Monday, June 26, 2017

DPT Championship - Summer 2017 Recap

We avoided the worst of the rain and lightning, and put together one of the lowest scoring tournaments at Southern Hills in our history. Over half the league was in red figures at the end of the day.

On the range, Katie told me she was "going to win because I'm trying a new tip." I asked her what that tip was, and she said: "I need to keep my legs closer together." I pointed out that it was a great...

Never mind. Excellent win by Katie, who shot her lowest round ever on a par 72 course (89 gross). We got guys in the league who have never broken 90 at Southern Hills. We also have guys who have never broken 90 in league history outside of The Memorial.

Casey finished runner-up for the 2nd week in a row... continuing some excellent play as he moves up the standings.

Tall Mike and Reid rounded out the top 4 with scores that could have won in previous years.

JW pointed out halfway through the round (via text) that Gorecki must have left his magic pencil in Scotland. He shot what I believe is the 2nd worst round in league history (118 gross).


We're off this week for the 4th of July weekend. I'll announce the Match Play course soon... so update your RSVP.


Yesterday I changed the World Rankings formula which knocked Katie from 1st to 5th. She wasn't having any of that... and jumped back up to the top spot this week.

Troy is officially OUT of the Rapture in August, so Mike H can go ahead and pay me $160. Send it to me on PayPal... chandler dot brown at the gmails.

As soon as we officially hear from Anthony, I'll update Greg on his status. Dave and Reid are the other deadbeats who owe $160.

If one more person bails, I'm booting all the non-members and we're taking 12 people.


Chris Faz said...

Some additional stats & facts.

Casey's +13 is his best career score, beating his +15 at World Woods earlier this season.

By my stats, the only active member to never break +18 is Gorecki. +18 at Buffalo Creek in the Summer '16 season is his best career round.

Katie's +17 ties Geoff's best career score, which happened at Countryway in our first ever season in the Summer of 2012.

The next best winning scores at Southern Hills are John and Darren with -9 in the Summer of '15 and '13 respectively.

The par-5 7th and the par-4 18th played as the two toughest holes of the day at 1.833 strokes over par. The par-4 1st was the easiest hole of the day at 0.417 strokes over par.

J.W. said...

I may have only broken 90 at the memorial at Buffalo creek during league play, but I also broke 90 at Carnoustie. In all of your faces (except Dave).

casey rease said...

Hey J.W. now I'm number 14!

J.W. said...

Congrats! I'm number 15, now! Definitely gonna win July 9, though.

Chandler said...

I still can't believe Geoff or Moostenbrink couldn't find ONE violation or miscounting by Gorecki to put him in the "Double Pitcher Territory." We haven't had a DPT since E-Flo was +22 in Spring 2015. And I believe the only other one was Steve P. in the Summer 2012 season (+26... almost a TPT!).

Geoff said...

Technically, we could have made him putt out his last putt. We thought he was already in DPT so we gave it to him, but he certainly could have missed it had he known it meant something.

Robert Wilson said...

don't fucking bail!!!!!

J.W. said...

There's always a chance that two people bail and we'd need one league newbie.

Chandler said...

My last comment couldn't have been a bigger typo. Let me try this again:

Robbie DOES have the first alternate spot.

Also... IF only one person bails... we'll still take up to 16 people who want to go play the courses and hang out with us. The actual tournament will only be 12 though. And the leftovers can make their own game.

Mike Oostenbrink said...

Now I'm not the best person to do all the shot counting, but Geoff and I were wise enough to have Gorecki drive his own cart (to ensure the pace of play was as fast as possible) and even with this, had plenty of time to count his strokes while waiting for him at times.

However, there was a skeptical incident on 14 where his ball was hit into the tall shit just shy of a small tree near the left side off the fairway. I bladed my second shot just over the back of the green, after a perfect drive, so I was pissed and on my way back there when Gorecki says he found his ball AFTER the tree and NOT in the shit...I wasn't over there to aid in the initial search so I couldn't discount the assertion, but it was highly suspect.

Will pay more attention next time a DPT is in 'jeopardy'.