 70's scores dropped him to a 7.1! Are you now ready to join Dan in the back tees Dave?
Props to Chandler on this month's largest handicap drop (1.7). He's currently tied with his lowest handicap ever. Looks like he's using this time to practice and play more rounds of golf as his fiance' wants him as little involved as possible with the wedding planning. 
Darren did a little leap frogging jumping into to the 5th lowest handicapper in our league. A few other guys bundled up in the 12&13 handicap range though so he might not get to enjoy this position for long.
And yes as Chandler mentioned yours truly has moved up from the cellar for the first time in league history. After he posted that my handicap is now lower than both Geoff and JW, Dub then immediately reported some rounds that put him back ahead of me, but it's only by .2 of a point!
So props again to the continued play. Keep checking the blog as I'm sure some round invitations will be posted.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Time to Shut the League Down...

For the first time in league history... Gorecki has an official handicap lower than TWO people. His 24.9 index is well ahead of JW and Geoff, and he's close to overtaking Troy.

JW is going through a swing change (like a lot of us) so I expect him to bounce back soon.

But congrats, Mike. Only took you 40 years to consistently break 100.