Monday, February 13, 2017

Hangover Recap / Other Haps

Buchert got a LONG overdue victory yesterday, with an excellent 75 (gross) on a course that plays much harder than the 108 slope suggests. While the conditions were better than expected, some of those pin placements were nasty. Buchert's win was his first in 26 attempts, snapping one of the longest streaks in the league. Let's check in on the current standings of events since last victory (if any).

JW - 33
Reid - 28
Brendan - 18
Faz - 15
Chan - 14
Darren - 10
John - 9
Geoff - 8
Casey - 5
Dan - 5
Katie - 4
Tall Mike -4
Gorecki - 4
Gary - 3
Anthony - 3
Dave - 1
Troy - 0
Buchert - 0

JW and Reid were in the mix yesterday, but Dub fell apart in the middle of the back nine, and Reid ejected early to make catching Buchert impossible. Hopefully they can break their streaks soon.

Big John played great yesterday, and would have won almost any other week. It's impressive how far his game has improved over a short period of time, thanks to some lessons and lots of practice. Just last December he couldn't hit his driver more than 120 yards. He was crushing it yesterday.


Lots of great commentary on the Hangover event itself. It's one of our original tournaments, and definitely intended to be a season party. But under the original rules, we had SEVEN members who would have been DQd yesterday. So while I don't want to force people to hang out, it isn't really working. As Faz stated on Saturday, "either we have the event as intended, or we just scrap it."

He also made the point that people miss regular events all the time for various things. And even with a nine week season, it's not detrimental to your standings. Five of the nine champions did NOT play in every event the season they won.

So we're reverting to mandatory attendance. Just consider it a 1.5 day event. No exemptions, if you can't make the night before, then you can still play golf but not for points or money. We do a good job bouncing around to different locations, so sometimes you're going to have a $25 Uber ride like I did Saturday.

We're changing the required time to 8pm-Midnight, so that should help some of you older people. If you don't/can't drink, just come hang out. If the doctor or judge says you're not allowed to be around alcohol, then we'll probably give you a pass. But we're a small enough group to make this work.


John has booked us this week on Saddlebrook (Palmer). It's a course I've never played, but allegedly one of the best in the area. We have 5 tee times starting at 9:06, cost is $50 plus $5 if you want to use the practice facility. I may go play it Saturday at noon for the same price if anyone wants to join.

More information to come later this week!


J.W. said...

I thought I was going to push for second, especially with how well I was hitting the ball and how well I played the back nine on Saturday. I did enjoy the course, though. One thing I didn't enjoy was the bartender not tending the bar. I've never seen someone so inept at their job as that guy.

Katie said...

Yeah poor guy definitely has hearing loss and it seems to be affecting his cognitive function. I'll start bringing my business cards to events.

Dan Rogers said...

Thanks for getting us on at the Palmer course John. While it's a nice and difficult course it's.l not worth they $125ish they charge.

Incase anyone was wondering I'm still having 3-putt flashbacks from countryway.

Chandler said...

There's really not many places worth $100+. I've spent a lot more to play where PGA Tour events are held, but that's mainly for novelty purposes. Doing that for weekly outings is silly when we're surrounded by so many courses.

Gorecki has talked to a bunch of pro shops this winter out in Orlando, trying to get us deals. Shingle Creek (great course) was willing to give us 40% off! But it was a drop from $150 to $90. We'll try there in the Summer season at a lower rate.

We are currently booked at Orange County National (Crooked Cat) for the finals, at $75 for an 8:50am tee time. I try to keep Majors at $60ish so it's a bit more, but with $45 at Southern Hills and $55 at Saddlebrook this season... it washes out. The tee time, however, is going to test all those people who said they like earlier starts.

We have a lot of nice and "new" places to play coming up. Troy is also going to hook us up again at Champions Gate CC. Keep a mental list of your favorites!

Dan Rogers said...

Never played shingle creek. Looks great though! Crooked Cat is pretty hard from the tips (played once). Never played champions Gate either. The place seems like it's overhyped though IMO. Southern hills for the price we pay is top of the line. Btw I got an email from Streamsong, 3 Nights (double occupancy), 3 courses (red, blue, black), $300 per person Oct 1st- Dec 15th. I'm interested!

Chandler said...

ChampionsGate Golf Club has two courses designed by Greg Norman and both are way overrated. Didn't really like either of them.

ChampionsGate Country Club, where Troy gets us a deal, is awesome. Great shape, scoreable, feels like a resort course.

They're unrelated courses and shouldn't be named so similar. But people in the golf industry aren't the smartest bunch.

I'd be interested in that Streamsong deal... Send me that email to look into it.

J.W. said...

Streamsong deal sounds awesome. I'd be interested in doing that, too

Darren Broom said...

I'm interested in that Streamsong deal too. There's got to be some kind of catch. That's too good of a deal.

Dan Rogers said...

Email forwarded. Chandler will organize us as he sees fit as I am able recognize talent when I see it. Just don't tell my Ex wags

Chandler said...

Gotta read that fine print! $300 per night. After hotel fees and taxes, gonna be around $1,100 a person.

Dan Rogers said...

Lol. Damn it.

Chandler said...

I know. It shouldn't be that much. But we will need to do a trip to the Black Course next year.