Saturday, June 24, 2017

DPT Championship - Summer 2017 Leader Board

June 25th, 2017. 11:00am. $20 entry this week. Get up there early to check in!

New World Golf Rankings

As previously mentioned, the formula for calculating the rankings has officially changed. It is retroactively being applied to the previous week, since The Hangover at TPC Tampa is the first event that will count toward the 2018 Rapture. Here's yet another summary of what changed:

1) You make the list if you've played in at least 10 of the league's previous 18 events.
2) Your new point average is your highest 10 points in those previous 18 events, divided by 10.
3) The more you've played in the previous 18, the more chances you've had to increase your point average.

Play often, play well, and you'll probably qualify next year.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

DPT Open - Week 5

We're back this week! Lots of non-members playing, and had a couple of "requests," so pairings are crafted. But they're finalized so deal with it.

Tee time at Southern Hills 11am (club rules) and we might get some rain. Course will probably be pretty wet. Could be cart path only in some spots.

Southern Hills has also re-rated their course again. They named the tees (which is awful), and removed the Blue/White combo from the sheet in order to make room for the new family tees. HOWEVER... the combo is in the USGA database. All the slopes and ratings were increased since we last played there.

Everyone is on the Blue/White unless they tell me otherwise. Play blues on the 3s and 5s. Play whites on the 4s. Same thing we've always done at this course.

See you there.

Monday, June 19, 2017


I had 120 yards to the front of a green.  Hit a towering, perfect, 90 yard wedge letting the wind take it. Ball lands right on the front. Rolls 70 yards over the back and down a hill.

That's what it's like to play Carnoustie. Add in hidden bunkers and burns that you can't see from the tee or fairway. Brutal course. Shot 98 with maybe 45 putts.

JW and Dave played great.

Two days in St Andrews remain.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Spectacular. Pebble Beach mixed with Erin Hills and Chambers Bay etc. You can view the ocean on every hole. Many play on/over it. Rolling hills and large elevation changes. It is a HUGE property. Very long walk and this pace of play target is 4 hours 40 minutes. 

Also, fastest greens we've seen by far. Insane speed and undulations. Fairways were also super hard and fast. I hit three drives over 300 yards. Dave hit a couple past 350. And I made two 4putts in the damn round. Shot 93 with two birdies. 

Everyone loved it. Might be my top course out here. 

Carnoustie today which we will all hate. But weather today and yesterday is sunny 73 degrees and decent wind. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Old Course

Very weird. Not difficult. All depends on wind. Five of us waited in the line and got on.  The rest will try later, I think.  Shot 84 with three doubles. Faster greens than the other courses. Tighter fairways too. Definitely not used to that lie with long irons.

Gonna get sleep for the first time all trip. Kingsbarns tomorrow. Supposed to be the best of the trip.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


As old and fraternal as expected. Beautiful course. Fair if you keep it near the short stuff. I'll talk more about the courses later, but so far it's my favorite. Would play it all the time if possible. 

Back nine destroyed me though. Weather was windy but clear with one hole worth of cold rain. 

Gorecki played like a 30+ handicapper in my group. Thought his caddie was going to quit after 3 holes. But he wasn't asked to leave... So the rest of the trip is stress free. 

Slept for two hours then went down to Old Course queue at 1:30am. Here now in the cold and was 3rd in line with John. Gary and Gorecki here too. More arriving slowly. 


Amazing course. Re-designed holes are spectacular along the cliffs of the ocean. We had 20-30mph winds all day. Final stretch into the wind was just impossible. Can't wait for the Open to go back to this venue. It is going to beat the hell out of everyone. Pretty sure Dave shot an 80 playing "up" with us. Only great round to report. Few birdies by the group.

Drove across the county after the round to Gullane. Headed to Muirfield in an hour... Should be the most "interesting" day of the trip.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Royal Troon

Home of last years British Open Championship. Reviews called it bland... It was awesome. Got cold and rained lightly for two holes. Course was tight. Fescue rough was brutal, with balls easily lost in it. Basically all fairway bunkers required you to hit out sideways with a sand wedge. Nobody got a par on the short Postage Stamp par 3.

Geoff, I shot 86 with two birdies (3 and 12).

Each group had forecaddies and Darryl had an extra caddie for himself. At some point in the round, Darren is addressing his tee shot... Darryl's caddie says "hold on" before he swings. Walks up to him... Looks him over... Grabs Darren's chest... And says: "you got some man boobs." Darren was dumbfounded and the caddie wasn't laughing or anything. So Darren tells him he's fired... Then starts to re-address his ball. Caddie stops him again and points out he teed up on the red tees.

I'm not doing the story justice but Big Boob Darren had a great laugh at his own expense.

Turnberry today.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Staying downtown... Not much to look at but the people are pretty cool. Very old buildings. We played some random muni called Cowglen. Built in 1906, very hilly layout and a difficult walk. But a fun introduction to playing in Scotland. Had about 5 wardrobe changes due to wind and rain starting and stopping constantly. Nobody played well. 

Shut down the Hampton Inn bar and cleaned them out of port. Headed to Royal Troon today, where the 2016 Open was held. Weather could be interesting. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

DPT Championship - Week 5

Only THREE spots remain open and I haven't heard from Troy, Katie or Dave.

Update your RSVP!

If we have any other open spots we should try to get Greg G. out to get some more rounds under his belt.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

"World Golf Rankings" Changes

Most of you are aware we have a "World Golf Ranking" that's used for Rapture qualification. Few of you really understand how it works. I'm going to clarify that for you, and then tell you how it's probably changing.

I modeled our rankings after the Official World Golf Rankings, which were first released in 1986 (Bernhard Langer debuted as #1). The formula is pretty complex, but basically they take a rolling two year period for each golfer... total up all their points... and divide by the number of events they played during that two year period.

Each event (and each final position on the leader board) is worth different points. Majors are worth way more than events on the Asian Tour. They use previous years' strength of field to determine value. They also use a tapering system that devalues events as they age in the two year window, meaning the most recent events are worth more. It's a mess, but it works.

Every now and then there will be something weird (like Adam Scott becoming #1 for the first time on a week he didn't even play)... but the debate that follows is ridiculous. The rankings literally group all the guys who should be in the discussion at the top.

In the 31 years of existence, the rankings system has changed 23 times. It's constantly being reviewed in an attempt to make it better, since many tournament exemptions rely on the published results.

So what about OUR system? I also total all points earned in a rolling two seasons (18 events). I then divide that by the number of events you've played. If you've played in 10 of the previous 18 tournaments, and scored 1,000 points total, your number is 100.0 (and right now that would put you 8th in the rankings). All tournaments carry the same weight, since points at Majors are already increased. You also must have eight tournaments in the previous 18 to make the rankings.

Simple. But we can make it a little better.


Two factors lead to wild swings on the rankings board: 1) the small rolling window (18 events) and 2) the small sample size required to be ranked (8 events).

We can't do anything about the rolling window, since it's literally one year worth of official events. I definitely don't feel rounds more than one year ago should count. We can increase the number of required events, which would slightly normalize the averages and cause new players to play more before they qualify.

But what if instead of averaging out all your events, we used the "best of" events? This would do two things: 1) not kill your ranking if you have a bad day 2) reward those who play more frequently, by giving them more chances to increase their top scores.

This year, Rapture qualification doesn't matter since I already fell into the trap of allowing replacements. But NEXT year will be different, so we need to reflect on the spirit of qualification. This change makes it more difficult for rookies to become captain, which I think is a good thing. Get in the league... get to know everyone... earning captain gets easier when you have a full 2 seasons under your belt.

The changes I'm more than likely going to make are: 1) increase number of rounds to qualify from 8 to 10 and 2) calculate the rankings score as the average of your top 10 points in the last rolling 18 league events.

Since last week's Hangover Invitational was the first tournament of the 2018 Rapture qualification, I'll apply this change to the current rankings and beyond.


Much like the USGA and R&A, this post serves as a "heads-up" of upcoming changes. Take time to digest it... hold back your terrible opinions... comment to tell me how awesome of an idea this is. After I return from Scotland I'll probably implement it.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Hangover Invitational - Summer 2017 Recap

After much debate, 10 of 15 league members followed the old "mandatory" rules (Reid and Katie left slightly early but whatever). We agreed to play for an extra $10 per person in a winner-take-all side game on Sunday. A few attempted to back out of that bet...

In all... 12 of 15 league members showed up. Our two oldest looking members, Gorecki and Gary, were a little late. It was a great time, with Darren "winning" the night. No penalties needed. No need to unfairly disrupt the lives of Troy, Casey or Anthony by giving them the "show up or be disqualified" ultimatum. No need to explain why JW, Geoff and Tall Mike are incapable of empathy toward different lifestyles. And definitely no need to devalue coveted DPT Points by handing them out to those who are still physically able to drink for 4+ straight hours.

Just an officially recognized USGA club holding a social gathering in compliance with Decision 2/7: "In order to be able to utilize the USGA Handicap System, the golf club must have group cohesion. Group activities should go beyond playing in tournaments. There should be a group orientation policy and other functions, such as group meetings, award banquets and the like."

Seriously though... fun times at The Red Dog.

As for the actual golf... Chandler's (hey, that's me!) national nightmare is over. Twenty one straight tournaments without a win, suddenly snapped by a 4-stroke beat-down of the field, thanks to 4 birdies on a wet Scotland-like day.

Outside of the winner, the golf was VERY competitive. Five players were at -3 or -2, creating a logjam and spreading out points and money. JW, Brendan and Troy had chances to get to solo 2nd, but were eaten up by the daunting 18th hole. While Casey and Reid couldn't quite get off the bogey train.

Very difficult day out there... but glad we were able to get it done.


We are off for TWO weeks as 47% of the league heads out to Scotland. I'm going to attempt to post quick daily recaps of our trip... but we'll see how that goes. I might use SnapChat like I did at last year's Rapture.

When we return, we'll be playing our 2nd Major on June 25th at Southern Hills at 11am (club rules now restrict us playing any earlier). We have a hard cap of 20 spots reserved. So get your RSVP updated or you'll be left off the list when it fills. Seven league members are currently "???," which I interpret as "OUT."


The following people owe me $160 for The Rapture: Gary, Dave, Gorecki, Reid.

Troy and Anthony are not "officially" out yet. When they are I'll let their replacements know they can submit payment.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rapture Update

Just locked up Day 2 - Saturday, August 19th - Alternate Shot (not scramble) - Candler Hills

10:30am start - $45 after tax with range balls included.

CH is mostly wide open off the tee and has some interesting holes. Perfect for the Alt-Shot format.

So far only THREE people have sent me the $160 for the trip. You should probably get on the ol' PayPal and do that.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 4 - Pairings

Parings list for Week 4 is active and finalized. You can find it on the "tournament page" by clicking the link that says "Jun 4" on the schedule. If you need to see the expanded schedule, use the "Schedule" tab at the top of the blog. It's a living document so it changes all the time as we finalize locations.

Dave brought in Mike H. last week at World Woods, but unfortunately we only grabbed 16 spots this week at TPC Tampa. They don't have any groups book-ending ours, so Mike can have a spot if anyone bails last minute.

To our veteran members... make sure you're coaching up anyone you bring in, since you are their sponsor. Let them know how it works, and how to sign up for any events. You're basically responsible for them.

We have only six memberships left to give out. Robbie is going to get one next season if he wants it. Greg, Danny, Mike H. are all interested and building a handicap record when they can. But once we hit 24 I'm locking it up, as it's exponentially more difficult to maintain and schedule. Less is more!

Week 4 - Hangover Preview

Good discussion yesterday about the future of the Hangover event. Lots of viewpoints for the powers that be to consider. Anyway... despite removing the "mandatory" attendance requirement at the bar Saturday night, I still expect a good turnout. Red Dog at 8pm for those of you who want in on whatever side-bet or game we figure out.

As for the golf, "Pencil Thin" Gorecki got us on TPC Tampa for $58 after tax. That allegedly includes range balls as well. It's pricier than my target for events in the Summer... but the course is good and the location is central. We'll live a little this week and make it up in July.

Everyone is on the WHITE tees unless I'm told otherwise. You can find the scorecard here. Keep in mind it's a par 71, so add about 150 yards to whatever the total says. Moving back one set makes it 6,500 yards (adjusted) and you only get one "bonus" stroke. No thanks.

Tee time is 9:12am and we're going out in order of standings this week.

I'll see most of you at the bar.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hangover Invitational - A History of Herding Cats

As we reach our soon to be capped capacity of 24 members, everything we do gets a little more complicated. Sure, we benefit from reduced group rates. But the first group tees off a good 45 minutes before the final group. More people also increases our "Special Needs" list each week. Everyone is different... and golf needs to be delicately balanced with your home life.

When we began the DPT Cup era in Summer 2012, we took the obvious step of setting a few "themed tournaments" to spice up our weekly matches. The idea of golfing after a night of boozing was an obvious choice. Back then we assigned it to fellow kickball drunkard E-Flo, who has played in all of one official event in our stroke-play history.

The night before (at The Retreat next to UT) was an instant hit. We had two groups scheduled at Summerfield, but only four of us even made the 10:30am tee time. Geoff was still drunk AFTER the round was over. Nobody shot under par (net). It was a complete disaster, yet we all felt we had a winning formula on our hands.

The general rules of mandatory attendance from 9pm to 1am, as well as penalty shots for late arrival, were used for the first three years (6 seasons). The nights at the bar were mostly memorable: ranging from Faz's birthday party to Darren denting the DPT Cup to Gorecki securing us a "deal" on a $75 pony keg. During those seasons we also grew from nine members to sixteen. And I started to feel it wasn't sustainable.

Location, age, health, and personal convictions could all cause someone to be in violation of the rules. Gary, in his 60s, shouldn't be out drinking all night. We DQ'd John one year because he wasn't drinking for Lent. We started to make exceptions for people who were drinking at other events. And what if we ever added a member who couldn't drink due to an addiction issue? Basically... the rules were becoming unenforceable with the increased group size.

I removed the "mandatory attendance" rule in Summer 2015 after one of the worst rains in the last decade flooded South Tampa (and Brendan's car). Gorecki was happy since he'd been complaining about the policy for awhile, citing multiple times that "we are not in our 20s anymore." He immediately used the opportunity to skip the bar, despite owning a truck and living in an unaffected area. So not only were people who couldn't attend skipping... but we also set the precedent that those who just didn't feel like it could take the night off.

The next three seasons did not have any mandatory hangover element, resulting in last year's debacle where seven of the 14 players would have been DQ'd if we enforced the rules. Faz and I had a drunk conversation where we acknowledged the event should revert to the old format, or be scrapped all together. Even Gorecki decided to scold all those who didn't attend by publicly stating: "the night is all about hanging out and people should be here!" I'm sure that flip-flop had nothing to do with the poor attendance at a bar of his choosing outside of Westchase. One that didn't give us the promised 20% food discount.

So after last season, I said mandatory attendance was back on. And it isn't sitting well with me.

I don't want to force people to hang out. But it would be nice if the league had one night each season where we get together and include our WAGs. It gets them involved and helps make us a more legit social club. It should be something that people want to attend. Not an annoyance for those who don't give a shit.

I took a vote of the current Board members, and the decision is to yet again kill the mandatory attendance policy. I'll be at Red Dog on Bay to Bay at 8pm on Saturday night. Come hang out and bring your significant other. If/when attendance drops below an acceptable level, we'll scrap the theme all together and make it a regular event. The expanded Board can take that up as one of our first items of business after the season ends.

And for the love of God, use Uber or Lyft so you don't end up like Tiger Woods.


We still don't have a course booked for this weekend. We'll be scrambling last minute to find something, and I'll post that as soon as possible. Either way, it looks like we only have 16 since I haven't heard from anyone not on the registration list. If I'm wrong on those numbers, you better make a comment ASAP.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 4

I'll be calling to get quotes for week for in the next few days. We have 16 people signed up, but I need to know if any of the "new recruits" are in. So if you're sponsoring someone as a potential member, and they want to play in the Hangover, find out ASAP. Or I'm just going to reserve 4 groups.

The Hangover event will be at Red Dog on Bay to Bay, June 3rd. Mandatory attendance from 8pm to midnight if you want to play for money and points the next day. You have to buy one shot, for yourself, for every 15 minutes you're late.

More on all this later after we book a course.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Rapture - Rankings

The rankings are final for our trip to Inverness/Ocala in August. Katie barely beat out Gary for the top captain spot, giving her first pick in the draft. Gary needed to tie Tall Mike to get the #1 pick... but asking him to shoot 76 gross wasn't very likely. But anyway, two first time captains this year!

Troy also informed me that there's a chance he might have to miss the event due to work. If that happens, we'll pick up an alternate, apparently Mike H. Both he and Robbie should continue to play as many weeks as they can with us so we can get them an accurate handicap. I'll pair them with the captains as much as possible too.

Everyone owes me $160 for the event. This includes the 3 night stay in a house, and the $50 entry fee for payouts. All golf will be paid individually at the courses. You can send payment on PayPal, Venmo, or cash directly.

The draft will be held in the clubhouse one of our final weeks this season. Katie and Gary need to tell me what colors they want for their teams.

Send in your money!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Footage of Dub Putting at Rolling Oaks Found!

Dub's Rapture Rankings

With the DPT rankings locked in, and me sitting squarely in last place, I decided to look at some other stats that don't depress me. You've seen the long drive comment, I assume, but there's another stat I take solace in regarding this league: I'm the only one with 3 Rapture victories. Clearly, my team glory is unmatched and I'm like the Tim Tebow of Rapture events: always winning and bringing out the best in my teammates even if I don't necessarily have all of the talent you'd like in a quarterback.

That said, the addition of a monetary factor this year sparked a desire to back up my value to a Rapture team with some numbers, so I started looking into player performance based on the suggested payouts. I added and divided and got some efficiency numbers to help Gary and Katie see who the best performers in these events have been. Without further ado, I introduce to you Dub's Rapture Value Rankings:

I used pretty basic calculations involving money won versus potential money won, weighted them a bit with the individual money efficiency so as not to overly penalize those who aren't as great a teammate as I am, and came up with that table. So, Gary and Katie, go ahead and print out that little cheat sheet for the draft and use it well. And avoid Darren at all costs.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

DPT Open - Summer 2017 Recap

Troy is picking up where he left off last season... on fire and vastly improving. Grabbing his 2nd career win and FIRST Major, he destroyed the field with a 39 (gross) on the front... keeping the wheels on long enough two win by a couple of strokes. Two birdies on the day is also impressive.

We really need to visit World Woods more often. At $37, the course was in great shape despite a decent amount of rain last night. I imagine that contributed to the "slow*" greens... but they were also very fair/smooth. And they held.

Also... look at those scores! Over half the league under 90. Gary shot in the 70s. Everyone played in just over 4 hours. Buchert took a nap! Great day all around.

Tall Mike matched Troy's 86, but finished solo 2nd due to the handicap. Still an excellent round.

Geoff and Gary grabbed the T3 spot, creating an interesting scenario. Troy, Gary and Geoff are killing everyone. Yeah, it's early. But it's rare for a small group to separate the way they have in the standings.


Rapture rankings have now LOCKED. I'll do a post about this on Monday, but Katie and Gary will be captains. As mentioned before, we'll also be taking 16 people this year. The draft will be after one of our rounds at the end of the season. And you all owe me money. More on this tomorrow!

Speaking of money... comment if there are deadbeat list issues. I wrote down whatever was yelled at me in the clubhouse. Probably forgot some stuff. It's my understanding that Group 2, along with losing both their scorecards, didn't settle up any side bets. Before you run off, you should probably settle up in general so we don't have to keep tracking your dollars owed. If you really want that money... make sure you get paid!

*I reckon the greens were about a 7 on the stimpmeter today. That's medium by USGA standards and slow by US Open standards. In 1978 the average green speeds on the PGA Tour were about a 7. The Masters that year was under 8. Harbor Town that year was a 5! I played River Strand a few years back and it was a 12. Stop the madness and and let's slow the greens back down!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week 3 - DPT Open Preview

We're back this upcoming weekend! World Woods at 9:30am. Carpool if you can, and give yourself plenty of time to check in.

I think Rolling Oaks is better than Pine Barrens, despite not getting the same national attention. It's much harder than the rating, and it can play really long if you choose a different tee box. Everyone will be on the WHITE tees unless you tell me otherwise. You'll get at least 2 extra strokes playing the greens and 4 if you play the blacks. Below is the scorecard:

Entry fee is $20 this week. Greens fee should be $40 after taxes. Get up there early and hit the range, it's one of the best in the state. We currently have 1 spot open.

After this week the Rankings lock for the Rapture, as well as Rule 3.1 which sets playing requirements to score points and money the remainder of the season. This rule was implemented a season ago in order to protect the field from vultures who swoop in and steal coveted points. All rules and procedures will be reviewed after this season by The Board. More on that later.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rapture Payouts

Not to be confused with Rapture payments. I'll start collecting those from everyone after we lock the rankings.

But every year we've debated playing for money. And every year I say we shouldn't deal with it, pride should be enough, and go make your own side bets. Well... Faz's yearly Ryder Cup style group started using a pretty good system of "pay for performance." I think we should implement it, unless there's some strong opposition:

Entry Fee - $50
Each Point Earned - $20
Winning the Rapture - $60

Simple enough?

The payout for each point earned will be split between ALL parties involved. So it's $10 to each winning teammate of a match in the first two rounds, and the full $20 to anyone who wins their Singles match. Ties are also split evenly. Let's look at a few examples:

Winning every match AND winning The Rapture: $10 + $10 + $20 + $60 = $100. Buchert did this in 2016, Geoff did this in 2014. Basically you double-up your initial investment.

Losing every match and somehow, still winning The Rapture: $0 + $0 + $0 + $60 = $60. You take home $10 profit for being drafted on a winning team. Even though you're worthless.

Winning every match but LOSING The Rapture: $10 + $10 + $20 + $0 = $40. Congrats... you're the man. Too bad your teammates suck. You go home down $10 net. This sad scenario happened to Dan in 2014.

Darren in 2016: He halved the first match (with John as his partner). Then lost round 2, lost his Singles match, and didn't get his name on The Moses. $5 + $0 + $0 + $0 = $5.  Loses $45 on the weekend, but at least earned some money back for helping win that first point.

Bottom line, if you're on the winning team, you'll earn between $10 - $50. If you're on the losing team, you're going to lose between $10 - $50. The exact number depends on how much YOU contribute.

Thoughts by everyone not named Gorecki?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Official Rankings - Rapture Qualification Preview

With only one more event before we lock the 2017 Rapture standings, we can take a more in-depth look at the scenarios. Never mind that Robbie (St. Robbie?) is going to save three helpless souls this year. Let's assume that wasn't going to be the case. Here's where we stand:

(1) Katie - Despite an abysmal 21.7 points earned her last two events, she is guaranteed a spot as a captain in her debut Rapture. Even if she lays another egg at World Woods, only one person can overtake the top spot. John could have knocked her out of both captain's chairs... but he's missing the tournament to hang out in Africa.

(3) Gary - With some stellar performances as of late, he has about a 95% chance of becoming the 2nd captain. Gary can actually grab the first captain spot with a Top 2 finish as long as Katie is outside the Top 4. Booting Dave from the 2nd spot could be a blessing or a curse, since the Irishman will certainly be a favorite as the #1 overall pick.

(2) Dave - Dave has grown very fond of The Moses over the past few months. It's a solid trophy and looks great on his mantle. But Dave literally can NOT increase his average points in Week 3, since he won the DPT Open in Summer 2016 and is dropping off 600 points. He's been cold lately, with only 62.5 points earned in his last four events. Unless he wins at World Woods, he will fail to retain Ol' Mo'.

(4) John - Has zero chance at captain, thanks to his 32.5 total points earned in the last three events. I'd say he's set up for a captain spot next year... but the way the rankings work... anything you've done before Week 4 of this season doesn't count!

(11) Darren - Only drops out of the "Qualified 12" if Reid and Chandler both finish Top 2. Nothing to worry about here.

(12 & 13) Chandler & Reid - Anthony, Brendan and JW can all overtake their spots next week. Not ideal, but these veterans still control their own destiny. Play well, and it'll all work out.

(15) Anthony - Making his Rankings debut at #15, Anthony only has 8 tournaments. This makes him a wild-card who can jump into the top 12 with a strong finish.

(14) Brendan - Only 9 events played in the last 18, he can also greatly swing his average with a good finish. Top 4 could get him "qualified." And maybe even recognized by this blog!

(16) JW - Needs a win OR a 2nd place finish and lots of help. It's a moot point unless someone else bails on The Rapture. But it's long overdue for Dub to start scoring! Based on his front 9 at Fox Hollow... he should have won!

Skins Game - Summer 2017 Recap

Gary is slowly putting his game together, winning for the third time in his last 10 events. If he could do that within one actual season, he'd have a seat at the Champions Dinner. But yesterday he took a difficult course, and limited the blow-ups to win by two over Faz. Darren finished third as the only other player not over par (net).

The wind thankfully wasn't an issue until the final holes, but Fox Hollow still played one stroke more difficult (median) than the last time we were there. And almost half the league moved up a set of tees! While there was some mixed discussion in the clubhouse about allowing people to play different tees... the fact is the system ain't broken. Giving people a choice adds some strategic element, and honestly it's needed in 100% handicap games when almost half the league has an index higher than 20. And don't forget the point of all this is to have fun. You shouldn't get bogged down in the administrative details. We run a pretty tight (and fair) ship.

Speaking of fun... I had a lot more fun calculating the Skins results hours later at home. I could double check everything at my own pace and make sure the math was correct on the payouts. Everyone with a course handicap lower than 20 was in Teir 1 ($72 pool)... with the remainder in Tier 2 ($64 pool). On the tournament page you can view the Skins results under the scorecard. Be sure to use these pages often, as they have all the info you need each week.

Skin payouts in each tier are based off 1) how many people are in the tier and 2) how many total skins were won in that tier.

Tier 1 ($12 per Skin)
Dave - 1
Buchert - 1
Chandler -1
Gary - 1
Faz - 2

Tier 2 ($8 per Skin)
Casey - 3
Anthony - 1
Troy -2
JW - 2

I'll send PayPal, if possible, to you today. For the rest of you, I'll add myself to the deadbeat list.


We are OFF this week for Mother's Day. Week 3 is booked at 9:30am up at World Woods (Rolling Oaks). More on that later in the week. Get your registration updated if anything changes. You don't want to get a "Gorecki" for bailing last minute like Brendan! I'll also post an Official Rankings update, with scenarios on Rapture captains.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Group Changes

Alright... so there has been a lot going on the past few days. Separately, without talking to each other, two groups in the league thought it was worth while to go play a practice round at Fox Hollow. That led to some texts... etc etc... Long story short I'm leaving the default tees on the WHITES.

Normally I'd have the final parings out by now. But based on preference changes, you have until Saturday night to tell me what you want to do. I'm changing the groups to accommodate tee box choices as well as who needs to leave early.

I apologize for the sloppiness of this week. Fox Hollow is a weird case that doesn't have their shit together in terms of online scorecards. Speaking of... the scorecard posted bellow is ACCURATE. Slope ratings on our tournament page are accurate as well.

Dave is moving up to the WHITES
Chandler, Buchert, John, Geoff, Troy are all moving to GOLDS.
Gary, Tall Mike, Casey and Darren are staying on WHITES.
Faz already said he's on WHITES.
Gorecki is still on GOLDS.

That leaves Reid, Anthony and JW.

Hopefully you three check the blog. I imagine JW is playing where Darren is. He's on tilt anyway.

If we need to figure this shit out on tournament day... so be it. We're flexible like that.

See you Sunday!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fox Hollow - Scorecard

Update -  Everyone is now on the WHITE tees unless I'm told otherwise. Darren convinced me. Blame him. All bonus strokes below are updated.
Of all the courses we play, Fox Hollow has to be one of the worst at updating their information online. The scorecard on their website doesn't match the one we got in 2015, and it also doesn't match what the USGA has in their rating/slope database. Geoff called them today and was told that the USGA ratings were correct, but the scorecard online was "old but pretty much close to accurate."

So what yardage options do they have? Who knows!!! I played it twice from the whites (once was league play) and it was 6,400+. Keep in mind it's a par 71, so add another 150 adjusted yards to that total.

When our league played there it was long, brutal, rainy and windy... with Geoff and Gorecki withdrawing after shooting matching 60's on the first nine! Only one person shot net under par (Dan with a -2). Our median score that day was +5 (net)!

We're going to really test out the new "play from anywhere" rule this week. I'm setting the base tees on the golds WHITES. Review the "old" scorecard below as well as the slope ratings and tell me before Friday what tees you want. Remember... the bonus strokes are a minimum. You might get more than what's listed by moving back. If you have any questions, please ask.

(adjusted yardage in parenthesis)

Black ~ 7,079 (7,230) ~ +5 bonus strokes
Blue ~ 6,757 (6,900) ~ +3 bonus strokes
White ~ 6,288 (6,400) ~ 0 bonus strokes
Gold ~ 5,908 (6,050) ~ -2 bonus strokes
Silver ~ 5,529 (5,680) ~ -4 bonus strokes

Front Nine
Back Nine and Total

Again, the card we got in 2015 has different numbers than all those above. The whites were 6,400+. So that might still be the case. But we're going with what the USGA database says, so choose wisely. For those curious, I'm going to play the golds since I'm trying to qualify for The Rapture without Robbie's help! Darren convinced me to play the white tees and I'm already not happy about it.

Week 3 Registration

We got 13 players "IN," and 4 "???s" for Week 3. I'm talking to a few courses, but unless the undecideds update their registration soon, I'm going to assume they're all OUT and only book for 16 players. Which means someone might be left out.

Get your calendars in order!

Masters Ticket Lottery

Head over to and register. You can only register once per physical home address. Click on every possible date. Good luck.

Monday, May 1, 2017

DPT Golf Club

As of today, your Handicap Index is 100% official and can be used in any local tournaments. The DPT Golf Club is now a recognized club by the USGA.

Along with a welcome letter... I received an update about changes coming in 2018, when our current license expires. The USGA is going to do ALL index calculations in-house, starting January 1st. This means, basically, nobody is "allowed" to calculate handicaps themselves.

Current clubs must either join an "authorized golf association" (ie: FSGA)... or figure out a way to send scores to the USGA, and in return receive updated indexes (for a $2 per golfer yearly fee).

As far as we are concerned... joining an association is a waste of money and isn't going to happen. Figuring out how to electronically get our scores to the USGA might also prove an issue.

So for now... we made the USGA "recognize" us. And our club is already listed on their website.

It is a great time to be alive. Even if it's short-lived.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Classic - Summer 2017 Recap

That's right. The Classic. We had two events (so far) lose their sponsorship... because money is tight these days. We're not doing very well in the ratings. WAG viewership of our leader board is down 20% after Brendan's wife jumped off his bandwagon last season. Will the remaining sponsored events survive? Probably not.

Anyway, Stoneybrook was a great test today. Greens were slow and a little bumpy... but they weren't "bad." I feel the expectations have gotten a little out of whack lately. Some of the slowest and most bumpy greens each season was Southern Hills before they re-planted them. To me... "bad" is when Quail Hollow's greens were literally dirt.

Winds were blowing 17-24 mph and the course beat us up. Our scores suffered as only three people were under par (net). Geoff had the only good day, starting the Summer off with a win after an abysmal Spring season. I hear he did a ton of prep on his course strategy before the round. I'm not sure if that helped, or if it was Gary coaching him up all day... but excellent round.

The other Brown guy (that's me!) coached up Troy who continues a really good stretch of golf. His 44 on the back nine was great to see. Gary rounded out the top three, which would have been much better if not for two blow-up holes.


Groups 3 and 4 each played 5 hour rounds without anyone holding them up (as in... Group 4 was barely keeping up with Group 3 until the last few holes). I know why group 4 played slow. Gorecki is a head case and has zero understanding of how to speed up. Instead of dropping off Darryl and going to his ball... he likes to sit in the cart and pout about his previous shot. Then when it's finally time to hunt for his tee shot... he starts looking 40 yards ahead of where it actually is. Even if it's known to be OB, he'll hunt for 3 minutes. We can fix him with enough public scrutiny. We have the technology.

I don't know why Group 3 played slow, but if you aren't keeping up with the group in front of you... that's a problem. Speed up. Drop people off at their ball. Don't grind out natural double-pars. Don't spend more than a few minutes hunting for balls. Get off your phone and get ready to hit your next shot sooner.


This week we're playing at Fox Hollow - 9:29am tee time - $50.  I have been told Robbie and Anthony need guest spots. I feel like there was someone else (Danny is out... Brendan maybe?). Make a comment ASAP since space is limited.

The tee options are wide ranging. We're really going to test the "play where you want" this week... CHECK BACK LATER so you can comment on where you want to play. I'll post a scorecard soon... but I don't trust it.


Two weeks remaining before World Rankings lock for the Rapture. Casey made the list this week, and Anthony is only one round away from his debut. Dave is actually pretty close to passing Katie for the #1 captain spot (she's out this week). John needs a win and some help to get up there. Reid is now "last man in" with Brendan on his heels.

But, as mentioned before, we're going to invite Robbie as our 16th... allowing everyone who's available to attend. Robbie played with Katie this week, so I'll put him with Dave at Fox Hollow (and then both of them Week 3).

We were going to draft at the Hangover but I see Dave is out that week. We'll do it another night later in the season, and perhaps we can all go out on our off week. Really... just captains need to be there. We could even do it in the clubhouse after a round.

Great opening week everyone!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Is Gorecki Improving?

This will be a hot topic at the Rapture draft, which is scheduled to be the same night as the Hangover outing. But since Mike likes to manipulate data in his favor (see: selective Handicap Tracker posts)... what is actually going on? Let's separate fact from fiction:

1) "His handicap has dropped rapidly, faster than anyone in league history."
This is true and implies drastic improvement in his game. However, handicaps incorporate all rounds played, not just league rounds (some of you are better than others at reporting). Your index is made up of the best 10 of your last 20 rounds. In Gorecki's case... only TWO of those are league rounds. So he's playing lights out... in Orlando... by himself.

2) "His gross scoring average last season was 4.9 strokes better than his career average."
This is also true. But while the career gross average over time is a good stat... looking at his 5 round sample size from Spring 2017 can be skewed. Especially when, as Faz points out, he missed all the difficult courses!

So how do we cut through the fog above? Let's set some better conditions:
  • We'll take only his rounds in league events. Those scores are under more scrutiny and pressure, so they're a better test of overall skill. They also don't contain any mulligans or "forgotten strokes." I hope. Maybe he still slips a few in there.
  • Instead of using pure gross average, we'll use actual handicap differential. This is the number that goes into your index, and it basically determines what you would have shot on a course with a rating of 72.0 and a slope of 113. Why the extra step? Well a 102 (+30) at Buffalo Creek from the gold tees is a LOT different than a 102 (+30) from the platinum tees at Southern Hills. But using gross average... you wouldn't be able to see that difference. Converting them to differentials makes it quite obvious the SoHilly round is more impressive (less sad?) than the Buffy Creek round.
  • Plotting all points on a graph makes it difficult to visualize. So let's use a rolling average of 10 league event differentials... which is basically one full season rounded up. 

Gorecki's league history, in one chart.

Has Gorecki improved? Yes! Exactly one stroke (104.6 to 103.6) from his 10th league event all the way back in February of 2013. Four years and a one stroke improvement. His recent drop in handicap is 100% due to non-league rounds... and his recent decline in career gross average is only because his trend was on pace to shatter the top of the chart!

However... his worst differential average (ie: the top of that mountain) was 4 months after he started taking lessons. So the lessons appear to be working and his scores are trending in the right direction. But if Gorecki wants people to believe he isn't "The Worst," he's going to need to start shooting tournament rounds in the 90s this season.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Player Spotlight - Chandler

Faz had an idea to do Player Spotlights periodically, and I believe he's only done one. I liked the idea, not only because the one was about me, so I would like to try to push it back to the blog. Also, with the season starting up, more blog content should be welcome.

I'll start with the founder and dictator of the league, Chandler.

This is your league dictator...
Name: Chandler S.
Hometown: Davis Islands
Age: 35
Turned Pro: Summer 2012
Height: 6'1 or so
Weight: Fits between hotel doors
College: Gator with a dash of Clemson
Likes: Golf, wine, cheese, maybe Rachael
Dislikes: Optimism, Gorecki

Stats of Note:
League leader (by far in most): Events, wins, 2nds, greenies, LD, sandies, League Chamionships (3)

Other Info:
Urban Junior Golf League Participant - 1992
Signature moves: Club drop on shots that aren't that bad, claim 3-putt zone and 1 or 2 putt
Former signature move: Aim left, slice right
Golf style: Boringly good

NEXT WEEK: The mysterious Brendan...

Week 1 - Preview

Stoneybrook is going to be a good test for the Scotland guys... as the course is apparently pretty dry, fairways are tight, and greens are NOT butter smooth. The way golf was intended.

Below is the scorecard. I have Dave on the black tees, Gorecki on the W/S tees, Katie on the green tees. EVERYONE else is on the whites unless you tell me by this Friday.

For those considering a move... moving back to black adds at least 3 strokes to your handicap... while moving up to W/S reduces it by at least 1. Plus whatever based on your index.

Also... UPDATE YOUR REGISTRATION. For all upcoming weeks. We got three of us actively booking courses as we speak, and the schedule is going to shift slightly due to course availability.

Oh, and we have two open spots for Sunday. Some of you mentioned in upcoming weeks you have guests. Let me know what those are again on here so it's saved.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 1 - Summer 2017

I'm still out of town at the moment... But we start up this week at Stoneybrook in Bradenton. 9:45am tee times. Pairings were randomized this week, and will be until later in the season.

Conditions are reported to be "ok." Dry fairways. But the cost is $25 so... We can deal with it.

More later this week.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Season - League Updates

A few updates, reminders, policy changes for the upcoming season:

- Still waiting on the USGA to process our application. I highly doubt they have a large backlog, so apparently "growing the game" is a lot like growing a tomato plant.

- I've had a few requests to tighten up our procedure for allowing new members. Back when we had about 8 people, we asked new members to submit scores and try to play a couple events with us. That soon evolved into requiring a little more commitment, as Katie and Troy basically played an entire season with us before becoming official. That's the direction people want to see it go... a longer probation period where new members need to show dedication while establishing a more accurate handicap.
   It seems Robbie is finally healthy enough to start playing, so I'll make room for him this season (He filled out his registration! Maybe Dave can figure it out?!?) . Same goes for Danny Mac. Both should attend as many weeks as possible if they want to officially join.

- Regarding Gorecki's lack of athleticism... since we're finally calculating handicaps from different tees correctly, he feels he should be able to move up as far as he wants. From what I'm hearing, most people have told me they don't care. That tune will change if he ever starts winning long drive dollars (his 10% long drive rate is the second lowest in the league among active members).

- Then there's "Gorecki's" tournament. Should we be allowed to move back as far as we want? Most people are saying it defeats the theme, so we should play up at whatever 5,000yd tee box he picks. However, his event has also been reported by a handful of people as "offensive." So it's currently under review and we might remove it completely.

- Last but not least... due to the popularity of the "Handicap Tracker," there is a TON of interest in the "Gross Scoring Average Tracker." The below chart shows all active league members and their tournament gross scoring average (only what you shoot in official events, adjusted to par 72). #goreckisucks

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Rapture - Leftovers

When "The Rapture" happens, a majority of people will be left on the Earth to wait for "the great tribulation"... which could be really awful or kinda anti-climatic, depending on which preacher you listen to. Either way, it's not ideal and you're much better off being selected to ascend to Heaven.

I'm told there's a good show on HBO about this called "The Leftovers" (91% on Rotten Tomatoes seems promising). I haven't watched it yet, but this year our golf league will have our first batch of Leftovers.

With Faz officially out, as many as three league members will NOT qualify for The Rapture. As the league expands to our target number, this will be a regular occurrence. It's also a good thing, since qualifying should be an accomplishment we all strive for.

The Leftovers have a choice of skipping the weekend, or attending anyway and playing in the first group out each round. I encourage anyone who doesn't qualify (myself included) to attend. It'll still be fun and we get to play some great courses. We should also bring up anyone who is interested in joining the league full time, assuming there's an open spot.

That being said, let's rank those who are in danger of becoming a Leftover. Remember, rankings lock after the 3rd event of the upcoming season.

No Chance in Hell - People who will definitely qualify:

Katie - If she scores zero points in the next three events, she's all but guaranteed to still be a captain. Sorry, Gorecki. There will be a girl in charge. #thisiswhytheymarch

Dave / John - The other captain spot will more than likely be one of these guys.

Gary / Gorecki / Buchert - All three have a mathematical chance to be a captain... but they'd have to win two, if not all the events. Regardless, they'll be at The Rapture.

Tall Mike / Troy - They're in no matter how they play. No chance at captain, though.

Getting Warmer - People who are fairly safe:

Darren / Geoff - Mathematically possible for them to put up a bunch of zeros and not qualify. It would also take the guys behind them to play well.

On the Hot Seat - The Leftovers will probably be three guys from this group:

Anthony - He needs to play in two of the next three events to even qualify. Assuming that happens, he should be in the top 12. Of course, he also could be ranked last after week 3.

Reid / Chandler - Both desperately need a win, or at least a bunch of top 4 finishes to remain in The Rapture. Poor play will probably ruin it for one of these old veterans.

Brendan / JW  - Brendan is in a slightly better spot, but it's not looking good. JW's terrible Spring season, along with his 175 world ranking points dropping off in the next three events might be too much to overcome. Either way, both need a victory.

Summer season starts up in 14 days, down in Bradenton (course TBD). So get some practice in the next two weeks! And if you don't qualify for The Rapture, definitely consider going anyway. Once rankings lock I'll immediately need to start collecting payment from those attending.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Golf Game Book - Android

I received an email that Golf Game Book (the app we use for leaderboard tracking during our tournaments) is finally back for Android phones. So go download the app before our season resumes. (its free) And stop relying on the iPhone users to post those double pars of yours.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good Friday Golf

I have two spots open at the moment for golf on Friday at Southern Hills... 8am tee time. So if you're off work and are always up at 5am anyway... you should join!

Let me know!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Handicap Tracker Spring 2017

Well we concluded the spring season a short 3 weeks ago and man has new content on here been absent. So let me post what many of your request from me regularly.. the handicap tracker!

This tracker has what your handicap was at the start of this spring season (1/1) and then at the conclusion of it (4/1) so you can see if your handicap reflects how you fared during the league's 9 events.

Congrats to Katie and John for their one-two finish in this year's standings and they also had the biggest drops in handicap indexes.

It was pretty even among league members with those that had their indexes improve over the season vs those that saw theirs increase. Odd as we normally see a majority improvement of scores as the season concludes due to getting out and playing nearly every weekend. Maybe Katie and John are willing to share their secret!

Well here's the tracker. Another fun season has concluded and looking forward to us resuming at the end of the month!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Off-Season Golf Update

The off-season is a good time to mend things in your life. Katie and Gary are mending some injuries (although Katie apparently just stepped on a rusty nail and can't walk). Many of you are mending your relationships after coming home too late from golf. I'm mending my handicap, trying to figure out if I'll ever have a chance to win again.

But we've played a few courses we can discuss. Let's start with the Red Tee Challenge. Much more difficult than I thought. And I saw a LOT of shanks out there. Trying to hit a 100 yard 8 iron apparently leads to lazy swings and hosel rockets. Reid showed up pretty sick, which definitely added some strokes to his round. But I was shocked more people didn't buy pitchers.

We also checked out Seminole Lake in Pinellas. It's ok. Nothing great. We could do a Spring event there next year if the price is right. Definitely not worth wasting a Summer event. Sad truth is... Pinellas courses are all pretty weak.

Tampa isn't much better. We had to jump through hoops to get a noon round for $65 at Carrollwood Country Club. Greens are excellent. Fairways and rough and good. Layout is decent. But there are so many better places to go that are less of a hassle. Lake Jovita... Eaglebrook... TPC Tampa... and I want to try to get us on Hunter's Green for Match Play this season. All better than CCC.

Summer season we travel more, and we are working on some really nice courses. So fill out your registration sheet! Same link on the top right of the blog that you used last season. First week is 27 days away!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Red Tee 3-Club Challenge

April 1st, 2017. 1:40pm. Everyone who shoots 91 or higher (+19) owes TWO pitchers!

Three clubs only! Putter counts as a club. Katie's score will be her actual score from the Spring 2017 Jamaican Open, entered in real time.

League members club selections:

Chandler - 5 iron, 8 iron, Putter
Dave - 5 iron, Pitching Wedge, Putter
Faz - Hybrid, 7 iron, 56° Wedge
Reid - Hybrid, 7 iron, Pitching Wedge
John - Hybrid, 8 iron, Gap Wedge
Tall Mike - 4 iron, 7 iron, Gap Wedge

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sunday Golf

I pulled some strings and got 2 tee times at Carrollwood Village,   I mean Emerald Greens,  I mean Carrollwood Country Club for 11:20 and 11:30 am. We were granted the guest rate of $65 and includes range and cart.

Last I checked 5 people were interested in playing Sunday. Chandler, Darren, Dave, John, and myself. JW was a "probaby can't do Sunday" but w Saturday's bail out perhaps he's interested.

Post on here and lets try and fill these remaining spots. Not sure if we'll have the opportunity to play this private course again without knowing a member.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Golf

Tee time booked for Heritage Isles on Saturday:

1:40pm - Chandler, Faz, JW Reid, Dave. You all owe me a beer (booking fee).

Tall Mike wants in, but he's gonna need to fill a group and book a time near us.


Sunday golf: Nothing booked yet but I got myself and Darren so far. Anyone else want in?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Red Tee Challenge

You might have heard rumblings about this in Orlando last weekend, or on FaceBook...

Looking at our short off-season, we got Masters weekend and Easter taking up the middle of it... so there's not a lot of days to choose from. Let's try afternoon (2:30ish) next  Saturday, April 1st. Dave wants to go out afterwards and make a party of it.

Anyway, the goal is to beat Katie's score of 91 off the Red Tees at Heritage Isles. Dave and I will be doing it using 3 clubs. JW mentioned he was interested with a full set. We wanted to see if Gorecki could do it, but he's scared. If anyone else wants to challenge themselves, let me know. It's a fun exercise and honestly should help teach course management.

I'll also play an actual round next Sunday somewhere if that's more your style. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Report Cards

Faz made everyone a report card for their season. See below, and find yours by initials. First 10 guys up top, next 8 on the bottom.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Official Golf Rankings - Rapture Update

Katie finally has enough rounds to make the OGR, and unsurprisingly debuted at #1. There are three more events until we lock the standings for the 2017 Rapture, and she will be one of the captains. The other spot could be anyone if they start next season with some wins.

Casey and Dan will make the rankings after one more event... and Anthony will show up after two more events.

As a reminder, the 2017 Rapture is up in Inverness/Ocala on August 18, 19 and 20. We're playing all three days, so you'll need Friday the 18th off from work. I have two rental houses booked and paid for, so let's revisit who said they want in.

As mentioned before, the MAXIMUM we will ever take for this event is 16 people. If we can't get 16 members this year, then we will take the top 12 available people in order of ranking.

But seriously, you're not going to want to miss out on Black Diamond.

Below are the current rankings and member responses when this process began:

If your status has changed, let me know ASAP. While 16 people have said they are "IN," I have a feeling we'll lose someone which means it's a 12-man event this year. But I'm also hoping we pick up a Fazioli!

I was also asked yesterday: "What happens when you [Chandler] don't qualify?" While I fully expect that to eventually be the case, I hadn't crunched the numbers to see that it could be this year!

In the event I don't qualify... nothing changes! I'll probably still go and pay a full share of the housing costs, but I won't be playing. Instead I'll get a cart and ride around documenting the tournament. I'll also make sure none of the groups are playing some random modified scramble format! But bottom line... I need to play better and qualify like everyone else!

So if you don't make it but want to tag along, we'll work something out.

Update or confirm your attendance! Be sure you can take off work on August 18th! And start filling out that WAG Permission Slip if you aren't in control of your own existence!

DPT Masters - Spring 2017 Recap

Excellent day on the course yesterday. Windy, but OCN was in amazing shape. Once again, our group tends to play better when we aren't chipping on hardpan dirt. Greens were some of the best we've ever seen, and the layout was decent. Nothing spectacular... but the entire experience was worth the early morning and $80.

Gary played out of his mind, winning his 3rd career Major and second event of the season. Thanks to our scoreboard app, I knew he needed a par on 18 for his lowest career round (previously a 75 at Southern Hills). My group stuck around to watch him bomb a drive down the center, leaving a wedge to the green. Of course, he pulls it short left. He didn't seem to know what his score was, let alone he was winning the tournament... but I told him he really should get up-and-down. Gary made great contact on the chip, but it was too hard and had enough speed to roll off the green and perhaps into a bunker. However, the ball hit the flagstick dead center and dropped for a birdie, giving him a career best 73 gross... one over par. The seven of us watching went nuts.

Behind Gary, we had the elusive Gorecki and Brendan sightings. Both were solid, making enough pars (and birdies for Brendan) to overcome some rough patches. And Troy finished in the money for consecutive weeks, continuing to improve his scores.

As for the DPT Cup, Dave needed a victory. While he put up a good fight, he just made too many bogeys to have a chance even if Gary wasn't stomping the field. John ejected early and often, downing bourbon as he realized his chances of finishing in top three were over.

So while Katie finished a shot out of DFL, scoring a measly 1.7 points... she'd done enough during the season to win the Cup and join the Champions club. In protest, Gorecki vowed to never win any future seasons so he doesn't have to eat with a girl.

Spring 2017 Champion


We have a short off season, and I'll re-post the schedule very soon. But the golf will continue. If you want to play somewhere in Tampa this Sunday, make a comment. I'll look for some deals and set up a couple of groups tomorrow.

I received a lot of positive comments yesterday saying we really should play out in Orlando more often. We'll keep looking into it, making sure we get some decent group rates... but I do like the idea of holding the finals out there each season. It allows anyone who is out of the running to skip if they don't want to travel. But with zero traffic on the road Sunday morning, it wasn't terrible. The ride back, however... blah.

I have a LOT of courses in my database that our league would love, and I'll book them if the price is right. But there will always be spots on our schedule for the shitty local tracks. They bring down the average cost and travel. And that's important if we want to be inclusive and not a burden on people.


Tons more content to be posted today and tomorrow. Check back soon. Great season, everyone!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sunday Update

We have exactly 16 players so we're locking it down with 4 groups. See you out there. Be there at least 8:15am. Check comments on previous post for Gorecki's tips.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DPT Masters - Spring 2017 Preview

This is it! We're going to crown a new Champion this Sunday. Hopefully Tall Mike cleans up and actually brings the trophy.

So I played both courses at OCN in late 2015. Big John, Reid and Darren played as well. I don't remember either of the courses, so despite allegedly being in great shape... the layout might be mediocre. I do remember the practice facility, clubhouse, and sketchy motel they have on property. We might do a Rapture out there later if the price is right.

Anyway... a few tee choices this week:

Here are the minimum handicap adjustments based on the Course Ratings:
Orange - +5
Green - +3
White - 0

So if you decide to move from white to green, you gain AT LEAST 3 strokes. Call out where you want to play before Saturday.

We're reversing our normal order this week, with the champion group last. Be sure to get to the course no later than 8:15am.

Don't go OB at Heritage Isles!

Brendan had a rough day off the tee and the above picture was a prime example. As we drove up to his ball, a pleasant woman was kind enough to drop her sprinkler between his ball and the cart path. She even turned it on for him, probably realizing it was hot out and wanted Brendan to cool off a bit.

The funny thing is, his ball was only a few feet out of bounds and her sprinkler hit more cart path than grass. Remember, he didn't hit his ball near her sprinkler, we watched her drag it out and drop the sprinkler near his ball. Good times!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pre-Championship Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

Leading into the final event, here are some Spring ’17 stats and (un)interesting facts. I’m listing “top 5s” in a few of the more important categories to keep the post a little shorter. I’ll list complete rankings for every stat after the final event.

It’s tough to compare apples to apples for our stats since not everyone plays in every event and it’s only going to get tougher as people start to play different tee boxes more frequently but we work with what we have.

Par 3, 4, and 5 scoring should be self-explanatory…it’s your average score for all of the 3s, 4s, and 5s you’ve played this season.

Par 3 Scoring

Par 4 Scoring

Par 5 Scoring

The next three categories should also be pretty obvious. The dreaded “others” category is how often you make double or worse. The true “top 5” for this would of course be the people with the lowest percentage but I didn’t want the guys with actual golf talent to be the only ones included in this post. Being “top 5” for bogey can be a good or bad thing depending on your handicap. For most of us, making bogey on a relatively consistent basis will lead to solid net scores.

Pars or Better



Points per event goes to show you don’t technically need to play in all of the events and you also don’t need to win multiple times. Katie has missed an event but she’s won three times, came in third at a major, and only finished out of the points once. John, on the other hand, has only one win but it was the Faz Match Play where he earned an extra 100 points for his individual match, two second place finishes (one of them a major), two thirds, and a fourth place finish with also only one goose egg on the season.

Points per Event

A couple other interesting things I noticed while glancing at stats.

The competition and level of play has been great so far with the tightest margin between winner and runner-up net scores (2.75 strokes) since the Spring ’14 season and the second best average winning net score of 6.625 strokes below par.

We’ve played four courses for the first time in league history this season (Cheval, Rogers, Saddlebrook, Heritage Isles), soon to be five with the neutral site championship this week.

We’ve had two first-time winners: Katie and Troy. And Brian won for the first time since the Spring ’15 season, something like 25 starts between wins.

We’ve had 18 pitchers of beer purchased, only one for the 10-under sandbagger rule. I guess technically 17 since I see JW voluntarily put himself on the deadbeat list but we earned 18 and that’s what matters.

Brendan and Brian both need to switch up whatever they’re doing at the turn because they both have awful back-9 scoring compared to their front-9s. Brian shoots, on average, 5.5 strokes worse on the back and Brendan isn’t much better with a 4.167 stroke differential. Maybe they should ask Katie what she’s doing at the turn since her front and back scoring average is exactly the same. It might have something to do with her always riding in the snack cart, I mean Dave’s cart, since his differential is also basically nothing at only 0.875 strokes.

That’s all for now. I wish I had the time to do my weekly stats posts like I used to. I’ll try to be better about it for the summer season. Good luck to Katie, John, and Dave out in Orlando on Sunday. It would have been nice of the Jamaican Open tournament host to offer us a charter flight to our next event but I guess it’s taking time for those $2 fines to add up.