Playing Rules

1) All play will follow the Rules of Golf as stated by the USGA, unless otherwise stated by these league (local) rules.

2) Players will be handicapped using the USGA Handicap Formula. Chandler will oversee all handicap related issues, and reserve the right to edit any Handicap Index in an effort to maintain the integrity of the Handicap System.
3) Tournaments are individual stroke-play. The winner will be the player(s) with the lowest final net score, using their predetermined course handicap. Only players with handicaps verified or given by this league may be eligible to win tournament prizes and points.
     3.1) You must play in at least one tournament during the first three weeks of a season to remain eligible.

4) Ties are acceptable, including first place. All ties will split any money and point payouts in the same manner used by the PGA Tour.

5) The player with the most accumulated DPT Points at the end of the season will be the league champion.

6) All players within a group are responsible for scoring accuracy. It is encouraged that every player keep note of strokes taken, and a quick review of scores happen at the end of each hole. Final scores should be verified by all players.

7) The maximum score a player may take on a hole is double the par (6 on a par three, 8 on a par four and 10 on a par five).

8) All local course rules apply, and should be listed on the scorecard.  Out of bounds will incur a "stroke and distance" penalty.  If a shot is known to be OB (or in the vicinity of OB), a "provisional" must be taken.
     8.1) If a ball is discovered to be out of bounds and no provisional was hit, you may drop within two club lengths, no closer to the hole.  However, you must take a 2-stroke penalty (one for the hypothetical drop at the previous spot, and one for the hypothetical hit to your current spot).
     8.2) A lost ball is played as a lateral penalty if it is known for certain that the ball is NOT out of bounds. If the lost ball happens in the vicinity of OB, it should be assumed the ball is OB and rule 8.1 applies.

9) In a bunker, you may remove your ball from an un-raked footprint. You may also remove any loose rocks near or touching your ball. However you can NOT un-plug your ball unless you're taking a 1-stroke unplayable lie penalty.

10) Balls embedded in their own pitch-mark may be removed without penalty "through the green." This means you can un-plug any ball that is not in a hazard (marked hazard, bunker, waste bunker, etc...).

11) If your ball is in the fairway, you may remove it without penalty from a divot. You may also clean it, roll it, or place it no closer to the hole.

12) "Gimmie Putts": there are no official gimmie putts in the league. However, if ALL playing partners of a group agree that a putt is given, then the ball can be picked up. If you do not want to concede a close putt, you should let the group know to avoid any confusion. Use common sense.

13) ALL league and scoring issues will be resolved by the Commissioner. All league rules and policies will be decided by the Board of Directors.

14) Don't be a dick.

Gambling Rules

G1) All players competing for DPT Points must pay the predetermined tournament entry fee. Part of this fee will be used as payout to the winner(s), and a portion will be used for league expenses.

G2) All players competing for DPT Points must wager $1 on all par-3s. The winner (group specific) of the money must be on the green, closest to the pin and make at least a par. If the person closest fails to convert a par or better, the next closest person on the green is eligible to win.

G3) All players competing for DPT Points must wager $1 on a predetermined long drive hole. The winner (group specific) must be in the fairway.

G4) All players competing for DPT Points must pay $1 to each player in their group who records a "sandie" during the round. A sandie is defined as an up-and-down from a greenside bunker resulting in a par (or better).

G5) All players competing for DPT Points must pay $2 to each player in their group that records an eagle or better during the round.

G6) All other side bets are encouraged, but will not be recorded in league documents.