Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer 2017 - Midseason Report

It's been awhile since I've rambled on about league happenings, and things you should already know.

New Member Update
We're going to be really close to our 24-member cap after this season. A few things are about to happen when we get there: 1) Prospective members will be on a waiting list 2) Prospective members will be subject to member approval and 3) League rules are really going to tighten up.

This is not some uber-exclusive, sadist plan on my part. It's merely a numbers game where the more members we have, the amount of time it takes to manage the league exponentially increases. Until we get some technology built (custom or otherwise), we'll need to limit our membership. Remember, I make exactly $0.00 running the league, because I don't really enjoy making money off my friends. But that doesn't mean I don't value my time. I'm just a nice, selfless guy.

So if anyone out there knows someone with experience of out-sourcing web and app development to India/Philippines, maybe we can get some custom league management software created.

In the queue for next season we have:
Robbie - sponsored by JW and Katie - Has 6 events with us and should log enough rounds for a fair handicap before 2018. He's currently scheduled to play in The Rapture.

Mike H. - sponsored by Dave - Played 3 events so far with the league, but has a bunch of rounds logged from GolfShot. He's currently scheduled to play in The Rapture.

Greg - sponsored by Katie - Only 2 rounds with the league, so needs more ASAP. Plans to play the final weeks of this season. He's currently scheduled to play in The Rapture, if Anthony is out.

Piccos - sponsored by JW - Attending his first event at Waterlefe. Will need a bunch of off-season rounds to start in Spring 2018.

Rules Reminders
This is for the new people, but can't hurt to remind the veterans. We love rules, but these are the most common:

- "Lift, Clean and Cheat Place" is always allowed for any ball in the fairway (Rule P-11). But you can't do this in the rough or hazards. Don't pick up your ball in the rough, clean off mud, place back down on a nicer lie, and then try to tell me you were "identifying it." Yes, this actually happened.

- If your ball is in an un-raked footprint or in a bunker of disrepair (ie: every bunker at Heritage Harbor), pick it up... rake the spot... place it back down (Rule P-9). HOWEVER, if your ball is plugged you need to leave it plugged. It's a one stroke penalty to un-plug a ball, as an "unplayable lie."

- If ONE person of your group says your 6-inch putt isn't good... you need to putt it (Rule P-12). There are technically no "gimmies." You also have the right to make anyone in your group putt out, but you must speak up!

- Out of bounds requires a provisional... or a two-stroke penalty (Rule P-8 & 8.1).

Be sure to ask if you have any questions!

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