Thursday, June 15, 2017


As old and fraternal as expected. Beautiful course. Fair if you keep it near the short stuff. I'll talk more about the courses later, but so far it's my favorite. Would play it all the time if possible. 

Back nine destroyed me though. Weather was windy but clear with one hole worth of cold rain. 

Gorecki played like a 30+ handicapper in my group. Thought his caddie was going to quit after 3 holes. But he wasn't asked to leave... So the rest of the trip is stress free. 

Slept for two hours then went down to Old Course queue at 1:30am. Here now in the cold and was 3rd in line with John. Gary and Gorecki here too. More arriving slowly. 

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J.W. said...

Fraternal? No wonder Art and Darren showed up ready for their composite pictures.