Thursday, May 15, 2014


PGA Tour bonus! While not officially part of my yearly trip to hack up a professional course... a bunch of us bought vouchers to play Copperhead. Home of the Tampa Bay Classic, Chrysler Championship, PODS Championship, Transitions Championship, Tampa Bay Championship, Valspar Championship.

Anyway, some big name pros show up each year despite its horrible location on the schedule. In 2012, Copperhead ranked 9th (out of 52) on a survey of "most liked" courses on the PGA Tour.

I think the main reason pros enjoy the track, is because it doesn't look anything like "Florida golf." There is quite a bit of elevation change, and the tall pine trees resemble North Carolina. It's short by current PGA standards, so driver gets to stay in the bag throughout the the round. And forced lay-ups further hinder those players attempting to overpower the course.

For us, it's a different story. Copperhead is extremely narrow and unforgiving off the tee. The rough is also pretty thick, penalizing any shot that is slightly wide of the fairway. The greens are large, elevated and undulating. They're also heavily bunkered so it's a nightmare for those with a poor short game.

Thick rough isn't fun. Neither is being stymied behind a tree, as Reid found out.

All that being said, this is probably the "easiest" PGA Tour course I've played so far. And while I did enjoy the feel and the layout, it isn't memorable or iconic. It also isn't worth the $210+ rack rate.

But I do plan on purchasing (and highly recommend) the voucher to play the course and attend the PGA tournament. It's a pretty solid value, and makes watching future tournaments more enjoyable.

Geoff on the long par-3 15th.


Chris Faz said...

Penalty. In front of the markers.

Geoff said...

Look at the right marker... I'm well behind it. Though, I think this is the hole I four-putted to lose my greenie.

Chris Faz said...

If it's the 15th, I have you down as the only guy in the field to make par. And I didn't even bother looking at the markers, I just assumed you were in front of them, haha. Now bring on the onion choo choo train!

Geoff said...

Oh, then this is the one I DID get my greenie on. I just bought a nice professional camera, so next season I'm going to document the highs and (mostly) the lows of the league.