Thursday, March 30, 2017

Red Tee 3-Club Challenge

April 1st, 2017. 1:40pm. Everyone who shoots 91 or higher (+19) owes TWO pitchers!

Three clubs only! Putter counts as a club. Katie's score will be her actual score from the Spring 2017 Jamaican Open, entered in real time.

League members club selections:

Chandler - 5 iron, 8 iron, Putter
Dave - 5 iron, Pitching Wedge, Putter
Faz - Hybrid, 7 iron, 56° Wedge
Reid - Hybrid, 7 iron, Pitching Wedge
John - Hybrid, 8 iron, Gap Wedge
Tall Mike - 4 iron, 7 iron, Gap Wedge

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sunday Golf

I pulled some strings and got 2 tee times at Carrollwood Village,   I mean Emerald Greens,  I mean Carrollwood Country Club for 11:20 and 11:30 am. We were granted the guest rate of $65 and includes range and cart.

Last I checked 5 people were interested in playing Sunday. Chandler, Darren, Dave, John, and myself. JW was a "probaby can't do Sunday" but w Saturday's bail out perhaps he's interested.

Post on here and lets try and fill these remaining spots. Not sure if we'll have the opportunity to play this private course again without knowing a member.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Golf

Tee time booked for Heritage Isles on Saturday:

1:40pm - Chandler, Faz, JW Reid, Dave. You all owe me a beer (booking fee).

Tall Mike wants in, but he's gonna need to fill a group and book a time near us.


Sunday golf: Nothing booked yet but I got myself and Darren so far. Anyone else want in?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Red Tee Challenge

You might have heard rumblings about this in Orlando last weekend, or on FaceBook...

Looking at our short off-season, we got Masters weekend and Easter taking up the middle of it... so there's not a lot of days to choose from. Let's try afternoon (2:30ish) next  Saturday, April 1st. Dave wants to go out afterwards and make a party of it.

Anyway, the goal is to beat Katie's score of 91 off the Red Tees at Heritage Isles. Dave and I will be doing it using 3 clubs. JW mentioned he was interested with a full set. We wanted to see if Gorecki could do it, but he's scared. If anyone else wants to challenge themselves, let me know. It's a fun exercise and honestly should help teach course management.

I'll also play an actual round next Sunday somewhere if that's more your style. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Report Cards

Faz made everyone a report card for their season. See below, and find yours by initials. First 10 guys up top, next 8 on the bottom.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Official Golf Rankings - Rapture Update

Katie finally has enough rounds to make the OGR, and unsurprisingly debuted at #1. There are three more events until we lock the standings for the 2017 Rapture, and she will be one of the captains. The other spot could be anyone if they start next season with some wins.

Casey and Dan will make the rankings after one more event... and Anthony will show up after two more events.

As a reminder, the 2017 Rapture is up in Inverness/Ocala on August 18, 19 and 20. We're playing all three days, so you'll need Friday the 18th off from work. I have two rental houses booked and paid for, so let's revisit who said they want in.

As mentioned before, the MAXIMUM we will ever take for this event is 16 people. If we can't get 16 members this year, then we will take the top 12 available people in order of ranking.

But seriously, you're not going to want to miss out on Black Diamond.

Below are the current rankings and member responses when this process began:

If your status has changed, let me know ASAP. While 16 people have said they are "IN," I have a feeling we'll lose someone which means it's a 12-man event this year. But I'm also hoping we pick up a Fazioli!

I was also asked yesterday: "What happens when you [Chandler] don't qualify?" While I fully expect that to eventually be the case, I hadn't crunched the numbers to see that it could be this year!

In the event I don't qualify... nothing changes! I'll probably still go and pay a full share of the housing costs, but I won't be playing. Instead I'll get a cart and ride around documenting the tournament. I'll also make sure none of the groups are playing some random modified scramble format! But bottom line... I need to play better and qualify like everyone else!

So if you don't make it but want to tag along, we'll work something out.

Update or confirm your attendance! Be sure you can take off work on August 18th! And start filling out that WAG Permission Slip if you aren't in control of your own existence!

DPT Masters - Spring 2017 Recap

Excellent day on the course yesterday. Windy, but OCN was in amazing shape. Once again, our group tends to play better when we aren't chipping on hardpan dirt. Greens were some of the best we've ever seen, and the layout was decent. Nothing spectacular... but the entire experience was worth the early morning and $80.

Gary played out of his mind, winning his 3rd career Major and second event of the season. Thanks to our scoreboard app, I knew he needed a par on 18 for his lowest career round (previously a 75 at Southern Hills). My group stuck around to watch him bomb a drive down the center, leaving a wedge to the green. Of course, he pulls it short left. He didn't seem to know what his score was, let alone he was winning the tournament... but I told him he really should get up-and-down. Gary made great contact on the chip, but it was too hard and had enough speed to roll off the green and perhaps into a bunker. However, the ball hit the flagstick dead center and dropped for a birdie, giving him a career best 73 gross... one over par. The seven of us watching went nuts.

Behind Gary, we had the elusive Gorecki and Brendan sightings. Both were solid, making enough pars (and birdies for Brendan) to overcome some rough patches. And Troy finished in the money for consecutive weeks, continuing to improve his scores.

As for the DPT Cup, Dave needed a victory. While he put up a good fight, he just made too many bogeys to have a chance even if Gary wasn't stomping the field. John ejected early and often, downing bourbon as he realized his chances of finishing in top three were over.

So while Katie finished a shot out of DFL, scoring a measly 1.7 points... she'd done enough during the season to win the Cup and join the Champions club. In protest, Gorecki vowed to never win any future seasons so he doesn't have to eat with a girl.

Spring 2017 Champion


We have a short off season, and I'll re-post the schedule very soon. But the golf will continue. If you want to play somewhere in Tampa this Sunday, make a comment. I'll look for some deals and set up a couple of groups tomorrow.

I received a lot of positive comments yesterday saying we really should play out in Orlando more often. We'll keep looking into it, making sure we get some decent group rates... but I do like the idea of holding the finals out there each season. It allows anyone who is out of the running to skip if they don't want to travel. But with zero traffic on the road Sunday morning, it wasn't terrible. The ride back, however... blah.

I have a LOT of courses in my database that our league would love, and I'll book them if the price is right. But there will always be spots on our schedule for the shitty local tracks. They bring down the average cost and travel. And that's important if we want to be inclusive and not a burden on people.


Tons more content to be posted today and tomorrow. Check back soon. Great season, everyone!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sunday Update

We have exactly 16 players so we're locking it down with 4 groups. See you out there. Be there at least 8:15am. Check comments on previous post for Gorecki's tips.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DPT Masters - Spring 2017 Preview

This is it! We're going to crown a new Champion this Sunday. Hopefully Tall Mike cleans up and actually brings the trophy.

So I played both courses at OCN in late 2015. Big John, Reid and Darren played as well. I don't remember either of the courses, so despite allegedly being in great shape... the layout might be mediocre. I do remember the practice facility, clubhouse, and sketchy motel they have on property. We might do a Rapture out there later if the price is right.

Anyway... a few tee choices this week:

Here are the minimum handicap adjustments based on the Course Ratings:
Orange - +5
Green - +3
White - 0

So if you decide to move from white to green, you gain AT LEAST 3 strokes. Call out where you want to play before Saturday.

We're reversing our normal order this week, with the champion group last. Be sure to get to the course no later than 8:15am.

Don't go OB at Heritage Isles!

Brendan had a rough day off the tee and the above picture was a prime example. As we drove up to his ball, a pleasant woman was kind enough to drop her sprinkler between his ball and the cart path. She even turned it on for him, probably realizing it was hot out and wanted Brendan to cool off a bit.

The funny thing is, his ball was only a few feet out of bounds and her sprinkler hit more cart path than grass. Remember, he didn't hit his ball near her sprinkler, we watched her drag it out and drop the sprinkler near his ball. Good times!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pre-Championship Stats & (Un)interesting Facts

Leading into the final event, here are some Spring ’17 stats and (un)interesting facts. I’m listing “top 5s” in a few of the more important categories to keep the post a little shorter. I’ll list complete rankings for every stat after the final event.

It’s tough to compare apples to apples for our stats since not everyone plays in every event and it’s only going to get tougher as people start to play different tee boxes more frequently but we work with what we have.

Par 3, 4, and 5 scoring should be self-explanatory…it’s your average score for all of the 3s, 4s, and 5s you’ve played this season.

Par 3 Scoring

Par 4 Scoring

Par 5 Scoring

The next three categories should also be pretty obvious. The dreaded “others” category is how often you make double or worse. The true “top 5” for this would of course be the people with the lowest percentage but I didn’t want the guys with actual golf talent to be the only ones included in this post. Being “top 5” for bogey can be a good or bad thing depending on your handicap. For most of us, making bogey on a relatively consistent basis will lead to solid net scores.

Pars or Better



Points per event goes to show you don’t technically need to play in all of the events and you also don’t need to win multiple times. Katie has missed an event but she’s won three times, came in third at a major, and only finished out of the points once. John, on the other hand, has only one win but it was the Faz Match Play where he earned an extra 100 points for his individual match, two second place finishes (one of them a major), two thirds, and a fourth place finish with also only one goose egg on the season.

Points per Event

A couple other interesting things I noticed while glancing at stats.

The competition and level of play has been great so far with the tightest margin between winner and runner-up net scores (2.75 strokes) since the Spring ’14 season and the second best average winning net score of 6.625 strokes below par.

We’ve played four courses for the first time in league history this season (Cheval, Rogers, Saddlebrook, Heritage Isles), soon to be five with the neutral site championship this week.

We’ve had two first-time winners: Katie and Troy. And Brian won for the first time since the Spring ’15 season, something like 25 starts between wins.

We’ve had 18 pitchers of beer purchased, only one for the 10-under sandbagger rule. I guess technically 17 since I see JW voluntarily put himself on the deadbeat list but we earned 18 and that’s what matters.

Brendan and Brian both need to switch up whatever they’re doing at the turn because they both have awful back-9 scoring compared to their front-9s. Brian shoots, on average, 5.5 strokes worse on the back and Brendan isn’t much better with a 4.167 stroke differential. Maybe they should ask Katie what she’s doing at the turn since her front and back scoring average is exactly the same. It might have something to do with her always riding in the snack cart, I mean Dave’s cart, since his differential is also basically nothing at only 0.875 strokes.

That’s all for now. I wish I had the time to do my weekly stats posts like I used to. I’ll try to be better about it for the summer season. Good luck to Katie, John, and Dave out in Orlando on Sunday. It would have been nice of the Jamaican Open tournament host to offer us a charter flight to our next event but I guess it’s taking time for those $2 fines to add up.

Jamaican Open - Spring 2017 Recap

While Katie winning isn't a surprise, who had her winning "worst-outfit" of the season? It's her third victory on the year, and second time setting a new personal best with a score of 91 (gross). When you shoot a personal best, you should be in the winner's circle.

But that almost didn't happen due to a stellar round by Troy (89 gross). I'm not sure if that's a record for him, but it's the first time in league play that he's been in the 80s. And he made a 9 on the second hole!

Anthony also finally put a round in the 80s on the board, with an impressive 3rd place showing. He now had two top-3s this season.

Big John was attempting to lock up the Cup yesterday, but couldn't beat his future roommate thanks to a pair of triples on the back nine. And Dan's round was pretty solid, shooting 82 from the tips.


We have three people in the running for the Cup. Dave needs to win, and have Katie finish somewhere around T4 or worse. John can finish 2nd and still win the season. The rest of us will play spoiler one way or another.

We have 20 spots saved for Sunday, so I need to get the final list TODAY.  Our first tee time is 8:50am. Let's also comment who's carpooling. Everyone needs to be there by 8:15am at the latest.

Katie says her brother is playing. Danny is out of town but did I hear Mizlay wants in? That would give us 3 spots to fill.

More on the course and tee options later this week!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jamaican Open - Spring 2017 Preview

Heritage Isles. Well... it's not Pebble Creek? And it's a slightly better version of Heritage Harbor? Trying to stay positive here!

We got a full field of 20 unless someone Goreckis... which 4 days away is going to be frowned upon. We need everyone this week due to their alleged strict group rate policy. Tee time is 9:30am and there is a range. DO NOT GO TO THE WRONG COURSE! Heritage Isles is right down the road from Pebble Creek.

See this flag?

Wear those colors. $2 fine to Reid for anyone who doesn't. It goes to pay for his trophy.

We're also fresh off our 3 part investigation into "playing multiple tee boxes," which was mind blowing to say the least. Now a couple of our better players won't feel so trapped on the forward boxes, and it's a good thing we ultimately learned the proper way to handle it. However, most of you reading this shouldn't be jumping back any time soon. Especially if your handicap is old enough to drink alcohol.

Here is a link to an outdated scorecard. The rating/slopes are wrong... but the hole distance should be somewhat accurate. The course was designed to be a tight, shot-makers track. Less than driver is required off the tee on most holes.

The minimum handicap adjustments for each tee box are: Gold (+6), Blue (+3), White (0), Katie (0).

I got Dan and Dave playing the tips. Buchert and Brendan playing the Blues. Everyone else is currently making the prudent choice. These will lock on Friday when the leader board is posted.

Prediction: I like Tall Mike this week.

Next week: Orange County National in Orlando. Gorecki played it yesterday and said it was in great shape. Insanely early tee time and we might need to fill some spots.

So yeah, exciting times. If you're headed to the Valspar this week, Darren will be there Thursday, I'll be there Friday, and I'm heading back with Gary and Faz on Saturday (Hooters Owl's Nest).

Monday, March 6, 2017

Different Tees - Part 3

As mentioned many times before, I ran an audit of every time a league member played a different set of tees. Each time Dan teed it back, we cheated him out of strokes. Every time the Goreckis teed it forward, they stole strokes. And Katie is a mixed bag since sometimes the woman's rating was higher... and sometimes it was lower.

I also listed who lost out due to the error, since that's all we really care about anyway:

"+/-" is how many strokes their handicap should have adjusted.

So nothing really major, and we're not going to go back to adjust anything. Colorado's football team won a National Championship in 1990 after they were awarded a 5th down... so it happens. What's more important is that now we know how to handle it... and what we're going to do moving forward.

1) Starting immediately, we're going to only use the USGA Course Database for rating and slope numbers. We will no longer be using the scorecard or anything posted online by the course. The USGA's numbers will always be the most up-to-date, whereas courses continue to use old scorecards. They're also terrible at website maintenance. I'll adjusted each tournament page to reflect the ratings/slopes for allowed tees... so you can make a decision using those numbers. The "tournament page" is the located through the date link on the schedule. Its always been there. Use it!

These links.

2) I'll attempt to post a link to a scorecard for each event in our weekly preview so you can see exactly what holes play longer from each tee box.

3) The league will establish standard tees for each event. These will be the most forward you are allowed to play, and everyone will default to those tees. If you want to move back, you have until Friday each week to let me know. After that you're stuck playing it up where you probably should be anyway. Also, don't ask me what your handicap would be from each box. Learn the formula and make a decision (I'll help you early on since this is all new, however).

4) For now, greenies and long drives aren't changing. If you move back, you make it harder on yourself to win those. Basically... look at the card and pick the tees you think you'll enjoy the most. And I'll keep beating the dead horse about "teeing it forward."

This upcoming week, Buchert and Brendan both expressed interest in moving to the Blue tees. Big John initially did, but then decided against it based on the longer par 3s. Gary and Reid said the course is hard enough from the Whites so they'll stay up.

Dan - your strokes from the Gold, Blue, Whites are either 14, 11 or 7. I'm assuming you're at least on the Blues

Dave - yours are 12, 9 or 6. Also assuming you're on the Blues.

Everyone else... let me know. If I don't hear from you, you're playing the Whites.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Different Tees - Part 2a

This is merely a follow-up to the previous installment, addressing Dan's math in the comments. For the sake of argument, let's assume there are three tees with the following Course Ratings and Slopes:

Gold - 74.3 / 137
Blue - 70.4 / 133
White - 67.6 / 119

Dan pulled these off Heritage Isles' website scorecard, and although they are completely out of date, let's use them in an example.

Dan's handicap index is an outstanding 7.1, and the league has determined the White Tees are the baseline standard for our tournament (I mean, just look at those slopes!).

Dan takes the Course Handicap formula and correctly calculates his course handicap from each set of tees:

Gold - 137 / 113 * 7.1 = 8.6 rounded to 9.
Blue - 133 / 113 * 7.1 = 8.35 rounded to 8.
White - 119 / 113 * 7.1 = 7.47 rounded to 7.

Dan concludes he might as well play the "old man" tees since his handicap is only increasing by one on each set. This is exactly how we've calculated league handicaps since our beginning, and it's the correct way to do so if everyone was playing the same set of tees. But Dan failed to do the final step, which we all just discovered! He needs to take the difference in the Course Rating from each box, round it to the nearest number, and then add that to his previously calculated Course Handicap from that same box. He then has a fair adjustment for the event:

Gold - (74.3 - 67.6) = 6.7 rounded to 7. Add that 7 to the Gold Tees C.H. of 9 and you get 16.
Blue - (70.4 - 67.6) = 2.8 ~> 3 added to Blue Tees C.H. of  8 = 11.
White - (67.6 - 67.6) = 0 added to White Tees C.H. of 7 = 7.

So Dan actually DOES get a huge bump by moving back. Four extra strokes going to the Blues, and nine going to the tips! He might look at the scorecard and determine he'd have more fun playing back, and gladly take the extra strokes.

But it's important to note, NOT EVERYONE would get four strokes moving to the Blue Tees. Everyone would get at least three (70.4 - 67.6 always rounds to 3). But you add that to YOUR personal course handicap from that tee box. Some might even pick up 5 moving back. Scratch golfers would only pick up 3.

Make sense? Monday I'll also discuss why we're going to start using the ratings/slopes off the USGA database instead of scorecards. Assuming my lunch break allows...

Friday, March 3, 2017

Different Tees - Part 2

Let's actually spend Part 2 going over the components of the handicap system. I've posted a lot of this information many, many times before... but it's important that we all know how it works.

On a scorecard, you'll find a Course Rating and a Slope for each set of tees. The Course Rating is a number around par (70.2 for example), whereas the Slope is a number between 55 and 155... usually around 125 for the tees we play.

Before I explain what those mean, we need to define two different types of golfers. According to the USGA:

Scratch Golfer - "Someone who can play to a Course Handicap™ of zero on any and all rated golf courses. He (she) can hit tee shots an average of 250 (210) yards and reach a 470 (400)-yard hole in two shots."

Bogey Golfer - "Someone with a Course Handicap of 20 (24). He (she) can hit tee shots an average of 200 (150) yards and can reach a 370 (280)-yard hole in two shots."

By those definitions, about half of our league is not even at "Bogey Golfer" status because your course handicaps are too high. Anyway, let's use those to help define Course Rating and Slope.

Course Rating - Basically what a Scratch Golfer should shoot from any given set of tees. Let's use the Saddlebrook scorecard for example. We played the whites which has a Course Rating of 69.5. You'd expect a Scratch Golfer to shoot 70 from those tees. Whereas the Blues are 72.5... so a Scratch Golfer should shoot around a 73 (a 3 stroke difference... which is important later).

Slope -  How difficult the course is for the Bogey Golfer, in relation to the Scratch Golfer. The higher the number, the harder the course, with the average being 113. If you remember geometry, you'll recall the slope is the rise vs. run of a line. No different here. They take the Course Rating above, and compared it to the Bogey Rating (which is never listed on the card) and figure out the slope of that resulting line.

That's right, there's also a thing called Bogey Rating which is used "behind the scenes" in these calculations. It's exactly like a Course Rating, but with Bogey golfers in mind instead of Scratch Golfers. From the Saddlebrook white tees, the Bogey Rating is 94.1 for men. How many of us shot 94 or better? FIVE out of FOURTEEN! That's terrible. We're terrible.

But I digress...

When you want to know your course handicap, you take the slope of the tees you're playing, divide that by 113 (average slope) and multiply that by your index. For example, I was an 11.0 index at Saddlebrook from the white tees with a 133 slope. 133 / 113 * 11 = 12.9 rounded to 13.

Works great. Everyone is happy.

Until someone plays another set of tees. You see... the USGA points out that playing from a different set of tees is basically playing a completely different course. And that course has a completely different expectation of what a Scratch and Bogey golfer should shoot. So when Dan moved back, we correctly calculated his course handicap... but we didn't take into account the overall change in expectation (also referred to as target score).

If two scratch golfers play each other from different tees, their course handicap is always going to be 0 because their index is 0. But clearly the one further back is at a huge disadvantage. So how do you account for it? You use the difference of the Course Ratings, which is the target score for a scratch golfer.

Remember that 3 stroke difference from Blues to Whites at Saddlebrook (mentioned above)? That's what we would add to anyone moving back. Or you subtract it from the person on the forward tees. It doesn't matter, just pick wherever MOST people are playing as the baseline. Dave isn't the best example, but if he played the tips at Saddlebrook his handicap that day would go from a 7 to a 10. He'd probably still buy a pitcher though.

And yes, when Gorecki whined about being so terrible he needed to move UP a set of tees... we should have been lowering his handicap by the difference in the Course Ratings. This post is already too long, so Part 3 will contain the audit findings. But do at least attempt to comprehend how this all works. I'm guessing some of our longer hitters will eventually volunteer to move back to gain some strokes and use more drivers off the tee.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Different Tees - Part 1

Lately I've been on a hot streak of flexing nuts about how smooth the league is running. It's basically a God damn masterpiece of efficient management. After 5 years the cost per round is still under our original target. All the new members seem to fit in and are enjoying it. We've added new courses and secured decent group rates. And from what I can tell, the average member goes from playing about 5 rounds a year prior to joining to 20+ per year after joining. If the USGA wants to "grow the game," they need to look at what we're doing (and by "we," I mean locally run leagues not associated with a specific course).

Over the last year I've been slowly going down the path of making us an officially recognized USGA club. I have no idea how that's going to turn out (application pending), but it will lead to a few extra... things. I needed to watch a handicap seminar (and pass a test) in order to be "allowed" to use the official USGA calculations. I created some By Laws that define how the club will operate. I'll need to select a handicap committee to help enforce the USGA handicaps. And I'll also eventually select a Board of Directors to make sure the club serves the will of the members.

The only thing that's going to come out of all this effort is a more structured organization. And it forces more of you to get involved. But we'll talk about that later. For now, I want to discuss what I learned while sitting at home nursing a severe cold... watching the mandatory handicap seminar. There's an extra calculation you need to do for players on different tees.

Brief history...

When we started I refused to let anyone play from different tees. I didn't want to hear the bitching about who benefited from greenies, long drives, etc. And I also firmly believe that ALL golfers play too far back, regardless of how far you hit the ball. Your 280 yard drive doesn't impress me when you post a 92 from 6,500 yards. That's 20 over par and nothing to brag about. Move up until you shoot in the 70s every round.

But eventually Dan joined the league and messed everything up. He's legitimately a great golfer who bombs the ball. And he wanted to play the tips in order to look down on us mere mortals. So I caved in and let him do so the Summer of 2014. That experiment lasted only 4 events because he was getting crushed. Using the Course Handicap calculation, he didn't seem to be gaining enough strokes to justify the more difficult set-up. It was so bad, when Dave joined and quickly lowered his handicap... he declined to play further back.

Turns out Dan was owed some extra strokes. But before he grabs his pitchfork, I've completed an audit of every time someone played a different set of tees (including the Goreckis and Katie). The result: there is NO change in any tournament winner, season winner, skins game or match play. Dan did buy a pitcher at Southern Hills from the tips when he shouldn't have. The league office will buy him beers to make up for it.

Nothing from this season was affected either. And this issue has nothing to do with how handicap indexes are calculated. It only deals with how to handle players from different tees (increasing or decreasing their course handicap).

Part 2 of this series will deal with the audit findings, and how the calculation is supposed to work. But my lunch break is up and Darren runs a tight ship. Mainly, it's important to point out things as I learn about them. True transparency. One of my many qualities.

The Streak of Shame

Happy three year anniversary to my last and only win in my DPT career.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jamaican Open - Spring 2017

Remember, we're OFF this weekend. So below are details for next weekend:

Pebble Creek has a tournament going on... so we're moving to the other course in Reid's backyard, Heritage Isles. The league has purposefully not played here, because there's zero consistency between the tee box choices. Insanely difficult from the longer blue tees... maddening despite being short from the whites. Going to be a lot of pitchers owed this day.

But, they've re-done the greens and they're excellent. So there's that. And the group rate (minimum 20 people) is $31 plus tax.

The pro shop told me like 10 times in a 3 minute call that we'd better show up with 20 people. With Faz, Gorecki and JW out... that leaves 15 league members. Dan's dad will be joining us, as well as hopeful future member Danny. Next week we'll need to fill the final three spots.

Tee time is 9:30am.

More on this event as we get closer to it.