Friday, July 7, 2017

Match Play - Pairings Shakeup

Geoff had to gorecki this week due to his kids. So we're going to re-order the pairings. Why? Because it's the right thing to do with how the bonus points affect standings.

If you're going to have an anomaly, you want that down in the bottom with the guys that are basically out of it. So... re-submit picks if you want in on the bonus pitcher.

New pairings are as follows:

Troy (9) vs. Gary
Chandler vs. Casey (6)
Tall Mike (4) vs. Reid
Darren vs. JW (8)
Brendan (3) vs. John
Gorecki (13) vs. Dave
Buchert (3) vs Dave*

Anyway, I'd apologize for the changes... but this is what happens when people gorecki. At least this time it was someone who basically never bails last minute.

See you down there!

*We've done this before when there is an odd number of people. Basically, winner of the Gorecki vs. Dave match gets 100 points. HOWEVER, Dave also plays Buchert. If Buchert wins, he gets 100 points. If Dave wins, he basically stops Buchert from earning points. Cellar Life. It's crazy.


J.W. said...

Yay! Picks! Glad I waited until the bailout to make them. I didn't want to go up against an unknown like Brendan, anyway. Give me old, reliable Drippy McHangover. First round of fireball at Red Dog Saturday night is on me as long as Darren is taking one.

I haven't seen a lot of you play golf in quite some time, and I'm starting to think golf camp is wearing off already since we are 3 weeks back home, basically. What I'm saying is: I fully expect to have to buy that pitcher, but hopefully I'll be buying a ten under pitcher as well.

7 - Troy over Gary - that's a ton of strokes for Gary to be giving up after Scotland made his game go to shit. It's a good thing Gary won't be able to watch it.
6 - Dub over Darren - I'm gonna make him putt out everything until he yells at Chandler about it.
5 - Dave over Gorecki - The only reason this isn't 7 is because I hear Darryl is gonna be hiding in the bushes to yell "it's good from there, Mike!" while Gorecki is chipping. That AND the 13 strokes might make this close. By 13 strokes, I mean 13 golf strokes, not the 45 putter strokes Gorecki is going to give on sunday.
4 - Dave over Buchert - Buchert is the only one more affected by hangovers than Darren, but at least Buchert parties hard enough to earn it.
3 - Casey over Chandler - Jyst think 6 strokes is too many to give a guy who I assume makes a lot of pars.
2 - Reid over Tall Mike - just don't tell Reid he wears cutoff shirts, please.
1 - John over Brendan - this new Brendan swing people are talking about makes me wonder if he's gotten back to the -17 Brendan of that one tournament. John's 12 pars last Sunday make me think it won't matter, though.

Chandler said...

"Drippy McHangover" made me audibly chuckle.

7 - Dave over Gorecki - Only way Dave loses is because this will be the first time in over a year Dave actually has to WATCH what Mike is doing. Usually he shields his eyes until the ball is in the air. Or on the ground scaring the worms. Speaking of, I need to make that "Actual Shit Caddies Said about Gorecki" list from Scotland. Before we forget them all.

6 - John over Brendan - Geoff bailing caused John to be lifted out of the bottom group. John will be overjoyed and play carefree. He also doesn't double-chip.

5 - Gary over Troy - Gary will be laser focused on watching everything not be in focus.

4 - Dave over Buchert - Happy birthday! Here's a beat down.

3 - Reid over Tall Mike - Match of the day. Reid is going to Skype in with his Old Course caddie to get the job done. Tall Mike is going to Skype in with his international pharmacy to get more muscle relaxers. Reid wins.

2 - Darren over Dub - I actually think this is the upset pick here. Going with the guy who hits more fairways on this course. Despite how drippy he'll be in the heat.

1 - Casey over Chandler. I can't hit any club longer than a 7iron without chunking or shanking it. True story.

Geoff said...

That Geoff guy is the worst! I'll be watching the action from my house. I hate missing match play! especially when I was going to get to take more money from Chandler, but it is what it is... So I'll make picks, anyway.

Casey over Chandler - Casey has been on fire the last couple of weeks.

Tall Mike over Reid - Tall Mike is very close to playing well, Reid is still in a Scotland hangover.

I don't know why we have two Daves, but lets say the Daves sweep.

Darren Beats JW - you know... because.

Gary over Troy - Troy has one foot in Texas and his head won't be in it.

Chandler said...

We got two Dave matches because that Geoff guy is the worst!

Brian Buchert said...

7 - Dave over Gorecki...obviously.

6 - Troy over Gary.

5 - John over Brendan. I love the fact that these two are paired against each other. Whoever is in their group, please be sure to bring up the Kentucky Derby early and often. I've heard John has been playing pretty well lately and he is only giving up 3 strokes.

4 - JW over Darren. This one is almost unfair for Darren. I can't imagine what it's like to try to swing a golf club when a wet monsoon is pouring down from your forehead.

3 - Chandler over Casey. I equate Chandler's comment about having the shanks to his statements about impending three putts.

2 - Mike over Reid. Coin Flip.

1 - Brian over Dave. It might happen.

John Webermeier said...

7 and 6 Dave
5 me
4 troy
3 Chandler
2 reid
1 Darren (love you dad)

No real analysis from me

Brendan Donoghue said...

Hi guys! I'm the new guy Brendan, thanks for letting me play in the league.
7- Dave over Gorecki
6- Dave over Brian
5- JW over Darren
4- Troy over Gary
3- Chandler over Casey
2- Reid over Mike
1- Brendan over John

Chandler said...

Wait... who is sponsoring this "Brendan" guy?

casey rease said...

Gary over Troy - I haven't seen Gary throw up big numbers lately. He's due
Casey over Chandler - I will yell in all back swings and my hat is very intimidating.
Mike over Reid - his recent 79 score shows potential and slow play will drive Reid nuts
JW over Darren. JWs run up the world rankings created momentum
Brendan over Web - web will talk trash about bd's awesome hat and distract himself from play
Gorecki over Dave - I support the man and a head shot overseas deserves a good round
Dave over Buchert - I saw Buchert passed out in webs truck bed a few weeks ago and it wasn't his birthday

J.W. said...

If you're looking at predicting net scores to win, the past tournaments at Waterlefe have been won with scores of -3, -3, -1, -10, and -2. Chandler had the -10 when he shot a smooth 75 out there. That's the only round in league history that was lower net than -3. #outlier #thinmint

Chandler said...

That 75 included a natural 6 on the par 3 15th. In fact, my app tells me I've made a 6 on that hole 3 of my last 5 rounds. So... mark that hole down for Casey.

Gary said...

7-Dave over Gorecki
6-Dave over Brian
5-JW over Darren
4-John over Brendan
3-Chandler over Casey
2-Reid over Tall Mike
1-Gary over Troy

Darren Broom said...

7 - Dave over Groecki
6 - John over Brendan
5 - Chandler over Casey
4 - Dave over Brian
3 - Tall Mike over Reid
2 - Troy over Gary
1 - Darren over JW

Mike Oostenbrink said...

7 John
6 Troy
5 Dave over Gorecki
4 Dave over Brian
3 Chandler
2 JW
1 Tall Mike

J.W. said...

So, Brendan saved me from buying the pitcher? Awesome. That's two breaks I got on that course yesterday.

Chandler said...

Yes. Seems to be the case.