Monday, March 26, 2012

Masters Challenge

The Masters is easily the greatest golfing event in the world. Even back when I didn't watch a lot of golf, I always sat down to watch The Masters with my dad. I actually get more excited about The Masters than I do March Madness.

And now we can gamble on it!

$10 per person entry fee. You MUST pay me (Chandler) before the tournament starts on April 5th. Because I'm not expecting a ton of people to participate, 2nd place will earn their $10 back while the winner will take the rest of the pot.

Even if you are not a current DPT Golf member, you're more than welcome to gamble with us.

Sign up here:

Group: DPT Golf
Password: donkeynoms

You can read the rules on ESPN, but I'll do my best to summarize it:
  • Before each round (Thursday-Sunday) you select four players. Each player has a dollar amount based on how good they are. Your team can not exceed a $50 salary cap.
  • It's a "best ball" format. So if three of your players get a par, and one gets a birdie... your score for that hole is birdie.
  • Lowest score wins (not counting playoffs).
  • Remember that you can change your roster EVERY DAY. If you forget to do this after Friday, some of your players might not have made the cut and thus will not contribute to your team over the weekend.

Comment if you have any questions. Good luck!

People who have paid:
Matt R.
Fast Fucker Chris
Steve F.
Rob A. (from Alabama! that's right... we're going national)

People who need to pay:


Justin "G" said...

Sounds good to me. I might invite some other people to join. I will collect for them. Does Tiger = $50.00?

Chandler said...

Haha. Tiger and Rory are both $15.20

Anonymous said...

Jack Nicklaus would be $50

Justin "G" said...

That's fuckin right Josh!

Litman said...

i went with all americans

Litman said...

if anyone want to join fantasy baseball league on ESPN let me know. The draft is online at Sunday at 8pm. 20$.

Chandler said...

Remember to check your roster on April 4th to make sure nobody dropped out of the tournament... and also change your roster each day over the weekend.

Steve said...

Are you setting up Paypal?

Chandler said...

You can use PayPal to pay me... just send it to chandler.brown at gmail